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Two Simple Steps to Seduce a Man

How seduce a man

There are two simple steps every woman can use to seduce a man. However, not everyone uses these rules correctly. We are able to perceive the world around us with the help of our five senses. The man of your dreams is no exception.

The all-seeing eye

The traditional wisdom and advice of girlfriends say that men love us with a help of his eyes. Such “classical” attributes of seduction, things like a scarlet miniskirt and transparent blouse, aren’t attractive to all men.  Some mysteriousness can better attract the opposite gender: plain shirts with negligently unbuttoned top buttons, narrow jeans and streaming dresses. Shoes with thin heels and small straps on an ankle can attract a man’s attention.

What attracted men in women

Luxurious, long hair can finish your image. Hairs with a short length are also a good variant (if a woman is more than feminine). It is considered, that women with such hairstyles are more uninhibited in bed and love experiments. Black and red colors are better than pink, violet and green among underwear. Men are attracted by snow-white color.

The main error: The bright makeup even from the most fashionable visage or predatory long nails scare men. They are not interested in this. But we spent half of our weekend and one-third of our salary on these things. “Naturalness,” in women attracts men. But, the “proper” naturalness, requires, even more, efforts.

Nightingale warbles

We are accustomed to thinking that men are callous and unemotional. But, they are very receptive to compliments. Especially, if their boldness and sexuality are eulogized. You may also supplement it with provocative erotic fantasies…

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How to attract attention a men

The main error: Such passionate groans as “Take me, my wild hedgehog!” and strong words aren’t for everybody. Brodsky was upset because of lack of the verb in the Russian language, which would express the process of sex. Therefore, it is necessary to invent such words by yourself. It is not a good idea to use words from animal topics.