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The Best Postures for Conceiving a Child

Recommendations for pregnancy planning

Do you think, that children are the flowers of life and it is due time for you to raise them? Women’s magazine JustLady will tell readers about accelerating this process. The formula is simple: to become pregnant the natural way, first you need have sex with a man, considering several factors which influence the result. If you have been trying for months without success to get a positive pregnancy test these tips might help you. There is nothing complex: it necessary only to pay attention to postures which are used during sex with your husband. Conceiving is a long-awaited result, which depends on intimacy amount and even on a posture. Of cause, woman may become pregnant in any posture. But, if married couple dreams about a fetus of their love, they may help themselves and desirable event will occur more rapidly. We will talk about the best postures for conceiving of a child.

How Often and When

It is recommended to future parents to keep a regular sexual schedule: one time per two days. The best time is over 5 days before ovulation and 1 day afterwards. You have to note favorable days for conceiving in notebook. The best time for sex is high activity of spermatozoa: nearly 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

The mandatory condition is do what you like. If some postures for a conceiving of a child don’t bring any pleasure to you, don’t use them. You must not be nervous, because stress is the first enemy during pregnancy planning. Sexual desire will be lost because of stress. Chances for conceiving will diminish. Don’t hurry up and don’t perceive sex as necessary work. JustLady  doesn’t recommend you apply artificial lubricant because they contain substances that destroy sperm or inhibit their advance.postures for a conceiving

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The Best Postures for Conceiving

The main advice about the best postures for conceiving are based on the simplest laws of physics. For example, everybody knows the law of gravity. Renounce from postures where sperm will flow out. Your task is that more sperm would receive a possibility, or fighting chance, for a domination. Sperm will flow out in postures where the woman is on top. It will reduce chances for sperm to accomplish their duty.

So which postures must be chosen? Any postures will be suitable, which give chance to sperm to easily get into uterus and continue way to an ovum. Others are not excluded, but penis and uterus must be closeness at ejaculation. It will significantly increase chances for conceiving. “Woman from below” is one of the most popular postures for conceiving. “Man back from a woman” is one another posture helping a woman to become pregnant. Woman may lie awry or kneel.

So, the best postures for conceiving, when sperm will not flow out after completion of intimacy.

The best postures for conceiving of childBy the way, you may increase chances for successful and quick conceiving, if you know about your physiological features. For example, some women have bending of uterus, other women may have cervix higher than uterus. Genicular-ulnar posture is the first case. Woman on back, man up is the second one.

Traditional superstitions can be given into an example. They are not scientifically proven, but still…. There are some rumors: girls appear after classic posture, boys appear after genicular-ulnar posture.

What Should Be Done After Sex

Rest, relax, hug husband, because it is the best time for caresses and romantic conversations. Don’t run immediately to a bath, but rest with a favorite person for half an hour. Some women take posture of a “birch” to “point” sperm after sex. But it seems true nonsense. You want to relax, but you don’t want stand up on head or raise legs to ceiling. Majority of women don’t have an acrobatic stretch, therefore such postures can cause a backache. It is better put a pillow under your buttocks, if you want to help sperm in their great race.

  • The best postures for conceiving with consideration of physiological features

  • If you have inflammation of ovaries, so uterus can be turned. In this case lie on the side where uterus is turned.
    • If the uterus is located normally, put a pillow under your buttocks, press knees to your breast and raise legs.
    • It is desirable to lie on stomach, if uterus folds back.
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conceiving of childWhat is Not Recommended at Pregnancy Planning?

It is not a good idea to have sex in a hot bathroom, especially in bath. Pool is not the best place for sex either. It will be much more complex for you to achieve aim.

Finally, and most importantly, it is understandable that you dream about baby and direct all your efforts for it. However, don’t think about these postures too much, because you have sex with a favorite person, but you don’t fulfill a working plan. Take pleasure from sex with your husband, any postures you choose for conceiving of a child. You want to conceive a child with only positive emotions, don’t you? It will be better for you and your future baby and your relations will be more tender and sincere!pregnancy planning