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Ten kisses that would drive him crazy

kiss to drive a man

If you want to drive your man mad with pleasure it is enough to make your intimate life more varied with kisses.

Men love not only with their eyes but also with ears. So when you kiss your partner, accompany your caresses with sensual moans. These sounds do not just excite a man. It makes your lips tremble, further stimulating his erogenous zones.

A hint

Another way to make a man crazy is to give him a kiss with dry lips, but not on the lips. Slowly, almost touching, slide your lips over his face: forehead, temples and cheeks.

A hintThe thing is there is small, barely noticeable hair on the face. A gentle touch to it can arise pleasant feelings.


A kiss on the lips can also be unusual. How to kiss a man, to make him excited sooner? To do this, hold his lower lip between yours and gently pull towards yourself.

If at this time the man does the same with your upper lip, the desired effect will be achieved faster.

Palate is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. So next time while kissing swipe with your tongue several times along his palate.

Some men claim that it can awaken sexual desire in them.classic kiss

Contrasting kiss

Give your man contrasting kisses. To do this, pour a glass of cold water, and another one of some sort of the hot drink (coffee or tea). Take a small sip of the hot drink and touch your lips to the man’s wrist.

After giving a few “hot” kisses, took a sip of cold water and then go back to kissing him. Such contrasting caresses will impress the man even more if he would be blindfolded.

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His erogenous zones


Slowly slide your lips around his ear, barely touching the edge of it. It will awaken his sensuality and sensitivity.

Then gently hold the earlobe with your lips carefully pull it towards you. It is necessary to activate the nerve endings in the ear. Do not forget that the ears are one of the male erogenous zones.kiss his ears


It is another one extremely sensitive area. Many consider a kiss on the neck an open expression of sexual desire.

To arouse a man, you should kiss sides of his neck, starting from the ear and going down. In this case you can use not only kisses but also light pinching with lips and biting.


Nipples are exclusively female erogenous zone? No. Male nipples are also very sensitive.

kiss his neckYou can caress them both with a tense tip of his tongue or with a relaxed tongue. Surveys show that such caresses bring a lot of pleasure to most men.


If you think that kissing his hands would not be arousing, then you are wrong. Touch the tip of your tongue to the skin between his fingers and slowly slide it to the tip of a finger.

The man would shudder with excitement as this area, as well as the ears, is very sensitive. At the end gently squeeze the tip of his finger with your lips.

Secret “buttons”


There is an extremely sensitive area between the man’s navel and the genitals. Pay special attention to it just before sex.

A few gentle, but quite passionate kisses in this zone would turn him on in seconds. But do not rush to go further down: pay attention to this place for a few minutes.kiss his belly

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If your man likes to receive massage, he definitely will enjoy this unusual massage with the help of your tongue. Let your man lie on his stomach.

Come up behind him and touch your lips to his nape. Then slowly cover his spine with kisses , as well as the area on the right and left of it, gradually descending lower and lower.

While massage with hands relaxes, massage the tongue, on the contrary, is arousing.


Women believe that men do not like foreplay. But this is not true. Another way to drive a man crazy is to caress the skin of his legs from knees to hips.

Sit in front of the man on your heels and glide your tongue with slow, gentle movements on his skin above knees, gradually going upwards.kiss


There are a lot of nerve endings in the knees area , which is why people often are ticklish in this place. A hollow under the knee is especially sensitive. Caress this area with the tip of your tongue, accompanying the kisses with deep and slow breathing.