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First signs your boyfriend’s cheating on you

oyfriend cheating on you

Unfortunately, lots of partners can easily cheat on their girlfriends; that’s why many women keep an eye on them trying to know whether they have a lover or not.

Well, it’s not so difficult to reveal one’s unfaithfulness. As a rule it happens when a man has a romance with someone else.

Top signs a man cheating on you

Mobile phone

Each man uses a mobile phone that’s why even if he has another woman he won’t be able to hide night calls and messages during the whole life.

Any woman can smell a rat when he started to talk by the phone in a bath or doesn’t let to touch it at all.

Mobile phone

His looks and behaves in some other way

A lot of women can prove that men start to look after themselves in case they have a romance with other women. In spite of hidden calls and messages, it’s impossible to cover new feelings: they start to use perfumes, change their style and keep their shoes clean.

If you noticed some similar changes in your partner’s behavior we advise you to think about it.

Now he has an elevated mood all day long!

In this case new relationships require more time, therefore, he is always busy for you, overtime hours at work, business trips, sauna with his friends only and so on.

Lie and excuses

It’s not a secret that each woman can easily expose her man. Excuses, strange explanations and other omissions make a woman to feel doubt about her partner.

If you want to know something, don’t panic and ask questions calmly. In this case he will tell you everything by himself or you will reach a conclusion very soon.

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It is very useful to learn a sign language to know whether he lies or not.


He changed his behavior towards you

Such situation is the brightest sign which reveals itself without any reasons.

In fact some men who cheat on their woman feel sorry about that. And they want to redress a wrong by presenting them some gifts and pay compliments. A sexual life can also get better. It happens if a man had a sex with a lover just once and doesn’t want to repeat it.

However, if a man fell in love with some other woman, then he can act like this through a side effect of a new feeling.

Other men start reproaching their darlings because they compare two different women: he doesn’t like your appearance, your acts and so on. The reason is that he falls under his lover’s influence.

If you don’t want to break your relationships there are no any proofs, just play with your man: if he doesn’t like your figure, go to fitness; if he believes you are a shallow person, read or watch his lovely movie together so you could discuss it later.

Such game will take your mind off and favor your intellect growth.

Changes of his tastes

If a man left his habits then there is someone else to suggest it!

Some men ask to cook them a new dish and teach their woman to cut a potato into rings but not cubes as he used to.

You can notice that he started to use new positions in sex. Ask him about his new desires and their origin as such question usually puzzles men.

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In fact all signs listed above may testify some other reasons in men’s life. However, such facts as a lipstick on his clothes, other perfumes, and scratches on his back don’t require any proofs.

If you are ready to know the truth just ask your man about that.


Don’t watch your man’s behavior too intently as you will definitely find some signs even if your man has never had a lover in his life. Don’t exaggerate a situation.

Just use your intuition and it will answer all you questions as to unfaithfulness in your man. Women perfectly feel if it happens in her life!