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How to Excite a Man

How do excite a man?


Each women at some point asks the question: how do I excite a man correctly? It may seem too you easy, but there are certain nuances which will help you reach success in this question.

Our Mistakes

Girls (anyway, majority) know how to excite a man insensibly and inflame man’s craving with a help of a telephone conversation or skype. They are trained well in some areas of sex.

But many of us don’t want to consider the absence of such important contact as visual in both correspondence and virtual communication. You may have intelligent conversations, correctly build a dialogue, rapidly react on sentence of interlocutor, but communication will not be complete without personal contact. Moment of truth comes in this moment.

Man can be disappointed, if he will see in real life vulgar dressed lady or “blue stockings” girl instead of good girl and pretty.

What does man do in such cases? He tries to reduce contact and go away quickly. He was excited going to meeting with a pretty stranger, probably thinking about sex and how it would do more elegantly. But real appearance is conflicting with his imagination. He is trying save face and be polite, but first of all he is wanting terminate this rendezvous.

It is behavior of educated man with a good upbringing. He doesn’t want to offend a girl. You may imagine a man who doesn’t worry about your feelings and he does everything right. Such meeting can end with stress for the girl.

Guess his desiresThe main reason of failure in both cases is incorrect introduction of yourself. It is necessary to introduce yourself correctly to excite the man or in other words, male has to show his instincts. Nobody has yet canceled visual perception. Great-grandmothers knew well, that man loves with the help of his eyes. They could use it correctly. But we don’t possess such secrets.

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Miniskirt and snug clothes is the most primitive answer to a question of how to excite a man. Sometimes it doesn’t give positive result. It will be more effective, if you don’t apply your charms obviously, but inconspicuously. A man can be excited by a fleeting glance, faint smile and tempting, but not vulgar clothes. He will be thinking only about you and sex with you.

A girl makes a big mistake, showing off all of the parts of her body. We don’t invoke to puritanism, but any psychologist will explain to you, that man is excited by thoughts about your body, if its hidden by clothes. He becomes excited because of a hint on a secret which must be unraveled by him.

What is a conclusion? It is not a good idea to try to stun and accelerate events. You will achieve  success in a seduction.

What Does Attract Men?

bright manicureThere are many ways which solve the problem of exciting men from a distance. For example, footwear with a high heel. It makes a woman’s gait smooth and expressive. She is becoming a little bit defenseless. It attracts men’s glances and arouses desire in them.

The erotic relaxedness can be demonstrated by stocking rims which are omitted little bit lower a short skirt. It may cause sexual euphoria comparable with “sex on distance.” Such emotions can be caused also by naked stomach or piercing of a navel.

Psychologists note, that men actively react to a bright manicure. They understand brightly nails as a signal, that woman take care of herself, she is very neat and it is possible have sex with her. Men have the same reaction because of bright lipstick on lips. They have bright erotic associations and desire.

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Girls don’t know, how to excite guys from a distance and which visual image must be chosen. Sometimes, it seems, that it will be enough to demonstrate own seductive shapes. But we already noted, that it doesn’t always work.

Nobody will be surprised by curvy shapes today. It is possible to see girls with curvy shapes at every step, thanks to plastic surgery and different tricks. You can not be excited by shapes, which you see constantly. Sometimes, it may excite, but not too much.

Woman with a rich experience of influencing men from a distance know that transparent clothes are the most suitable in this case. Such clothes excites men’s fantasy allowing him to draw erotic scenes in a bed. He wants realization of his desires too much.

Dress with an open back and high cut on a hip are also exciting to men. It opens a little bit of an erotic secret, promising incredible beatitude.

Guess His Desires…

Dress with an open backThe main desires of a man is seeing his sexual partner and admiring her. Men of any age are stimulated better by visual images than tender words or tender touches. Present to him an erotic dance to give real visual pleasure for man.

The second desire is biological necessity of any healthy man. He needn’t only conversations about sex, but he wants sex too. Improve your sexual attainments and skills to get the best sexual joyment in bed. Forget about fast sex, it will never bring real pleasure.

The third desire: see woman as an initiator of sexual contact. Man sends intimate impulse in the beginning of relationships. Men wait initiative from woman in our days. Therefore, don’t ignore desire of your man.

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The fourth desire: satisfy girl. It is hard to satisfy a woman if he doesn’t know about your sexual fantasies and secret desires. Your sexual life will play with a new bright color if you open your heart.