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Does Your Man Really Love You? Signs that a Man is in Love

Men in love. Signs

Life experience proves that few modern men can boast about their resoluteness, especially if it is about such a delicate issue as the expression and declaration of love.

Some men can hide their feelings about a specific woman, losing their time they could spend together. Thus, a woman should be very attentive in order to know whether that man is serious or not. In this case she can push him for some signs.

 Peculiarities of Men’s Psychology

There is a mistaken belief that a man is less sensitive and more hard-hearted than a woman. In fact men suffer from their emotional experiences and often too much because they can’t let themselves share their feelings with someone else. A woman can talk to her friend, while a man tries to solve a problem without assistance. Sometimes they can’t stand it anymore and pour out their heart. Men don’t talk about their feelings as they are afraid to be turned down. After such failures, women recuperate their self-esteem quicker than men. As to men, their spiritual wounds can’t be cured for a long period.

That’s why a woman should help her darling to open up. The main condition is to deserve the trust of somebody. Such a person will be sincere with you because he will be absolutely sure of you and your reaction.

men falling loveIf you want to deserve your man’s faith, you should do it carefully and understand that your efforts are not in vain.

Men in Love Signs

  1. First of all it is his gaze. As a rule, a man deeply in love can’t take his eyes off his woman as he wants to admire her all the time. If their eyes meet each other, then he can look away confusedly or his pupils become larger.
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If a man looks in a woman’s eyes for a long time and he doesn’t feel any kind of shame, then this is an experienced lovelace.

  1. Being close to a woman he likes, a man tries to introduce himself in the best light possible. He smooths his clothes, fixes his hairdo and squares his shoulders. Also a man attracts woman’s attention to his thighs by sticking hands in pockets or put them on his belt.
  2. A man in love does everything possible to interest a woman he likes. We can even observe it in kindergarten when boys push girls or pull them by pigtails. Adults don’t act like this to attract someone’s attention, but they may laugh or speak louder or do some acts of despair to interest other people and the object of admiration.Actions of men in love
  3. A man wants to stay alone with the woman he likes in order to shut her off from his competitors and to have a chance to touch her.

 Actions Speak Louder than Words

It should be noted that men’s psychology significantly differs from women’s. Thus, men, for example, don’t like long talks, however women can’t do without such habits. That’s why ladies are often waiting for a passionate declaration of love and loyalty oaths.

Unfortunately, most men confine themselves to a simple idea that nothing has changed from the time I told you about my feelings. So, women have to put up with this male peculiarity and watch his actions.

how act men in love

Actions of Men in Love

  1. Even the most practical and prudent man never begrudges money for his darling. He wants to pay for café, taxi, cinema and sweet presents. If a man pays the half and begrudges the money to buy flowers, then he doesn’t value his woman. If he has some temporal problems with money, he should start looking for better job.
  2. A man in love takes care of his darling. He always takes her home in the evening and never invites her out in the night as he takes care of his woman’s health.
  3. If he loves a woman then he wants to introduce her to the friends and relatives and hide from others. Of course he would prefer his darling to put on a Parana and sit at home.
  4. Such men spend a lot of time with their darlings and find any reason to meet her and give her something. Even if he is not so resolute, he does his best to meet her every day, so she can’t forget her face.love
  5. Very often such men are ready to move mountains for their women. And this inspiration usually favors his career, hobby as he has his muse at last. If men complain about failures in love, then they are still looking for this amazing feeling.
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Ask Your Man about His Feelings

Sometimes the best way to know about a man’s feeling is to ask him. Men like facts and rarely pick up on hints, so ask him without any ado. As to future planning, it’s better to speak in a roundabout way as far as most of men are afraid of the word “wedding”! And they try to avoid this talk by all meas.

Probably, they have some personal reasons to act like this.

Ask your man about his feelings

Is He Serious about You?

For example, he made you believe in his love, but it may transform into a temporal entertainment or a serious relationship in the future.  Moreover, there are men who lose their interest in women too quickly. Experts advise women to be more self-restrained when it comes to such men.

Your logic and observation can help you to define the intention he has. First of all, one should analyze his psychological readiness for serious relationships. Probably he is not mature enough and lady collection is his hobby. Just go away from such men as soon as possible unless you feel pity for him and want to save this person.

is he serious about youSerious men want more than a diversion with women. He won’t insist in sex with you after the first dates as he knows that you both have your entire life. He will never disappear for several days as he respects you, your interests, and views of life.

Other Woman

One of the most difficult situations is a love triangle when he can’t choose among between two women. Unfortunately women are victims in this case.  It’s very important to know whether a man wants to make a choice or not. As a rule a man who really loves you won’t continue any relationships with other women. But if he has some reasons to stay with both ladies, then the situation is rather difficult and it’s advisable to watch the behavior as far as shifty fellows need two women to be able to maneuver between them. The best way is to have a frank talk to clarify the situation.  After all, a woman could spend this precious time with someone who appreciates her!

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love triangle