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How to Train Intimate Muscles

vaginal muscles controlled

After giving birth many women feel that sensation during sex has changed, the sensitivity has subsided. But with age, especially in sedentary lifestyle, pelvic floor muscles lose tone.  This even happens to those women’s muscles that have never given birth. Everyone has heard about Kegel exercises. And so in this article we will discuss the current approaches to this training and about the special simulators with one of the founders of sex coaching Kate Smith.

After our son appeared, my husband does not feel … how shall I say … tightness. Is it possible to actually to restore the stretched muscles from childbirth? How can I do it?

To restore firmness and elasticity of the vaginal walls, to “pump up” intimate muscles with the help of automated machines, exercises with vaginal balls – there are many methods. Training of intimate muscles will not only help to solve the problem of post-partum but also make subsequent childbirth less painful.

It is advisable, if you do not yourself “appoint” a complex of exercises, to you enroll in special training, where you can get qualified assistance, including advice which will help to make the correct choice of vaginal balls.

intimate musclesThe training of intimate muscles will help to make following childbirth less painful.

In general, a system of exercises is as follows. The duration of exercises at the beginning of training should be no more than an hour a day. First try just one hour to walk with vaginal balls introduced into the vagina, through the apartment. Every half hour you need for 1-2 minutes alternately compress and relax the muscles of the vagina for 1-2 seconds. According to the same scheme you should do this within three days and with each passing day it is necessary to increase the duration up to an hour. Starting from the fourth day, every day, you can add 1-2 seconds to periods of compression and relaxation of the vaginal muscles. As a result, to the 10th day, a woman must within 7-8 hours walk with vaginal balls and every half an hour do the exercises for 3-4 minutes and keep muscles compressed and relaxed for 15-20 seconds.

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It is not recommended to start training immediately after delivery. Your gynecologist has to give an accurate reading, but if there were not severe postpartum problems, then you are ready for classes 2-3 months. The recovery period of the vaginal muscles can take up to six months if you practice the training with vaginal balls and about 2 months at sessions with exercise equipment. Be sure to consult in advance with your doctor about possible contraindications. Among them, for example, can be a strong degree of uterine prolapse, diseases, which are sexually transmitted and something else. And, of course, any exercises are prohibited during pregnancy itself.

I read somewhere that there are Kegel exercises, also I have met the terms “vumbuilding“, “imbuilding” some other … What is the difference between the methods?

training of intimate musclesConventionally, there are two main schools of training of intimate muscles – East (Tantric, Taoist practices, etc.), which has a long history, and Western (system of exercises developed by Arnold Kegel, exercises using vaginal trainers), which arose at the beginning of the 20th century. In the Eastern School the art of managing the intimate muscles were associated with breathing and energy practices. The women were interested in it even in ancient times, and they used stone and jade eggs and prototype of the simulators for the development of the muscles. The founder of the Western School can be considered an American urologist Arnold Kegel. He first spoke about the problems of the pelvic floor muscles, and he developed a special set of exercises for his patients suffering from urinary incontinence, also he created the prototype of the modern simulator with a feedback control (ie the power of intimate muscles can now be measured). Russian scientists Muranivsky and Kornev improved Kegel’s technique. In the 90’s the engineer Vladimir Muranivsky created his own system of training of intimate muscles, which he called “vumbuilding” (VUM – vaginal muscles controlled).

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He put forward the theory that the vagina has within intself three rings, which can be controlled consciously.

Yuri Kornev has denied this hypothesis – as, the facts, confirmed by official medicine, showed that the vaginal controlled muscles do not exist, since the smooth-muscle muscles of the vagina can not be controlled by consciousness. The art of the vagina control` is achieved by reducing the pelvic floor muscles and the adjacent muscles that seem to be surrounded on all sides vagina. The Kornev’s method got the name IMbuilding (- intimate muscles). He has developed his own system, which involves a set of exercises that you need to perform during sex with a partner, without interruption from the process and with  the advantage for health and for pleasure.

I’m thinking to buy simulator- ball? Are there any other good trainers? What methods is better to use

vaginal ballsMany girls and women, unfortunately, until now know only outdated methods and simulators. Using a rubber bulb, measuring muscle strength using hanging bottles of water – all this is last century. While the market has a special advanced exercisers sold almost in every pharmacy, they are prescribed by doctors and gynecologists, urologists, – and there are still places where the dominance of outdated models of simulators with uncomfortable functionality is retained. Studying the developed programs of the new training dedicated to the control of the sex and the intimate muscles before and after the childbirth, and thoroughly having studied the market of intimate simulators, so two unique simulators can be especially identified.

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A pleasant “side effect” is that the training often leads to orgasm right during lessons.

The first –it is a pneumatic simulator with display, which takes over the function of a coach telling when you need to compress or decompress intimate muscles how to alternate stage of relaxation and muscle tension. The advanced technology, which is now at the peak of popularity in the United States, France, the United Kingdom, it also determines the degree of fitness of your muscles on a scale of 1 to 9, and depending on this it chooses  the intensity of the workout.

Even more innovative option is electropulse trainer. Training with it becomes a pleasure, as it does everything for you, you can just lie down and watch TV. The model operates on accumulator, such as cell phone, and consists of a remote panel and the probe, which is inserted into the vagina. Women only need to select the desired program on the panel, which determines the strength of the micro pulses, and then just relax for 1.5-2 hours, feeling as the pulses cause the vaginal muscles to shrink. Micropulses do not cause absolutely any discomfort and are perceived as light vibrations that awaken the “sleeping” erogenous zones. A pleasant “side effect” of exercise is that it often leads to orgasm right during lessons.

Arnold KegelThe Kegel’s exercises or training with vaginal balls give a good effect, but they require from a woman great endurance and patience. For example, restoration of elasticity of the vagina after childbirth, if the balls are used, takes up to six months, and with the simulator – about 2 months. With the pace of modern life, it is important. As for the techniques – there are a great many of them: the compression and decompression of muscles of the vagina, creating a circular sensation, “sucked” muscles and other.