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Make Your Little Ladies More Noticable!

Exercises to make your breast look bigger

Breast Exercises To Make Your Breast Look Bigger 

A special problem for women is how to make their breast grow. You have to exercise all of the muscles in your body including your breasts. Not many people give a thought to breast exercises, but they are necessary to make you look and feel good!

Exercise №1

It’s better to start physical activity to enlarge your breast with stretching exercises. Otherwise, you can be injured.

A “prayer” exercise

“prayer” exerciseSit down and straighten your back. If you can’t sit as it’s shown in the photo, then use a table. Press your back to the wall. Connect your palms in front of your breast. Press them as much as possible to strain the muscles of your breast. You can inhance this exercise: take a ball and press it in front of your breast. Count till 10 and move your hands 5 cm forward. Repeat this exercise until you can hold your palms together.

Now relax and shake your hands. Do this 2 times more. Keep in mind that you should strain the muscles of the breast more than the palms.

Exercise №2

This exercise came from yoga. Lie on your stomach and bend you knees. Hold your ankles and hollow out your body. This exercise is perfect to strain the breast muscles. Don’t change the position for 20 seconds, make a break for 10 seconds, and repeat 3 times. Your task is to stay in the position you can see in the photo for one minute.

Exercises for breast

Exercise №3

Turn your back to the chair and press your hands to the seat. Pull out legs to form 30–45˚ corner. While bending your arms, lower the body as deep as possible (your buttocks should touch the floor) and go back to the initial position.

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Exercise №3Do 3 attempts 6-8 times.

Exercise №4  “Press”

This is a fundamental exercise as it loads all of the muscles. Lie on the floor and take dumbbells close to the breast. Press the breast muscles and lift the dumbbells; up and down. Lift them 8 times. If you can’t do 8 reps you should reduce the weight. If you lift them more than 8 times, then increase the weight to feel more of the load at the 7th and the 8th attempt.

dumbbells close to the breast

Repeat this exercise 3 times.

Exercise №5 “Pullover”

This exercise was named as such because it looks like we take off a pullover. The initial position: your shoulders are on a bench (stool or feet ball), legs are widely apart. Take dumbbells – or just one dumbbell in two hands. Breathe in and take your hands behind the head. You can bend your elbows a little. Repeat 2 attempts 15 times.

Exercise №5 “Pullover”

Exercise №6 “Separation”

This exercise stretches the muscles and makes your breast more beautiful.

Holding dumbbells in a standing position: bend your knees and move your corpus forward, hands are down. Take a breath and lift your arms aside so your forearms are parallel to the floor while fists look forward.

Repeat this exercise 12 times (2 attempts).

At the end it’s recommended to stretch your breast once more to get attractive bent forms. To reach this result, repeat the 2nd exercise.

to enlarge the breast

Other Questions on How to Enlarge the Breast

  • Frequency of training. There is no sense to do exercises every day as far as muscles grow when they are relaxed after training. 3 times a week of each activity will be enough.
  • First results. If you train your breast regularly, muscle tone gets better within 2 – 3 weeks. In general you will need 2 months as minimum.
  • About dumbbells. Dear women, don’t use thick books as you might read on the internet. It’s better to buy one or two 7 – 10 kg sectional dumbbell.
  • About the diet. You breast muscles need proteins to grow. This is a building product material you can find in curds, fish, shrimps, nuts and soy.
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