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Sex During Pregnancy

sex at pregnancy

The sexual appetite during pregnancy has some certain changes, but it doesn’t mean that you must stop intimate relations during this time. Pregnancy is the reason to open unusual sensations, try new postures and to get closer with a partner. Behavior of a pregnant woman is unpredictable. It depends on hormonal background and a range of causes, which increases or decreases sexual desires. Parents try to limit sexual contacts at this period, sometimes absolutely groundlessly. Let’s try together with the JustLady site to sort out such questions as: is it possible have sex during pregnancy? and do any prohibitions exist?

Sexual Appetite During Pregnancy

A range of reasons influence a woman’s sexual appetite during pregnancy. It is determined by features of her sexual life, behavior of a partner and activity which was usual before pregnancy. If a pregnant woman has stronger sexual desire, she will give birth to a boy and vise versa (by traditional signs). This, of course, isn’t scientifically confirmed.

Attitude toward sex during pregnancy passes several stages. Desire becomes weaker in the first trimester. Woman is paying attention to other problems because of toxicosis, bad emotional background and appearance of some physiological discomfort. Doctors don’t recommend having sex for the first month after conceiving. Fetus isn’t strong and intense contraction of uterus at orgasm may provoke miscarriage.

Sex during pregnancyThe second trimester becomes much easier for the woman. Nausea and poor general state disappear and a positive mood appears. Woman is wanting to receive support from her favorite person as ever. But small abdomen is hindering intimate caresses. Sex in this period must be regular because it influences a woman’s general health and fetus. Vagina is becoming more sensitive, clitoris enlarges, which helping to achieve brighter, stronger orgasm. It is not necessary to worry about the child. Fetus is protected by a muscle wall, water bladder and mucous stopper. Circulation of blood is providing a flow of supplemental oxygen to fetus.

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The sexual appetite becomes weaker in the third term because of several reasons. The big abdomen begins to impede physical proximity and the worries of upcoming childbirth influence on a woman. Anxiety and worry appears to the woman, which is not contributing to relaxation and intimate closeness. Problems are becoming more apparent toward future fathers: it is necessary to buy a carriage, a cot and prepare flat for an appearance of a new family member. It is better to abstain from it at all in last 3-4 weeks for couples which wanting have a sex during pregnancy. Oxytocin hormone (it is being secreted by a woman’s organism during genital arousal) stimulating uterine contractions, which may cause contractions and premature birth.

Sexual appetence during pregnancyWhat is Allowed? What is Prohibited?

It is possible to use any posture during pregnancy under the condition, that woman feels herself well. But, it is necessary exclude pressure on abdomen and great physical loads on woman. Such abdomen is restraining choice of postures, but provides a chance to try something unusual.

It is better choose postures with a minimum of loads on woman: “cowboy”, “spoons”, etc. Oral sex is a great addition. They will add to sex more variety. The main contraindication is  herpes on husband’s lip, which may influence bad on a weakened organism of a pregnant woman.

It is not necessary to use additional lubrication during sex at pregnancy. The body of a woman is secreting sufficient amount of estrogens which are preventing dryness of the vagina. If you need lubrication anyway, chose one with a glycerol foundation: it is safe for your baby.

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Sexual toys are the only things which a woman will have to abandon during pregnancy. Dildos, vibrators and vaginal balls mustn’t be used, because they may cause mechanical damages of vagina and uterine cervix.

Sex during pregnancy: what is allowedSex is prohibited in pregnancy, if:

  • doctors determined a low location of a placenta;
    • threat of pregnancy termination exists;
    • Bleeding or profuse secretions from vagina, leakage of amniotic fluid;
    • infectious diseases of a sexual partner.

It is recommended to restrict intimate petting in the case of pregnancy with twins and complete exclusion of sexual relations with unfamiliar sexual partners to avoid possible infections.