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Arouse Him with Your Kisses?

to arouse a man


Kisses are Necessary!

A lot of women worry that they are not attractive to men. Some of them are looking for their partners for their entire life and fail. The reason is poor self-presentation since they need to give pleasure, not just get it. Kisses, embraces, caress, and walks give women a lot of pleasure and positive emotions. This article will tell how to arouse a guy while kissing.

If you love your man you will definitely want to give him pleasure. Borsch cooking and piroshki may bore your partner very soon.

Don’t forget that men need sex. If you have some problems in your sexual life, try to diversify it with kisses. There are a lot of techniques to arouse a man while kissing.

Some women are afraid to experiment as they are afraid of partner’s blame. But if a woman does everything right, her partner will become well-meaning and thoughtful. The main thing is to overcome the first embarrassments and try to give pleasure.

How to Start?

Kisses are not a lips touching only but a special mystery. Both men and women like when they are kissed.  Eyelids, chines, nose, neck and back are the exact parts of body to be kissed! Also don’t be afraid to touch the next zones with your tongue: fingers, palms, thighs and belly. If you trust your partner start experimenting.

And remember that your partner may dislike some actions your previous partner liked! You can find another erogenous zones if you want.kissing

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How to Arouse a Man?

Start touching his lips. But such kiss should be combined and passionate. One of the firing zones is root of mouth. Touch it with your tongue. You will need to move aside the bottom lip a bit. Start fondling his body with tender touching.

Some kisses work wonders…

If you kiss with emotion the effect will be stunning. Keep in mind that you need to use your tongue. Just play with your partner’s tongue, bite it a little, and fondle it. Actually men have different erogenous zones. Fondle his back, head, and thigs. He will definitely like it.

Erogenous Zones for Kisses

After you have already mastered simple kisses you can also enjoy this process. Now you can move forward.  Start stimulating the next zones:

  1. This zone is the most sensitive. Start kissing it from the side. Your kisses should be passionate; you can also bite the skin and lick it.
  2. Ears have a great number of erogenous zones to burn your man. But first you need to get these points ready. Pass your tongue around the ear and go down to its lobule. Bite it slightly. Repeat this procedure several times and your man will be aroused.
  3. Hands. Fingers are large erogenous zones. A lot of men like tender kisses on finger-tips and between them. You can even suck them a little. Don’t stint yourself in kisses only.
  4. Men’s nipples are very sensitive to kisses. Fondle them by your tongue and bite by turns.erogenous zones for kisses
  5. The most sensitive zone is located between navel and groin. Touch is before sex act to arouse him at once!
  6. Kiss this zone softly and slowly. To get more effect, combine kisses with breathing.
  7. Men are excited from touching their back, but you need to massage this zone in advance. Start from the back of head and go down.
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Practical Advice

While kissing a woman shouldn’t forget about other methods to excite a man, such as tender touches and moans. It should be marked that locations with little hair are significantly sensual!

Don’t panic if your partner kisses you with open eyes. A majority of men really like it.

to arouse a man while kissingWell, all recommendations are quite individual ones. In order to know all the sensual points of your man you need to experiment. Thus, some men get irritated from belly kisses but they adore fondling of these zones.

Discover your partner’s body and you will become closer.