If your man asks you for anal sex, do not rush to make a disgusted face and run from the bedroom in a panic. It does not indicate disrespect, but rather speaks of the deepest trust.

Statistics show that 1 in 3 couples practice anal sex. It helps to improve relationships within the couple, strengthens families and makes your relationships more trustworthy.

Now, let’s understand why he wants it.

  1. He wants to feel you as close as possible. He tries to get into a narrower hole, which by virtue of its specific structure entirely covers his penis. If you relax and allow him to carry out this desire, then you will present him with a memorable experience.
  2. Your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles weakened and lost elasticity after childbirth or rigid diet. He feels very uncomfortable in your wide “tunnel” and begins an active search for a hiding place. Perhaps this is a temporary option, as your muscles recover, and he will return to the former place.
  3. He wants to relax. Every man dreams of getting continuous pleasure, without looking at a cute little toddler in a crib. The ability to ejaculate inside you without the hassle and the fear of becoming a father has a very positive influence on his physiological processes and does not injure the psyche of the man.why men like anal sex
  4. He wants to make sure that you trust him. If you agree to such an “extreme”, then now, in his opinion, you will swim the ocean and enter a burning house. Anything for him, for the loved one.
  5. Sometimes even an intelligent academician wants to feel like a real male. It is in their blood. The peak of pleasure for him is to penetrate into your most intimate places. And no matter how he comes to this: either you’re very nice to turn your back to him, or he will show you the right direction. The main thing is that with this action he demonstrates his power over the world. If you are not going to disturb him, you will be really in strong hands and relive the magical moments of complete fusion with nature.
  6. He really likes your back view. To drive the practical and rational man’s brain crazy, nature has created a woman’s body with unusual curves and roundness. And your roundness is extremely impressive for him!
  7. It makes him feel like a conqueror. No matter what the “fortress” is, he wants to win it, even if it is hidden just under your lace panties. Man is a warrior by nature and your butt is the most coveted treasure that he wants to have. When you give up its borders, his self-esteem will soar to the heavens. He will do anything to save your favor and the “conquered territory”.
  8. Anal sex reminds him of having sex with a virgin. His imagination brings up female modesty, fear of pain, while he carefully handles the delicate parts of the girl’s body. Thoughts of the real experience of such emotions become obsessive, and often are carried out in the shortest possible time.what men want
  9. He has problems with potency. The muscles of the anus can tightly embrace his penis in any condition, and, therefore, to let him “feel” you without internal uncertainty and demonstrations that “something went wrong”.
  10. He is curious. If he is a lover of traveling to exotic places, it is not surprising that one day he will be interested in anal sex. It is natural that he wants to try it in practice. Ideally, you should have the same natural curiosity and a passion for experimentation. Armed with the tips of the “experienced”, you can easily find a comfortable position, and soon you will be able to pace yourselves to share your experiences with the newcomers in this field.
  11. He wants to diversify your sex life. If you have tried all the traditional options and moved on to a boring established sex-pattern, it’s time to “break up” the routine. It demonstrates his love for you, the ability to take responsibility and the desire to save your relationship, bringing you the most joy and new experiences.
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