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What Makes Your Breasts Bigger?

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Girls know a great deal of ways to add some volume to their breasts. But it’s one thing when you want to make your bust look bigger, and then it is another pair of shoes altogether when it becomes bigger on its own without your wish. Let’s find out what makes your breasts become bigger.

Why Girls’ Busts Become Bigger?

This is one of the most obvious explanations. The more weight you gain the bigger are the parts of our body including breasts, which consist of both glandular and fat tissues. The proportion has been defined: with extra gained weight bust becomes heavier. Roughly speaking, plus 10 kilos (20ish pounds) is equal to plus 1 (at least 1) breast size.make brest bigger


Oestrogen and progesterone can also be the possible reason why your bust is getting bigger. These hormones-constructors form your figure when your bust begins to enlarge, they also help to spread the fat tissue all over your body defining the development of genital organs and mammary glands. Even if you don’t take contraceptives, naturally released oestrogen can entrap liquids in your body. Partially due to it before periods your breasts get swollen and bigger. Shopping for lingerie during that time you are likely to find your normal size too small and ask for a bra of a bigger size. So, it’s better to plan your shopping for the middle of your cycle.

Dangerous Substances

Hormonal disruptors are the substances that come to our bodies from the environment. We get them from our food together with pesticides and products from air pollution as well as from poor-quality cosmetics and detergents. According to some biologists, such compounds ruin hormone system (as they function like oestrogens, but they are not ones so they start false mechanisms). In addition, they are able to accumulate in the body. Eating food full of toxins can stimulate fat accumulation in abdominal area and development of breast tissues. By the way, this is true not only for women but for men as well. But there is good news: to prevent the unwanted influence of hormonal disruptors you can get help from vegetables from the cabbage family (cabbage, kohlrabi, horse radish, radish, turnip and rutabaga).bust size

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Going in for Sports

What should one do to enlarge her breasts? Physical exercises can correct the form of a women’s bust a little. To increase its size with the help of aerobic activities is impossible. But doing a complex of exercises aimed at strengthening chest, back and arm muscles, you can bring it back to its shape. What exercises in particular? Look here! Fit body, set back shoulders are able to lift your bust.

My Best Present

Breast-enlarging surgery is in the top-list of the most wanted presents among Italian graduates. Until what age do the breasts grow? Approximately, till 18. And for their 18th birthday now they want holidays in other countries, new autos and breasts of a bigger size. American graduates agree with them. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of young patients is getting twice or three times larger each year.Plastic Surgery

Above the Norm(a)

An American woman Norma Stitz is the one who has the biggest natural breasts in the whole world recorded in 1999 in the Guinness Book of Records. In 2009 this title was proved again. Circumference of Norma’s chest is 259 cm, and weight of each breast is 19 kilos. Norma has her own website, but, as she works in show-industry (in its “cheesecake” sphere, to be precise), she emphatically asks only grown-ups to visit her website www.normastitz.com.

As for the letters…

  • Choosing a bra, you should remember that it shouldn’t go up too much on your back and be too tight under your breasts. If you aren’t sure about your size, raise your hand: if a part of your breast hangs over the bra, the model is small for you. Don’t buy lingerie following fashion model from a podium or your friend. Each of us needs her own model and her own size. For those who have bust sized from 0 up to 2 (АА— В) models with one pinched tuck. For those who wear C and D more complicated models are suitable with several parts.
  • The bigger the breasts are the wider should be bra straps. They are, not underwires, that hold your breasts.
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Now you know what makes your breasts bigger. More detailed rules for choosing lingerie you can find here.