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3 Secrets of Male Orgasm

secrets of male orgasm

A lot of attention is given to the female orgasm, but men have, according to public opinion, no problems with it. However, in reality the male orgasm has its own peculiarities. Knowing nothing about them, men develop a complex when something doesn’t go as planned and they experience a little trouble. Intimate life is a deeply personal sphere, and few dare to discuss their problems in bed.

male orgasmOrgasms in men, as in women, has two components: the emotional and physiological. The second produces the ejaculation, so the male orgasm is associated, as a rule, with it. But in fact it is a somewhat more difficult question.

There is a common misconception that for a “normal” man a few minutes to rest between sexual acts are enough for their erection to reappear. Nevertheless, as a rule, it happens only in his youth, and not to every man. Longer breaks between sexual acts are necessary for the resumption of normal reactions – it is all right. There are three secrets of the male orgasm, which the representatives of the stronger sex sometimes do not know themselves.problems in the sexual sphere

  1. One-two orgasms per night – this is normal for a man. Rumors that someone committed bed deeds all night, more than a dozen times, are most likely exaggerated. Such stories are better not to be taken seriously. A sexual act for men is a serious load on the entire body, so bearing it several times during the night is very difficult and tedious. If someone is trying to reach these results, as a rule, use different stimulants, which only reduce the natural forces of the organism.
  2. Anorgasmia is possible not only for women but also for men. The reasons for this lie in health. This phenomenon indicates that the man has a disease associated with the spine or peripheral nervous system, disorders of the cerebral cortex. Perhaps the reason is in the infection caused by adhesion consequences. Anorgasmia can be cured in most cases. orgasm in men
  3. Ejaculation after a short time is not a sign of problems in the sexual sphere. It is believed that if a man can inhibit orgasm, and continue to have sex for a long period, he is stronger in sexual terms. However, the most important factor here is that the duration of sexual act is comfortable for both partners. If they prefer more rapid development of events, there is nothing wrong with that.
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