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How to Perform Oral Sex and Give Your Man Unforgettable Pleasure

Rules of oral sex

Tips from an expert: how do you give unforgettable pleasure to a man with the help of oral sex?

Girls are often times too shy to discuss some topics even with the closest friends. The conversations about oral sex can cause even the most unabashed woman to blush. However, if you want to improve your technique, then the topic must be discussed. We asked an expert who really doesn’t have forbidden topics: Ekaterina Lyubimova (Russian sex-coach and founder of international net “Training-centre of SEX.RF”) what are the rules of oral sex.

30% of women have never performed oral sex in their life.


Many self-confident girls become very indecisive during conversations about oral sex. The following advice will help to get past this. So, what does it mean to perform oral sex properly.

  • Show a picture

For some girls, they worry that they will look ugly during oral sex and try choose posture themselves in a way that allows them to hide her face from a man’s eyes. This is a bad idea! The majority of men need to see the process from the best side. Moreover: men can obtain an orgasm only from your lips on his penis if you do everything right.


  • The sound of a process

The sounds a woman makes during oral sex are perceived by his auditory receptors like the engine of a new BMW’s. Your boyfriend will receive even more pleasure from your squish and moan. This helps the man to understand that you enjoy the process too.

  • No improvisation!

The active oral sex is unskilful oral sex. The motions you perform must be clearly and safely directed to certain erogenous areas.

  • Remember about top of penis

Such parts of the penis, as the top and cheeks, are losing their sensitivity during oral sex. Therefore, it is necessary to terminate the process by deep throat penetrating. Otherwise, man will stay without a final «volley».

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Girls have better memory and are better able to concentration with the regular practice of oral sex.

The list of taboo: what shouldn’t girls do during oral sex?

Oral sex is like a sacred ritual, therefore, the trust in a relationship with a partner can be interrupted wrongly because of one false move. Therefore, it is important to remember such things during oral sex…

what shouldn't girls do during oral sex

  • … show teeth

30 % of women believe, that it is possible to cause their partner with the help of teeth. The man will not be excited by a face with a twisted lips (remember that sexual partner must see your face during oral sex). Pull out any piercings that could be capable of giving unpleasant feelings to a sexual partner.

  • … demonstrate contempt

Men become extremely vulnerable at the moment you take his penis in your mouth! Therefore, leave any remarks about taste, smell, and other physiology nuances for discussion for other time and place.

  • … think about anything else

Men are extremely sensitive to women’s emotions during sex. Especially, oral sex! It is not a good idea to think about your budget for repairs of a flat or mentally choose your dress for a party: Be in the moment completely. Men will remember for a long time your happiness which you are demonstrating during oral sex.