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LEO Man: Sex, Desire and Women

Leo man: Sex, Desires and Women

Leo Man – Sex Desire and Women

And how you can make a Leo man happy (not only) in bed

Leo men are known for filling space with warmth and positivity. They tend to wash away negativity, boredom, and sadness in a room. They are generally happy people. Leo men are the kind of people that releases warmth and positive vibes. He brings life and a new level of inspiration while holding a conversation. Leo men might look as a serious or aggressive type of guy but they are the most charming, caring, and loving. When a Leo man falls in love they go deep into it and gives all to their partner – genuine. Find out now about your Leo man’s sex desire and women.

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Leo man’s sex desires

One of the Leo man’s sex desires is to see their partner naked and is always willing to try out new crazy and wildest things. Nevertheless, they will not bow down to anything that looks demeaning and downgrading to them because they consider themselves to be the lions with so much pride in them.

Something that comes out really strong is the fact they always want to be in control of every moment.

Leo Man: Sex, Desire and WomenLeo man: all under control

A Leo man’s sex desire is to be in control by telling you what to give him but within your own conditions. In order to allow him feel in control, you can take the lead but make it look like he is the one who came up with the idea. Leo men derive more pleasure in having control while in bed.

A Leo man want to be flattered in bed but genuinely. His desire is to see how you feel while in bed with him. He will enjoy seeing you enjoy every bit of the sex. A Leo man feels happy when they see they have conquered it all with their partner but with some genuine show out of it. They hate fakes.

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leo-man-sex-desire-womanLeo Man sex desires is for their partner to be playful in bed and being given all the authority and pleasure in doing anything they please. They like seeing some show of confidence from their sexual partners and being given the lead role. When this happens, you will enjoy every bit of the sex. There is nothing that feels greater than letting your Leo man know you have full confidence in them in whatever they please in doing with your body!

A Leo man will enjoy making love to a woman who shows how much pleasure they are deriving from it. They like to hear a woman groan, and scream uncontrollably. Makes them feel superior when they see a woman enjoying.

Leo Man Love Desire
Make a Leo man happy

There are various ways to make a Leo man happy apart from the sexual nature of it. Never in your life try to dominate the Leo man and do not let him at any point of your relationship doubt your fidelity.

In order to make Leo men happy, you need to support them as intense, warm, and driven as they are. Always be there to support his dreams and ambitions. Every person but a Leo man in particular needs to be loved and feel appreciated at all times.

Another important aspect to make a Leo man happy – however women often fail with – is thanking him for whatever he does and appreciating his generosity. This will automatically spike his happiness and love for you.

Make a Leo man happy by always complimenting him. If your compliments are sincere, then you have just sparked him up. Complement him on his looks, sense of fashion and rather anything that he seems good at.

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Surprise your Leo Man to make him happy

Make Leo men happy by striving in keeping the romance alive and burning by surprising him with candlelight dinners, gifts, love messages, and pampering. Give him the finer things in life, and be unpredictable with the surprises.

Shower your Leo man with praises and make him feel how funny he is when they tell a joke. Laugh at it. But remember, let it be genuine. The Leo man will always thrive from daily adoration.

leo-man-make him happy-in-bedMaking a Leo man happy can also be achieved in bed. Show him your nasty and naughty side. Surprise him in a way he did not expect you to be in bed every time you have sex. Unleash that bad side of you in bed but remember to let him take control, credit during sex and make him feel as if he is the one who came up with the idea.

Bring all those extravagant gifts to the bedroom like champagne or another nice drink and make your Leo man happy.

Letting your Leo man know that in the whole universe it’s only him that means most to you. Whisper it to his ears followed by some dirty compliments.

Be proud of your Leo man at all times. Do this by showing him how proud you are to a point of wanting to show him off. You can easily achieve this by asking him out to an event. Make him feel how good it feels to be in his company. Show him how special he is to you.

Nurture your Leo man when he is hurt. Do not make him feel hopeless but just show him a sense of comfort. Care enough and keep asking what you can do to make them feel better, this will definitely make him feel so good. Be easy to help out when they feel hurt.

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Leo men attract other women too

How to make a Leo Man happyYou want to make your Leo man happy for your entire life? Do not be overly jealous. Leo men surround themselves with a lot of women and they tend to attract most of them. It is a turn off to a Leo man when his woman accuses him of acting inappropriately with other females where in real sense a Leo Man would do anything not to offend their woman. Deal with the issue maturely and just understand that when a Leo man loves you, they will do anything to protect your relationship.

Get it right, Leo men are not usually only about sex. They also need to feel the love and care like any man out there. Apart from sex, Leo men want to feel like the only ones in the entire universe but for a fact you will never regret dating a Leo man.

Make a Leo man happy by giving him your undivided attention. Make him the center of attention at all times. Be very careful not to make a Leo Man angry. It will take a lot of energy to bring them out of that cloud. When a Leo man is mad, just give him space for a while instead of confronting him. He will come around when he is done.

leo-man-loves-you-foreverYour Leo man will always love you

It might be annoying to know that Leo’s do not have a problem with finding a soul mate but be assured that he will always love you if only you make him happy and let him be the man in the relationship.

Try your very best not to be boring, he will not think twice to leave you. Get activities for the both of you to attend, be adventurous and bring new vibes to the relationship with your happy Leo man at all times.