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Love: 7 Rules Men Follow. How to Build a Serious Relationship?

7 rules by which men play


There is nothing simple in the world of men. They live with us, love us, but at the same time they play by their own rules. And we, the girls, need to know the rules in order to understand what kind of game to play and how to win. The more skillfully you perform in the relationship with the beloved, the more points you earn in the eyes of the chosen one as his girlfriend, wife and mother of future children.

One Step Back, or the First Rule

All people make mistakes, but the men never admits it. Statistics of “Hunting School” ( selection among five thousand men) happily reports that the probability of a man recognizes his error tends to be zero. This is especially true if the woman was right. The man, of course, can apologize, but he often blames circumstances. He will say that he was forced, “I did not want to, but it happened”. The most amazing thing is that, most likely he’s telling the truth, and the most difficult is to look at this truth through the eyes of your man. I warn you once, the guilty in his story will be: colleagues, superiors, the situation, but not himself.

first ruleThe only intention which he pursues at this moment is a desperate desire to remain a good guy for you. After all, when a man does not meet your expectations, he is afraid of being thought of as a bad man. He himself is well aware that he is guilty. When a woman constantly points to the man on his failures and reminds hi of the old sins, he sooner or later will start to match your worst expectations.

As soon as the man made a mistake and you were right, in front of you inevitably there would be a choice: to be right and to defend farther your point of view or to be happy and look at the situation through his eyes. And you will choose the second, if you value your relationship. As long as you accept his truth, as long as you look at him with faith and admiration in your eyes – he will seek to match his reflection in the eyes of the woman he loves.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, or the Second Rule

For a man, when meeting, he does not look for a serious relationship. It is enough to have “regular fun” for him. Remember how often the girls say: “I want to get married!” – but you rarely hear a man say he “wants to get married.”

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Any attempt to write down the name of a young man in the marriage certificate is perceived by him as an aggressive encroachment on his freedom. A man takes very earnestly to his personal space. Only after for a while, he starts to be more aware of how he is happier with this girl and then a man will begin to let her into his personal space.

serious relationshipBut you need to “learn” a man’s territory as if you were a cat, slowly and carefully moving forward on soft paws. Once you show claws or declare that you have the right to his space, the man immediately takes a step back or to the side, reminding you that you are a guest in his house.

If you want to marry a chosen one – act! The siege, ambush and discretion – here are your trump cards on the way to a woman’s happiness. Storm does not take this fortress.

Splurge, or the Third Rule

All men boast, but each does so in his own way: some of a beautiful wife, some of a new machine, and some of the number of read books.

When a woman admires a man, he feels himself to be a special one. And at that moment a miracle occurs: the wings behind a simple guy suddenly grow. Now he is a Superman and he is ready to kill the villain, in a sense, to deal with any problem.

Therefore, admiration – that is what each representative of a strong half of mankind subconsciously waits for and what he dreams about. The thirst and the need for admiration manifests itself in competition with your friends, in an attempt to splurge in front of the women. He boasts himself and subconsciously waits for the approval of the other side.

Now he is a SupermanWhen you hear any testimony from the man, do not stop him and do not try to dispel the illusion of his omnipotence. Fantasy, even if it is far from reality, can become a reality, if you allow yourself to believe it.

Brevity is a Sister of Talent, or the Fourth Rule

Communication plays a different role in the lives of men and women. The process of communication itself is a treat for the girls. For guys it is just a way to get information. Ornate construction of the phrase and indirect requests do not find a response in the male soul. The easier the sentence is built, the greater there is a likelihood that you will be understood correctly.

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The girl, being in a relationship with a young man sincerely believes that the beloved has to read her thoughts, or at least guess about her desires. But the more veiled request, the more hints, the more difficult it is for a man to guess what he should do. This mutual misunderstanding is the reason for women’s disappointment. And a man has a counter reaction – it is irritation. He feels that she is dissatisfied with him, but he could not understand what he is doing wrong and why she can not just say, what is required of him?

Brevity is a sister of talentIt just so happens that a man is a logical and nice creature, but he is accustomed to speaking briefly and clearly, getting concrete answers to his questions and in a different way, he just does not know how. Keep your requests simple and straightforward and you will get what you need: a new iPhone, or going to the movies, or at night affectionate sms.

“Iron Mask”, or the Fifth Rule

It is not common to show emotions in the harsh world of men. A real character is always in the mask: no one should see his face. The ability to “keep the brand” and hide emotions is the hallmark of men. A man who has trouble at work, he is the most closed, laconic and moody creature in the world. All he wants, when he had a difficult period in his life, is for his household, including his beloved, to leave him alone.

At this moment various bad ideas climb in a woman’s head, and she begins to think about them. After going through the worst options of the development of relations, the girl is offended and walks away to herself, and then a young man gets yet another headache. Either she starts with a predilection to interrogate her loved one about what plunged him into the world sorrow. A man to deal with something – to survive betrayal, insult, or solve a complex problem – needs to digest it himself.

iron maskAnd we should be patient. After all, as soon as a man decides his problem is in his mind, we will get a well-deserved reward: he’ll be back in a great frame of mind and ready to communicate.

Herd Instinct or the Sixth Rule

Herd instinct is not a relic of the past, it is still driven by the modern representatives of the strong half of humanity, and it is manifested in the men’s desire to join in the company. There are three signs by which men come together in groups.

The first one is by age. People of the same age have something to remember, because they grew up in the same time and culture of this period will always be close to him.

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The second one is the same interests. The direction of the men’s interests may be in any field.

The third one is by the presence of a common enemy. In these groups, there is the highest level of adrenaline and testosterone, and most intolerant attitude towards life, combined with most often a heightened sense of justice.

Herd instinct or the sixth ruleIn each male group there are themes to which our boys are showing the most tremulous interest. Sex, sport and / or policy – this is what gets inflamed men’s minds, when we are not around.

If you are not satisfied that the young men your man is spending too much time in the company of, you can either enter in his environment and become part of a group, or take frequent absences with friends as a private space and quietly go about your own business. You can enter the nearest environment of your beloved by taking the following tips:

  • The first – your man has cool friends.
  • The second – you like the place where they are going out.
  • The third – you talk about the desire to meet and chat with his friends. If you receive a rejection, you are back to step three in a couple of days or weeks.
  • The fourth – his friends are your friends!

“The Dying Swan”, or Seventh Rule

 There is no more helpless and desirous attention creature than a sick man. Because even in a conscious infant (aged three or more years) your boy has been taught that if he’s sick – he’s the center of the Universe. Now you can not do much, all go on tiptoe and speak in a whisper. And it is so nice when you are taken care of him and the disease gives you unlimited powers.

The Dying SwanSo at this moment the prospect to show your best side opens in front of you. You have to prepare with your own hands so helpful in his “near-death” state, the chicken broth, to feed him with a spoon, to wrap him with a blanket and to put on a DVD of his favorite movies. And if you want as much as possible to breathe life into a “dying swan,” you can do it all in a nurse’s robe from a sex shop.

Men and women have different psychology, and this can cause disagreement in the relationship. But everything is in your hands: write the script of your life yourself, become a director and the main protagonist of the history of your own happiness.