Blonde Colors are wonderfully suitable for spring. The selection of Allure – 8 best shades of blonde.

Vanilla Blonde

If you want the same pale shade of vanilla, as Michelle Williams has, get ready for a big commitment. For the girls, who choose a color, Gwen Stefani’s colorist Kim Waugh recommends to tint roots every three weeks. Ask your hairdresser to make a bright golden color with bright highlights. Discoloration harms hair, so better cut your hair short.Vanilla Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

Even women with very fair skin can easily dye hair in bright blonde. A great example is Emma Stone. “Along the entire length of hair strawberry blonde shades with splashes of gold are used” – says Waugh. To preserve the color, use a light strawberry color toner between trips to the salon.Strawberry Blonde

Pink Gold

Hue of marigold flowers, which Blake Lively uses perfectly with her make-up in pink tones. Ron O’Konnar, Lively’s colorist uses the mix of gold, honey and apricot shades to create the color. Some strands around the face, she allocates with dye of ivory shade to arrange interesting highlights and focus on the eyes of Blake.

Pink gold

Honey Blonde

Blondes with brown or hazel eyes, like Carrie Underwood, you need to calibrate the color from the roots. “For the color of your eyes and hair to look naturally together you need to support your natural shade,” – says Waugh. Leave the hair at the roots undyed, and for emphasis, use honey or caramel shades to emphasize the color of your eyes.Honey Blonde


Highlights are a great way for girls with dark hair to try on the image of the blonde. Colorist Lorri Goddard, Avon, who lightened the hair of Jennifer Lawrence after “Hunger games,” recommends careful hand painting with various shades of lightening, without foil, to mimic the effect of sun-bleached hair. This method is called “balayazh” requires skill, so make sure it is a specialized colorist before ordering procedure.Highlights

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Contrast Blonde

The balance of warm and cold gold highlights on the hair Rachel McAdams – is the perfect way to add color depth without losing brightness. “This is a good color at any age, because you can visually make the skin tone warmer,” – says Waugh. In winter, when the skin is lighter, take extra golden strands. And in the summer, on the contrary, add cool shades to contrast with your tan. Linger painted roots in four weeks. “But after four weeks and one day it will look not coquettish and untidy” – says Waugh.Contrast Blonde

Caramel Highlights

Women with darker skin tones, like Keri Hilson, decorate the bright highlights in her hair – but not too bright. “If the contrast between skin and hair is too obvious, it looks too unnatural” – said Waugh. Leave some of your natural color at the roots and choose a shade for highlighting the warm caramel. The lighter the tone of your face is, the lighter your hair can be.Caramel blonde

Dark Blonde

Dark blond, almost brown, like Taylor Swift, is now one of the most popular colors among customers. “I call it the color of Victoria’s Secret. It looks more natural, and the most difficult to achieve,” – says our expert. Ask your hairdresser to make the main color of “dark blond”, but as an accent add subtle highlights for the entire length of hair.Dark Blonde