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How to Have Sex All Night Long

made love all night long

The phrase “we made love all night long” arouses envy or mistrust in you? Many treat this action skeptically. But it is only because they consider themselves incapable of such a feat. Actually there is nothing difficult to it. To be convinced of it, take the advice of Women’s Day.

If somebody knocks, pretend that you went to the cinema.

At first let’s understand why it is difficult. Long continuous sex is characteristic for two categories of people: absolutely young people and couples for whom the relationship just began. Both to that and another it seems that it is necessary to take pleasure immediately and whenever it is possible, “for the future”. Then there comes the satiation, the understanding of that this person is always nearby, and that you can have sex at any time.

all night long sex

The more the experience in the relationship, the less actual a sex marathon becomes. But if to place a couple in extreme emotional conditions (for example, the forthcoming many months of business trip can become that), the passion won’t have a limit. And the thought that tomorrow you have work and that “sex on all night long” is a wearisome occupation won’t even visit any of the two participants of the process.

Choose the Right Time

It is unlikely to arrange the night of love within the working week – you will be disturbed by thoughts of tomorrow’s meeting and fear that you can oversleep. And there is nothing reprehensible in it – to feel well, we need to sleep not less than 6 hours a day. Ideal options are vacation or holidays, but in lack of it long sex can be planned for a night from Friday to Saturday or from Saturday on Sunday. The main thing is that you don’t have to get up early and don’t have any responsible business in the morning: it will be so much simpler to relax.

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How to have sex all night longSwitch-off your phones – somehow you will endure without the world for 12 hours. Take care of that your friends or relatives don’t appear suddenly. And if somebody also calls in the on-door speakerphone – pretend that you aren’t at home. Let all think that you went to the cinema.

The people who live together for a long time consider all night long sex to be wearisome and not compatible with work.

Prepare the Room

It isn’t necessary to drastically remake the apartment, but it makes sense to work a little over the interior. Curtain off the windows, light the candles, put your soft toys into a case. Let your room pretend that it was created only for sex for a while. Plush cats and bears will easily destroy this image.

Minimize the irritating factors: if it is stuffy – turn on the fan, if hot – close the balcony, if neighbors rustle – turn on the music. By the way, it doesn’t have to be languid and weakening: some Papa Roach will add aggression and passion.sex marathon

Water Resources

It is very important that during love making there is water near at hand. During sex the body loses a lot of liquid. British scientists counted that during half-hour sexual intercourse the body loses as much liquids, as in a three kilometers running marathon. Therefore, it is necessary to watch the condition of your aqua balance. Otherwise the body will suffer from dehydration, and you – from fatigue, and in such condition no sex will be necessary. So drink water: before making love, during and after. It will allow you to be in shape and to continue as long as you want.

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