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SEX Like in the Movies: Hot Scenes Worthy of Practice!


12 Erotic Scenes from Popular Movies Which Inspire Passion

Winter evenings are outrageously long. Outside the window there is the darkness and the cold, at home – the protracted dinner at the TV and unjustified drowsiness. In order to turn the evening (or weekend) into a memorable one, we advise instead of over eating food and watching “Comedy Club”,  sex like in movies, preliminary organize a viewing of hot scenes. It is unlikely that you’ll risk offering something like this during the first date, but for those whose relations are close in all respects, movies with continuation will be guaranteed to bring up the degree of passion – even in the most severe frosts. Let’s choose the repertoire for an erotic rendezvous in the style of cinema masterpieces.


Needless to say, the duo Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas of 2001 looked hot. Today, however, Banderas is not really the same, and Jolie not only refuses to do erotica in a film, but she also announced the end of her acting career. We have to admire the early ardor of screen celestials in the record of the beginning of the century. Shots are worthy of repetition at home: the scene in a bathtub is full of erotic tenderness, and a two-minute visual aid of bed passion it’s interlacing of hands, interlacing of legs and realistic pantomime of mutual ecstasy.


BASIC INSTINCTThis is the case when the whole film can be pulled apart for quotes, which are worthy of imitation – as “Nine and 1/2 weeks” or “Wild Orchid.” The perfect plot for the exciting inspiration, full detailed scenes of sexual realization, the longest of which lasts about 4 minutes, and for those who wish to repeat it does not necessarily follow the classical sequence. Watching the head of Michael Douglas between the legs of young Sharon Stone, consciousness enters into the memory of a practical postulate: when indulging in oral sex, remember eye contact

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2011

Ladies like Lisbeth Salander, I met infrequently, and my familiar men, judging by the experience – even rarer. Hero (in the American version of the film, embossed Daniel Craig plays him), who is tired of bachelor wins and relationships without commitments, meets an active girlfriend. Miss Salander comes by the way to him – she is ready to be on top even in the most troubled times, openly telling their partner about their preferences. After reviewing a couple of scenes from the movie (for me, the Swedish version is better), offer your boyfriend the evening that you initiate- because you want to.


MONSTER'S BALLSex out of desperation (as heroes Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton) according to premises is similar to the desire to drink – is realized by two (or more – depending on the circumstances) people who want to distract themselves from the problems of a larger scale. At the same time experiencing a similar mood is optionally, and you can make one up of your own. For example: let us act as if we were the last uninfected characters of the series “Strain” (there is also a scene where sex took place), but there is no chance to stay alive until the morning. Guaranteed 100% – this will be an unforgettable evening.


Water element is able to add the romance in a relationship. Boat trip would not develop into more for a pair of Ryan Gosling – Rachel McAdams in “The Notebook,” if heavy rain does not intervene in the case. Starting with a passionate kisses on the jetty, the couple celebrated meeting after a long separation at the dinner table, and then allowed their passion to roam in all corners of the spacious house, restored in the name of love. Correct the script after a long separation – the expectation should always be rewarded.

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It is not necessary to wait for rain – if you prefer sex in the water, there are plenty of interesting options. Oral sex in the pool, followed by sexual intercourse in the style of unbridled mermaid awakes some pity to the handsome Kyle MacLachian — that and look, assertive Elizabeth Berkley inadvertently hurt him particularly important details. In real life aqua sex can be just as explosively – only about a blowjob under the water, there are serious doubts.


As they did not try, Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway were unable to portray on the screen sincere feelings. This movie is, rather, about the exercise for mutual satisfaction than about love – well, I do not believe in the passion between the characters, even kill! Nevertheless, the film teaches the main rule of sex: carpe diem. That is, do not hesitate – where, when and in what state of health, linen or a light. If you like an object, let go of your desire – anytime, anywhere.

MR. & MRS. SMITH 2007

MR. & MRS. SMITHThere is a popular joke: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not lucky – they represent no one during sex. The whole world knows that the actors celebrated on the glory of the beginning of their relationship – duet works in a combat melodrama “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” The most striking was the scene of the battle of the spouses to the total destruction of the house and to the envy of a passionate reconciliation. Tip: the full version enchanting fights Smith family was not included in the film, see it right here, or search the web for the best quality, it is worth it. And the recipe for the home adaptations: master the kitchen, the klondike useful surfaces and objects, which can be found ambiguous for use.


What always distracts in sex scenes with Ewan McGregor, is the impressive size of his dignity, which he does not hesitate to brag about in the shot. There is, in the film an inspiring cut where bisexual hero McGregor makes love with a beautiful Japanese woman, obsessed with calligraphy. And what a curious idea it is to cover with vague, but beautiful characters your partner and start a sexual relationship with your own creative object. Do not forget candles, the Tantric music and aromatic oils.

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Who really enjoys BDSM games and does not want to wait for the premiere of “Fifty Shades of Gray” we recommend reviewing the movie “Secretary” with James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal. The name of the hero with sadistic tendency is Mr. Gray – as well as the handsome Christian from the famous trilogy. And if you are willing to entrust the role of the dominant to your partner, persuade him to respond to the same surname: stable association in the role-playing game – the key to a luxurious final.

SHAME 2011

SHAME 2011Sexoholic Brandon (Michael Fassbender walking testosterone) invites a call girl to a hotel room, and without another word uses her services, turning his partner naked to a huge window. If the practice of exhibitionism attracts you, this scene in the stage adaptation is simple. We need only to beg from friends the keys from the studio on the 25th floor or get a hotel room – what is more right for new experiences.


The exciting choreography for two is a very exciting experience, which the duo Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey confirm. Romantic fantasy for fans to move to the beat does not require special skills, although some flexibility and a sense of rhythm does not interfere. Where and how the dance lesson will be over – talent or instinct prompt.  Most importantly, do not repeat the mistakes of Baby, by asking a post factum  stupid question: “Have you had many women?”