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Doctors have told, how men’s sperm is useful for women

sperm is useful for women

Men’s sperm contains serotonin and melatonin. These substances are best known today as antidepressants: they are not only calming, but also can be sleep-inducing. Besides, sperm contains also hormones estrone and oxytocin, which lift your mood and are releasing hormones, an excellent tool for getting rid of depression.

In their study New York University experts have found that women who have regular sexual partner and do not use condoms during sexual intercourse less frequently fall into a state of stress. They had less complaints about the quality of sleep and relationship issues with sexual partners.

useful of spermIt does not matter how the sperm enters the female body. Scientists have conducted an anonymous survey with 293 women participants. All voluntary participants were informed in advance that they will have respond to explicit questions about details of their sex life. The survey concluded: women who do not use condoms during oral or traditional sex, experience fewer symptoms of depression than those ladies whose partners regularly use them. Experts believe that the male sperm is able to raise the mood, positively influence sleep and improve relationships.

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