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Frigidity and its treatment


Erotic attraction to opposite sex is one of subconscious desires of many women.  It is known that female libido is required for procreation.

However, our nature rewards us for sexual contacts by way of sexual enjoyment and orgasm during sex; that is why a lack of sexual pleasure or its rejection is an abnormality.

Frigidity and its causes

In case the most attractive partner and appropriate intimate atmosphere don’t provoke any sexual excitement in a woman and she feels nothing during sex (moreover, a woman is afraid of such intimacy and rejects it), then sexologists characterize such case as the frigidity which is a pathologic sexual deviation in women.

Such frigidity usually arises as a temporal episode in women’s life or it is a regular phenomenon. All the causes, to provoke this frigidity, can be divided into four large groups:

  1. A constitutional form is an absolute libido absence to an opposite sex: lack of erotic dreams and orgasms, ergogenic zones are not sensitive to irritation.
  1. Another form is a retarding frigidity: a temporal deviation due to late sensitive maturation. It happens in case a sexual life begins earlier than brain erogenous zones maturation as far as a woman is able to feel a real orgasm at the age of 21 – 23.

low female libido

  1. Symptomatic frigidity is a problem of different abnormal organism conditions: cranial or spinal cord diseases, different intoxications, drug addiction or endocrine disorders.

This problem arises in case of a sexual sphere underdevelopment (if you started your sexual life too early), sexual painfulness, reduction of vagina sensitivity after childbirth or gynecological problems and depressions.

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Therefore, women’s frigidity is one of the symptoms of the main problem, which should be treated in order to increase one’s libido. Such condition is also a temporal phenomenon each woman experiences from time to time because of overstresses and other psychological problems.

  1. Psychogenic frigidity is a slowing down of sexual mentality in woman due to some concrete partner rejection and poor sexual experience with him.

Besides, this frigidity form arises in women who had an extremely severe education and internal complexes, feeling of inferiority: lack of beauty or sexuality.

Sometimes the core of psychogenic and constitutional frigidity is a hidden homosexuality a woman rejects all the time.

Anyway, this problem lets women to love, create a family and give birth to child. The reason is in inability to enjoy sex in a full measure.

Symptoms and signs

These signs differ due to individual peculiarities of women and change with the course of time. In this cases a women just suffer from her partner and sex she has with him. Some women can’t feel orgasm, the other women have it in their erotic dreams or while masturbation.

reasons of FrigidityHowever, women frigidity also depends on partners, their tact, attentiveness and patience. A partner should be able to satisfy a woman, taking into account her mood and desires, in order to “melt ice”.

Another reason of women’s dissatisfaction is lack of knowledge about their body and erogenous zones, wrong sexual positions or inappropriate atmosphere when a woman can’t relax. Unfortunately, a woman cannot be sensual if there is a crying baby in the next room or she thinks about her domestic duties at this specific moment.

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How to get rid of frigidity?

In case of symptomatically frigidity due to some diseases, stress or tiredness, just apply to a doctor and start treating your organism by means of taking vitamins, have a good sleep or take a holiday with your partner.

If a healthy woman has already passed the required general treatment but she still has this problem, then she needs to apply to a psychotherapist – sexologist.

Some women are too shy to share this problem with someone else, while this sexual dissatisfaction leads to family breakdown, nervous tension, scandals and even diseases of kidneys, stomach and nervous system.

One of signals of frigidity is lack of sexual attraction to any men and unwillingness to have sex with them. First of all a specialist should test this women in order to define whether they have some secrete sexual desires to opposite sex, being formed in early in her childhood as far as exactly this point blocks her intimate  relationships with men.

how to treat frigidityMoreover, a woman has to undergo a complete gynecological examination even if she doesn’t have any complaints. Sometimes small hormonal disorder’s change libido as well as the whole reproductive function. In this case, such woman needs to correct her hormonal status by means of necessary preparations and psychotherapy.

Some useful advices from specialists

  • One of the methods is to change the atmosphere and, probably, the location they used to have sex in so that both partners could feel themselves free and relaxed.
  • A cup of wine, slow music and muted light also help to remove any psychological blocks. Usually it helps to arouse sensuality.
  • Frequently, a woman should change a partner and don’t be shy to be opened up from the other side.
  • You can also use aphrodisiacs, sexual dishes and herbages to arouse female’s sensuality, such as, leaves of damiana or licorice root is a good drink to be taken several hours before the date.
  • A perfect remedy is to learn your erogenous zones, sincere talks and experiments as far as a routine kills any love and sensuality with the course of time and leads to sensuousness reduction.
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