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10 Interesting Facts about Loss of Virginity

Virginity deprivation: interesting facts.

Myths, legends and rites were linked with virginity in all times. It was honourable to enter into a marriage without loss of virginity in some nations. But, in some tribes young girls were deliberately deprived of virginity with help of ritual penis or with ritual coitus with the oldest representative of a tribe. So 10 verified facts about loss of virginity.

  1. 15-18% of girls begin their sexual life in early age: even only to “try”. The Russian girls and boys begin intimate life nearly at 17.5 and 20 age. The middle age of virginity deprivation on the planet is 17.5-18 years.
  2. 17-18% of city’s inhabitants keep their virginity till 27 years. Sensuality of such girls develop too slowly even after beginning intimate life. If they start a serious relationship, they begin active sexual life with numerous sexual partners. However, these women become sensual tigresses in some time.
  3. The researchers of an university in California claimed that genes have information about time of virginity loss. It establishes physiological maturation similar to time with maturation of parents and behavior features which were inherited.
  4. Sociologists of Japan have found stranger regularity. Teenagers who don’t have a breakfast lose their virginity on 1-2 years earlier than those who have breakfast in mornings. It was detected after survey of more than three thousand Japanese.losing of virginity
  5. Law of the first night was often used in medieval Europe. The feudal lord had rights to deprive a brides’ virginity of vassals subordinate to him before wedding or immediately after wedding.
  6. The nations of the Caspian Sea coast stripped a girl and directed her to a swarm of bees to find out about preservation of her hymen. If girl escaped from bees, she was accused of debauchery. If the bees didn’t bite her, it proved the fact of her virginity.
  7. Ancient tribes from Peru and a number of African nations practiced this tradition: bride deflowered of virginity by herself with help of ritual wooden penis before wedding. Procedure of defloration in some cases was entrusted to friends or a bridegroom’s father or to mother of bride.
  8. The representatives of a tribe in Sambiya an island of Papua New Guinea have kept a rite of boys ordination in a highly sophisticated way. Boys have sexual contact with a man. They are permitted to marry and enter in sexual relations with girls only after this event.Virginity deprivation
  9. Sex is prohibited before a marriage in countries of The Third World. Women pour chicken’s or a pig’s blood into vagina after the first wedding night, if they didn’t follow this tradition. It creates the sense of virginity loss and effect of defloration.
  10. Operation of virginity restoration or hymen plastic is a popular among modern young girls. This operation belongs to plastic surgery. Surgeon sews it or recovers internal tissues in vagina. The first principle has short-term effect: 1-2 weeks. Duration of postoperative period is a couple days. The second technology is more complicated. Result remains for 2–3 years. The hymen tissues are reconstructed again from mucosa of section’s entrance in vagina. Price of an operation in is varies.
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