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Male Erogenous Zones

Male erogenous zones

Today we’re going to discuss the most sensitive parts of our men’s body. You may not believe this, but, here is an interesting fact: most men don’t even know that their body has so many excitable zones as their thoughts and emotions are always focused on genital organs and they don’t want to pay attention to the other parts of their body. You can help your partner using our advice. And one day you’ll see how your caress will drive your man mad…

Erogenous zones on his face and head

Love making always begins with kisses. They may be soft and light or deep and passionate. It shouldn’t surprise you as our lips and tongue are rather sensitive. But ears, lobes and skin behind them can have the same sensitivity and sometimes even greater. And, if you murmur into his ear something pleasant while kissing him and biting his earlobes gently, it will be even more effective. You can also caress eyebrows, eyes and eyelashes with the same effect.

kiss his faceOn our face we have more nerve endings than on our arms and legs as a whole. So we will massage them. Remember the incomparable feeling when your face was massaged for the first time. So, you can imagine that men who were lucky to feel the touch of soft female fingers describe their feelings as unearthly bliss. Massage his whiskies, touch his face with your fingertips, fondle the skin behind his ears and then move to his hair. Slip your hands into his hair and run your fingers through it. Your man narrows his eyes with pleasure as if he is a cat stroked by his mistress. Then finish the process with a vigorous massage of the scalp. It will stir up his passion and will be a nice sexual overture.

Erogenous zones on his neck

Skin on our neck, especially from behind, is very sensitive to kisses, touches and strokes. But, don’t touch your man with your fingertips or nails. You just tickle him. Use the balls of your hands, press them so as not to tickle him. And remember the rule applies to all parts of the body.

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Erogenous zones on his chest

Everybody knows how excitable woman’s breasts are. But what does the man feel when you stroke his? “I’m not a Schwarzenegger. But when my wife’s small hand runs through the hair on my chest, I have a very special feeling. I feel as if I’m a Tarzan and she is my Jane.” It’s what the man says. Strokes to hairy men’s chests will definitely excite him. The open area of his nipples are full of nerve endings and they easily respond to your touches. So, move to them. Of course, they are not as sensitive as women’s, but caress them with your tongue or cover with your hand and move them as if they are small beads. His nipples become harder and he begins to breathe rapidly. This means that your caress works well.

Erogenous zones on his arms and legs

Our strong and independent men have their own tender spots. Delicate skin on the inside of his arms and legs, the area where every touch can tickle, responds to your touches at once and it gets up not only his spirit. From a medical point of view these are zones of super-sensitivity. Men have their own opinion. “I like when a woman wants to bring me some pleasure. This is the very thing which turns me on”. – admitted Oleg (32 years old). Psychologists say that in this case the woman becomes an aggressor and disarms the man. But, in fact, her caress doesn’t tend to deprive him of his dominate position.

You should remember that none of his sensitive parts should be unnoticed. Pay your attention even to the popliteal space and shins. Delicate touches to them help your man to reach nirvana. And after a hard working day, massaging of his fingers and toes can work a miracle. In 2-3 minutes his tight muscles relax and your beloved will be ready to continue. Moreover, he will have a big desire to thank his rescuer. You should surely slip through his fingers with your hand or tongue. It doesn’t matter that the sensitivity of these areas aren’t high, but without such simulation your caress will be imperfect.

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Erogenous zones on his belly

Our belly isn’t a very sexual part of our body. However, strokes from his navel to pubis where you can stay for a while make his sexual excitement stronger. And your kiss on his naval thrills him. Erogenous zones on his belly

Erogenous zones on his back and buttocks

If you pass your fingers or nails across his back along the backbone, he will be very satisfied. But he will be even more pleased if you touch the sensitive area between the shoulder-blades. You can kiss, lick or even bite it.

Don’t be delicate with his buttocks. Pat them or pinch slightly. It will tone him up and stimulate him. Press your body to his buttock or back to make him mad for you.

As you see, you can stir your man’s passion without touching his penis. The man feels something special when his partner gently touches the magical area from scrotum to anus. This almost forbidden zone has lots of nerve endings. The very thought that your hand accidentally touches an unusual spot, increases the sexual tension. You’d better not discuss it. Just try it and make sure your partner will love it.

Erogenous zones of his intimate parts

Of course, The scrotum and penis are the most sensitive zones. Delicate, but actively massaging of the area can help him to get an erection quickly. Penis strokes, moving its foreskin up and down are the most pleasant and active ways of turning the man on. You can tightly, but softly take it into your hand or fingers making a ring. Some men like when women just stroke it from scrotum to the penis head. And of course, every one of them are thrilled by the tongue massage. The most sensitive part is the penis is the head. Caress it with your hands, tongue or lips, but very gently. Soon you will gain some experience and learn his most tender parts and parts where you’d better not stay for long.

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While focusing on its central part, don’t forget about its edges, as 50% of all the pleasure is in feeling your hands near the penis. Anyway, any manipulations with it should give pleasure to the woman as well and only then the man gains her sexual arousal.

Do you want to thrill him? Lean closer to his nipples or penis, breathe with hot air. Then move a bit away and blow on them. In such a way your partner will go hot and cold and get a wonderful feeling.

kiss his neckAnd there is one more piece of advice for the brave ones. Remember that sometimes you can put your hand or foot on the man’s penis in very unusual (but not awkward) situations and he will like it!

Finally, let’s enumerate all the most sensitive parts of men’s body and give them from one to ten points.

4 points

  • finger strokes with your tongue and hands


  • gentle touches of his shins;
  • kisses and strokes of his neck;
  • pecks (lips, tongue);
  • soft massage and strokes of his head


  • kisses on his navel;
  • soft and light kisses (lips, tongue)


  • soft touches of popliteal space;
  • deep kisses (lips, tongue);
  • strokes of nipples with your hand or tongue;
  • strokes of eyebrows, eyes and eyelashes with your lips;
  • patting and pinching of his buttocks


  • kisses and strokes of his earlobes;
  • kisses and bites of the area between shoulder-blades


  • massage of his intimate parts

10 poits

And in the end, here are some words about things which aren’t connected with men’s physiology, but, have a certain effect on their sexual tension. He constantly needs some evidence that he isn’t worse than others. Show him your interest, your desire to be with him. Let him feel how happy you are because of his right actions. Having raised his confidence, you’ll get more pleasure and satisfaction which he will be glad to give you in return.