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Sex During Menstruation. Is it Possible to Get Pregnant During a Period?

sex during menstruation

Well, each female organism is an individual one and some deviations from a normal ovulation term are possible. Let’s learn more about this in details.

Sex During Menstruation

Everybody knows that it causes discomfort. If it’s about pregnancy then a pair doesn’t use a condom. Some people think that the reason is a passion. However, frequently, women have sex during their period as they are sure that it’s impossible to get pregnant within these days. Unfortunately, such statement is rather doubtful. Moreover, within this period the neck of uterus is half-opened, therefore a women may be infected by different pathogens.

Probability of Pregnancy

It’s known that pregnancy is possible in case a spermatozoon meets an egg cell. It may occur during the ovulation period only! Spermatozoa live in vagina for 7 days; the egg cell dies in 2 days. Therefore, a pair has fewer chances to conceive a child in case they have unprotected sex from time to time.

pregnant during the periodOvulation is the second period phase and it falls on the middle of a cycle. Thus, if a woman has 28 days cycle (from the first day of the last menstruation till the first day of the next one), then ovulation comes on the 14th day (2 days more or less) and it’s very easy to define a pregnancy probability. If a woman has menstruation more than 7 days a month, then it’s difficult to know the date of ovulation. In case a woman has short cycle (23-27 days), then a probability to become pregnant falls on the last days of period. Even if the ovulation comes on 11th day, spermatozoa are still alive within several days being in a female’s body, thus the ovulation is possible.

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However, it’s rather difficult to get pregnant on the first day of menstruation, even if a woman has a very short cycle. In this case spermatozoa are under adverse conditions, especially if discharges are profuse. On the other hand, few people have sex within this period. If someone claims that a pregnancy came on the first days of menstruation, then it is probably false. In fact she has been already pregnant at that time (2 weeks before the false menstruation). Moreover, bleeding is possible during the first weeks of the pregnancy.

to get pregnant after sex during menstruationAs to pregnancy probability on the first day after menstruation, the answer is positive. Besides, if menstruation lasts for 7 -8 days, a conception is quite possible.


A pair should use an effective contraception, but not rely on a calendar method to define days of a probable conception. If you want to have sex during menstruation, then use condoms.