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Five top tips to turn his head. How to attract a man?

arttract a man

Women are still looking for new secrets of being more attractive for opposite sex. Of course, there is no a unique answer for this question. Each one has its ups and downs; even men react to ladies’ tricks in different ways.

This time we decided to resort to men’s opinion. As a result, we have very informative and interesting details.

“A lot of girls ask the same question: How to attract a man? I used to ignore it, but now I realize that it is useless to behave like this; it’s better to give her what she wants…The main secret is that there is no a universal method to turn one’s head”.


This is the first and the main step! In 99% of cases, men pay attention to your look. If you are not attractive, you have no chances to interest a man. Well, it doesn’t mean you should look like Scarlett Johansson as far as your beauty is not the only factor in this matter. It just amplifies with your confidence and self – esteem. It’s very important to take care of your beauty: basic physical activity helps to train your muscles and cheers you up. Of course, you shouldn’t torture yourself with different diets and fitness – programs. You just need to find the activity you like and do it at home. For example, running 15 minutes a day, yoga or exercises with dumbs at home.

girl with Red lips

The point is to enjoy this training

Keep in mind the next factors:

  • Red lips. Scientists believe that girls who apply red lip are more attractive. This is the precise sign that a woman is able to have healthy children in future.
  • Touched up eyes with a pencil. It creates a contrast and you look more sensitive.
  • Strong hair and curls. Hair is one of the main factors men are interested in mostly as far as our hair secretes pheromones. Thus, healthy, fluffy and glossy hair indicates your healthy general condition and helps to attract the opposite sex.
  • Rosy cheeks. Another sign is feminity and ability to bear health babies.
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Don’t forget to put on nice cloth, but never wear any old thing.

Any woman can follow these advices to become a real lady!

Don’t be too serious with men

When your communication becomes more intensive but you still don’t know where could it lead, we advise you to relax, calm down and stop planning your future. Moreover, don’t stop communicating with other men as you need more variants to choose. Don’t forget to give your partner enough freedom and he will definitely go back to you!

Don’t be too serious with menThe last tip is to stop checking your mobile phone each time you touch it.

Stay cool and live your own life!

Even if you relationship passed on the next level, control yourself! Continue living the life you had before. Pay your partner more attention but don’t be concentrated too much. Continue going out with your friends, visit clubs and gymnasium. One more secret is that you attracted him being such a busy lady. Maybe, previously, he had some unsociable girl, but you don’t have to live her life.

Now it’s time to stick on label

It’s important to realize whether you want to be with this man or not. You need to know what exactly you want from this man. We like to be beloved and we’re expecting for this love from our partners. This is unbelievable feeling to be with a partner who adores and respects you in spite of all your disadvantages. Of course, if a woman just want to have several dates with a man, such relationships will be useless.

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Many women just want to have a boyfriend, but they don’t even know what this man really is.

happy with themMoreover, if you are ready to make your partner’s life better he will never avoid you!

However, if you behave correctly, but you aren’t his girlfriend officially, then this is a negative sign. You should leave this man. It’s known that a man who values his woman, will never let her go away!

Give him what he wants – positive estimation, gratitude and respect

Men believe that a good esteem is the base of any relationships. All they want is to make their girls happier and beloved.

If you value your man in spite of his failures, this person will adore you even greater. Nevertheless, you should show your respect to the person and the more you do it, the better relationship you get.

happyLots of men think that a perfect woman is the one who is happy with them. Forget about their downs and they will never let you go!

Therefore, if you follow these advices you are a real perfect woman!