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Scorpio Man: Sex, Desire and Women

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What distinguishes men of different signs of the zodiac? Who are their lovers? What does this man want to get from his woman? Today we will uncover the veil of secrecy and will tell you about the lovers born under the sign of Scorpio.

Representatives of Scorpio have a very ambiguous characterization in bed. Some prefer the sublime and selfless love, other – indulge in sordid and vicious inclinations. Among the Scorpions can be found both diligent family men, and desperate bachelors. The variety of personalities in this sign of the zodiac are represented most vividly.

Scorpio – Sex for Inspiration

Scorpions use sex not only in order to satisfy the physiological needs. Sexual energy is important for the strengthening of their social status, creative inspiration. No doubt, after a stormy night a true Scorpio will go do the finishing touches on his painting, or, at worst, finish writing a business plan.

This sign of the zodiac has practically erased the line between love and hate. Scorpions perfectly remember all the wrongs which were caused by a loved one, and thanks to the iron self-control, they can hide their true feelings in order to take revenge at the first opportunity. Literally everything, including a refusal can infuriate them. Scorpions often abandon their partners, not bothering to explain the reasons.

Scorpio - sex for inspirationNo matter how romantic a Scorpio is, you should know, his vicious inclinations always dominate. Their sexual preferences are constantly changing, transforming under the influence of the lived years and the gained experience. Scorpions can not stand monotony in bed, phlegmatic lover. If they have to live with a partner, indifferent to bed fun, they will definitely have an affair. Scorpios will be faithful only when they meet a partner that meets all their requirements. Then they will refuse all communication and flirtation with the opposite sex.

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Scorpios are reticent and they never put their feelings of jealousy in the window. They are self-confident. They do not even admit the thought that the partner can be unfaithful to them. They cause sexual addiction, because they know how to accurately identify feelings and secret desires of a loved one in bed. They like to experiment, to find new sources of sensual pleasure and enjoyment.

Despite such bright characteristic among the Scorpio there are personalities, indifferent to sex. Instead of indulging in pleasure, they prefer to direct all their sexual energy to the act of creation, job and business.

Lonely Scorpios can go without sex for a long time, and those who have a regular partner need regular sex. When they choose a partner, they prefer the single type. You can easily notice this, having learned much information about past relationships of Scorpions.

Scorpio man: sex, desire and womenSex, as the Facility of Achievement of the Purpose

From an early age Scorpios tend to the spiritual transformation and mystification of what is happening. Sex, for them, is a kind of mystical ritual. Because the sexual energy affects almost all areas of life of the Scorpion, they can not live without the sensual pleasures. Representatives of this sign are selfish. Even bringing their loved one pleasure, they pursue their own goals. Scorpions do everything in order to get the maximum pleasure. They provoke a partner to emancipation and they forced to do what they exactly want. They use a strong emotional connection to manipulate the loved one.

Those Scorpions, who have the base passions as prevailing, use sex as a means by which they can get what they want. Receiving and giving sensual pleasure they in the first place, manipulate the partner. Under such pressure anyone will do anything what Scorpio wants. Such people are easy to spot in a crowd – voice, movement, dress style is incredibly sexy and attract the eye of the opposite sex.

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Statistics say that it is difficult for Scorpios to maintain relationships throughout life. They often change partners, legally marry and file for divorce. Only those partners who will be patient, forgiving and wise, and above all, will not resist domination of the Scorpio, will be able to live with a Scorpio for life. If the partner understands that he can not satisfy all the sexual ambitions of a loved one, he should give the opportunity to Scorpios do it on the side. Any jealousy, mistrust, restrictions will only causes a storm of anger.

ScorpionsRecommendation to Partners of the Scorpio

There are a few rules in a relationship with a Scorpio. For starters, you have to accept the dominance in the relations with the representatives of this Zodiac sign. Any manifestation of control, restriction of personal freedom will lead to a cooling of relations, and further break. Do not be openly jealous, do not compare a loved one with previous partners. Do not flatter them, Scorpions accept only frank admiration.

It is dangerous to deny your loved one sex, especially if he or she belongs to the Zodiac sign Scorpio. Few failures and he will think about that, at least, to have someone on the side. What is interesting, it is easier to build a stable alliance with the people of mature age who know how to control their desires.

Scorpio manCompatibility with Other Signs of the Zodiac

The union will be good with Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn. A love relationship with Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Leo will be complicated by conflicts.

Secret relationships with Scorpios can continue throughout life. The stable union can be built, under the condition of the fulfillment of all recommendations of the communication with the Scorpions, mutual respect of partners from the first days of dating.