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9 Tips on How to Get Over a Split with a Man

9 tips how to get over a split with a man

Yesterday you were together, but today he uttered the most horrible thing “we need to split up.” How do you keep on living when this news come as a bolt from the blue?

Some women forget about their ex soon afterwards and move on towards new relationships. For others, life after a split turns out to be a sore trial. Of course, to grieve and feel sorry for yourself for a week is quite OK. But then you’ll have to sort things out, Willy-nilly. This week Cosmo-agent Alexandra Glushkova gives time-proven tips.

  1. to break up with a manDelete him from your friend list in all your social networks. I mean it! And it’s not a childish deed. You certainly may say that you are a grown-up person who is above all these things: an easy way to show him your indifference, leaving him your friend. Alas! There is going to be a strong temptation to visit his page to find out how he is getting on without you. A couple of photos made at a great party is more than enough to drive you into a deep depression for a month. Is that what you want?
  2. Don’t offer to stay friends. If he does it, then say that you need to sleep on it. Consider that you need to work very hard on yourselves and your relationships before they could be called a friendship. As a rule, in a male-female couple one wants to be friends the other longs for more.
  3. Delete his phone number and don’t write long letters to him. If you want to fix your thoughts and feelings – you’d better write them on paper. Thus, you’ll get rid of all the negative emotions, and a sheet of paper will prevent you from accidentally pressing the Enter-button.
  4. Don’t retreat into your shell! Share your problem with your nearest and dearest. Soon you will feel that you’re not that sick in your heart. If you want to cry then cry! And you’d better do it at home or cry on your friend’s shoulder rather than in the metro or in a supermarket. See your friends, meet new people. This will do you good now.a split with a man
  5. Take good care of yourself! Going shopping was and still is the best antidepressant. Buy something nice, have your nails done or get new haircut. This will definitely improve your mood.
  6. Avoid posting the details of your private life on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. There’s no use in washing your dirty linen in public. Moreover, it’s better to complain of your life to trusted people, but not to hundreds of your followers, half of which are complete strangers to you.
  7. Go in for something you’re interested in! Overcome yourself and go to the gym at last. Watch a film, reread a favorite book. Organize a party! Make sure that you have a great deal of new and juicy impressions. By the way, a seaside is a wonderful opportunity to relax and get your thoughts into shape.
    we need to split up
  8. Stop finding fault with yourself and do not even think of getting your revenge. Vengeance has never brought anyone relief. Don’t look upon it as a loss, you’d better consider it as an opportunity. You’re destined to find something much better, that’s for sure! The show must go on!
  9. Fall in love. As is well-known, nothing helps to get over your previous relations better than a beginning of new ones. Your ex is not the only pebble on the beach. Maybe your colleague from IT-department has been asking your out for a very long time. It seems that you have a good reason to say “yes” to him.
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