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6 Exercises for Firm Buttocks

the most effective exercises for buttocks and thighs

Every woman dreams of a slim and firm buttocks. According to a survey in Great Britain, 91% of women are dissatisfied with their butts, 78% believe they have cellulite. To solve this problem, one should choose a proper workout to get good results. Woman’s Day provides you with the most effective exercises for buttocks and thighs that can be done at home. It is necessary to use 2-3 kg dumbbells and train 30 minutes a day.

How to Strengthen Buttocks? 6 Top Exercises for Butt and Thighs

  • Warm-up

First of all, one needs to get warm. This is the most important step for a safe and efficient workout. If you train in a gymnasium, try a walk on a treadmill – a prompt step within 7-10 minutes. If you do exercises at home, lift up knees by turns, sweep over legs, light squatting and bends – 2-2.5 minutes.

As a result your breath becomes more frequent, you get a warm sense over the whole body and an overwhelming desire to remove mountains.

Finish the warm-up by stretching your back, butt muscles, front and back sides of thighs – 10 seconds each.

exercises for buttocks and thighs at home

  • Exercise for Buttocks № 1. Squatting – the Most Effective Exercises to form Buttocks

Take dumbbells and put them on shoulders as if you are holding a bar. You can also use a body-bar for this exercise – a heavy gymnastic staff of needed weight.

exercises for buttocks at homeStand with legs shoulder-width apart, toes apart, tense your muscles. Inhale breath, bend knees and go down up to 90°corner in knee joints. (It is desirable to put a mirror from one side). Stop for 1 second, tense buttocks and push yourself up with exhalation. At first you’re going to feel a strong tension in front side of the thigh. To avoid it, pay attention to your technique: your knees should not go in front of your toes. Try not to bend forward (put the weight on your heels) and bend in loin as much as possible, by straining stomach muscles.

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Number of repetitions – 25-30

Number of rounds – 2

  • Exercise for Buttocks №2. Wide Squatting or Plie

Put your legs 2.5 times wider, turn your toes to 45°angle to the outside. Clasp dumbbells to each side and pull elbows apart. Straighten your back and strain the press. Take a deep breath and bend your knees. The joints should be directed to the toes. Check your position: your knees are above heels and it creates 90°corner. Stop for 1 second to strain buttocks and stand up with exhalation. Bend as little as possible and hold your weight on the external part of foot. Loin bending is the minimal one – strain your muscles as you press up and tilt your pelvis a bit forward.

Number of repetitions – 25-30

Number of attempts – 2

The muscles you train – buttocks with inner and outer sides of the thigh.

  • Exercise for Buttocks and Thighs №3. Legs Lifting, Lying on a Side

Lie on a side, bend the lower arm and lean against the forearm. Square your shoulders and crane the neck. Put your legs together, toes look forward. Lift the upper leg 20 cm above the lower one. This is the initial position. Don’t drop the leg lower this position!

exercises for buttocksWhile exhaling, lift the upper leg up to 45°corner and take a deep breath while omitting it. Check the position as far as the body should be immobile. Strain your press in order to keep equilibrium. Do 30-40 attempts and stop for 30 seconds in the upper point. You will feel burning in a side part of the butt. Do 30 movements more in the middle of lower and upper point with very small amplitude; toes are directed forward. Repeat all these movements on the other side.

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Number of repetitions: 30-40.

30 seconds hold at the top point.

30 spring movements in the middle.

Number of rounds: 1 time for each leg.

The muscles you train: butt muscles with outer side emphasis

  • Exercise for Butt and Thigs № 4. Pelvis Lift

Take dumbbells and lie on your back. Bend your knees and put feet shoulder-width apart. Toes look forwards, feet are parallel. Place hands with dumbbells on pelvic bones. Straighten your breast and neck.

While exhaling, lift the butt above the floor so that your body could form one straight line. Freeze for a second at this position and tense buttock muscles, twisting the pelvis forward and up. Return to starting position while inhaling. Do 30 lifts, freeze for 30 seconds, don’t relax muscles and finish with 30 pulses at the top of exercise.

effective exercises for buttocksNow change the position in order to train the muscles of inner thigh side. Put foot and knees together. Your task is to repeat the same scheme: the main rule: don’t allow your knees to spread apart. If it is difficult, reduce the height of the lift.

Number of attempts: 30 retentions, 30 pulse movements in the upper point.

Number of rounds: 2

The muscles to train: buttock muscles and inner side of a thigh.

  • Exercise for Thighs №5. Legs lifting

Lie on a side and bend the upper leg. Place the feet on the floor, behind the straight leg. Up the straight leg above the floor and start moving from this position. Exhalation – your leg goes up, inhalation – it goes down. The toe looks forward, your feet are parallel to the floor. Try not to fall back (tense your press).

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Pay attention to the inner side of the thigh.

Number of repetitions: 30-40

Retention – 30 seconds in the upper point.

30 pulse movements in the middle.

Number of rounds: 1 for each leg.

The muscles to be trained: the inner side of the thigh.exercises for thighs

  • Exercise for Buttocks №6. Lifting of Knees on the Back

Lie on the stomach and place your head on arms. The neck and shoulders are relaxed. Bend the legs and pull apart thighs up to shoulders’ width. Heels are together. Knees make a 90° angle. Now tense stomach muscles and relax the loin. Tense buttocks muscles, breath out and raise your knees a little above the floor. Don’t strain the top part of the body. Press one heel to another and don’t relax. Lift yourself a little – 5-10cm above the floor. Return to the initial position with the inhalation.

Train buttocks in order to unload the loin. Hold it below tensing the press. Avoid any sharp movements.

Number of repetitions: 30-40

Number of rounds: 2

Muscles to be trained: buttocks muscles.

  • Finish: Stretching

At the end of the workout stretch all the muscles, being trained, including your back and neck. Keep each position for 20 seconds in order to restore your breath and relax. It will take about 3 minutes and help you to keep flexibility and elasticity of muscles after the workload. It is also necessary for excretion of lactic acid.exercises for buttocks and thighs