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Hair Removal: Perfectly Zoned Bikini Area

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Getting rid of the hair from intimate places has been around since ancient times. Invented by the ancient Egyptians and used by the ancient Romans. Tweezers and scissors removed unwanted hair. The process of removing hair from intimate places appeared in the Middle Ages.

Naturally, the narrower and more open swimwear of the 20th century brought about the popularity of the deep bikini. Today, in the 21st century, the complete removal of both the hair around the pubic and external genitalia has become very popular.

And most women submit themselves to this procedure on a regular basis, even though the cost of the deep bikini hair removal can be expensive. Perfectly smooth and velvety skin of intimate places gives the ladies a special confidence in their own beauty and sexual attractiveness.


Types of hair removal of bikini area. Waxing

In general, there are two types of hair removal that are performed in salons – the usual epilation and deep bikini. Some believe these procedures are hygienic while others – aesthetic. For example, deep epilation gives you the opportunity to create a real bikini-design. From the depilation procedure, the deep epilation of bikini area differs in that the epilation destroys the roots of the hair and the depilation removes hair only at their upper part

Many women chose to take care of their own hair removal from the comfort of their own home through the process of waxing.

Waxing is one of the oldest methods of hair removal. It came from ancient Egypt, when  the queen and Cleopatra removed unwanted hair this way. After the process of epilation of the deep bikini, you can easily forget about hair for three weeks. If you chose the wax epilation, the unwanted hair is removed using various cosmetic waxes. This procedure is suitable for many different types of hair. The only recommendation is to wait until the hair grows back because their length should reach one centimeter. You must remember that the maximum good effect is achieved when the hair is the maximum length. The minimum length of the hair for wax epilation of bikini area is five millimeters.

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Hair removal in the salon. 

deep bikini

It is recommended that deep bikini epilation be done in salons. It is inexpensive and high quality. This procedure is the simplest and a little painful in salons. A special preparatory lotion is applied before the wax. A cosmetic wax is applied which must be hot.

As the wax cools, it gets denser. Warm wax gets into the hair follicle, it envelops it and freezes. Strips of paper are applied after the wax cools. Then removed using an abrupt movement. Hairs are pulled out with the root and dead skin cells. You may feel a slight tingling sensation.

Process and preparation

You can read reviews on Internet forums or consult with friends. There are many ways of removing hair from the bikini area that is virtually painless.

For example – laser hair removal is an epilation procedure that uses the epilator and attachments for bikini zone. Elos epilation and photo-epilation can done by salons. Before booking your procedure, it is wise to get complete information about the deep epilation process of the bikini area.

This includes a description of procedures, reviews, tips, and tricks. Although in order to accurately choose the best method of deep epilation for you, it is best to consult with an experienced specialist before the procedure. Because the specialist, when choosing a method of hair removal, will take into account the stiffness, thickness, and even the hair color, allowing him to select the correct method for you.

Do not sunbathe or take a hot bath before your epilation procedure. Pubic hair is cut to 5-7 millimeters. Deep removal is performed in the supine position. Disinfect all the tools and hands is necessary.

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After deep hair removal in the bikini area, it is necessary to apply a moisturizing, soothing or revitalizing cream. You can also use a special almond oil, which has high emollient properties. Skin becomes very irritated and needs time to recover its functions.

hair removal in the bikini area

Hair removal at home conditions. Cold wax

When you apply this procedure periodically and correctly, the hairs become softer and a little thinner. There is a gradual, almost complete deliverance of unnecessary hair from intimate places.

Besides hair removal in home conditions with hot and warm wax, you can also use the cold wax method. It uses a cosmetic wax that you can just warm up in the hands. Advantages of this method is that cold wax is convenient and can be taken traveling. Allowing you to touch up between salon visits.

Cold wax comes with strips of a nonwoven fabric or cellophane in tubes. Such strips are simple and easy to warm in the palms.  Press it to the desired area and pull off sharply when the strip is heated. Deep cold wax epilation will relieve you from unnecessary hair for four weeks. This method of hair removal is best suited for an epilation of the deep bikini area and legs.

However, waxing hair removal of the bikini area has its disadvantages. Such may be the following factors: various skin diseases, hypersensitivity to the ingredients included in the composition of cosmetic waxes, different forms of herpes, infectious disease, varicose veins and diabetes. When carrying out this procedure, the wax cannot touch warts or large moles on the skin.

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The benefits of salon procedures

In fact, self-hair removal of the intimate zone is fraught with unpredictable consequences. To start, it is not very convenient to do it yourself. Second, before you use the epilator or the wax strips, you must first learn and practice on a less delicate area. Thirdly, you are still not a specialist making it more difficult to accurately determine what kind of hair removal suits you best.

However, initial shyness stops many women from visiting the salon. That’s why they torment the long-suffering removal of hair from the bikini area by epilator or wax. Finishing the procedure by pulling out the hairs with tweezers.

Professional hair removal at a salon will provide you with a much higher quality than removing hair at home, even if you’re doing the procedure right. Besides salon procedures is usually less painful than self-wax hair removal and even epilator.

Do not forget about contraindications, deciding on a deep epilation of bikini area. In the end, health is more important than the desire to look fashionable and sexy. Remember, the woman has the capacity to always remain beautiful and against all odds.