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Frank Information of the Hair Removal From Intimate Places.

remove hair from intimate area


It is believed that women are very talkative. They trust their friends with the secrets of their first love, the current heart preferences and even the pin code of a credit card. But the discussion of intimate hair removal can be considered as a real recognition of closeness.

Here is a delicate question which affects not only the appearance of a woman, but also her health. And if a girlfriend has shared a personal phone number of her cosmetologist, we can assume that their friendship is strong and unshakable. For those who have not yet had time to get the coordinates of a checked salon or for those who have not decided to discuss some intimate questions with a friend, we propose our own investigation in the case of intimate hair removal.

intimate hair removalWe must admit that intimate hair removal has been around for a long time. Women loved to torture themselves in Ancient Greece. However, historians argue that there was neither the cosmetic wax nor epilator in those days therefore, we could only sympathize with the Greeks. In the 21st century, the challenge in so much choice is that there are a lot of methods of hair removal and it is incredibly difficult to decide which of them is better. Instead of having a competition between the various methods we have prepared a small review, which we think will help women to make the right choice.

Epilation or Depilation: What is the Difference?

Undoubtedly, every woman knows the difference between epilation and depilation. But you will agree that it is impossible to write a full review of the methods of hair removal in the delicate places without a definition of these two concepts.

So, depilation – it is getting rid of the visible part of the hair. Hair follicles are not affected. This could include the traditional shaving and hair removal by means of chemical creams. The advantages of such procedures are that they are painless, and they are fast. The disadvantage is the need to depilation every time the hair starts to grow. And they grow rapidly. In addition, bring a lot of discomfort during this growth process. Of course, we can not say that depilation is a bad method, but women used to do it in the last century. Today, girls solve the issue of excess hair more crucially, using more modern means.

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The hair removal of the intimate placesEpilation it is a removal of hair from the root. This method helps to get rid of the hair for a longer period. In addition, it allows you to remove the hair cleaner, while the depilation often leaves behind a so-called “hedgehog.”

 Variety of Intimate Haircuts

Did our grandmothers think that someday women will cut pictures into our pubic hairs? Probably they, in contrast to the modern fashionable women would burn with shame, knowing that they will have to undress in front of an intimate barber. And for us it is – another reason to raise the self-esteem. It is frightening to think what means of the lifting the mood our grandchildren will use. But we will not be distracted. Let’s get back to talking about the kinds of intimate hair removal.

  1. Hollywood hair removal (it is the same that Brazilian and Sphinx). Here area of the intimate places is completely shaved.
  2. French hair removal (Mohawk or Brazilian flight strip). The hair in the area of intimate areas is removed at the edges. And in the middle of the pubis there is hair in the form of a strip.
  3. Brazilian triangle. In the middle, as you may have guessed, there is a small triangle with long hair no more than 5 millimeters.
  4. Here it is permissible to draw a picture or write inscriptions on the pubic. On the whole – to express yourselves in full measure. Just do not forget that only a few people could see your way of expression, so try to do freestyle at the time of your husband’s return from a business trip, but not on the day when he had just left.Variety of intimate haircuts

Methods of Hair Removal

  • Wax epilation (waxing)

Here the hair of the intimate area is removed with hot wax, which is heated on a water bath and applied on the body with a spatula. After that zones with wax are covered with the special strips, which then with a force break away from the body along with the unwanted hair. It is not recommended to do this procedure yourself at home (This is not a mechanical depilation, when you need to shave legs with a razor). Firstly, you can be burnt with wax. Secondly, the area of intimate places is very sensitive, and injure them is simple enough. So do not risk it!

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After waxing the surface of the treated places should be lubricated with a soothing agent, and as lingerie can be worn only shorts made of natural fabrics. Synthetics will be an additional stimulus, so remove fishnet panties in a locker for a week.

  • Electrical epilation

This is a perfect example of how intimate hair removal can be performed at home. Using the usual epilator. But and here there is, as you know, mass of contraindications. Firstly, the epilator should be designed to remove the hair in the area of intimate places. Secondly, before the procedure it is necessary:Electrical epilation

  1. Cut your hair up to 1 cm.
  2. You should steam out well.
  3. Skin in the area intimate places must be dry and disinfected.

Only after that can you do the hair removal. And it could be made only in the area of the pubis. It is better not touch the labia. And if it is extremely necessary to shave for you absolutely all the hair, use ordinary razor. Where the epilator is unable to cope, the mechanical depilation would be very to the point.

  • Electroepilation

The name of the procedure sounds almost more dangerous than its description. During electroepilation a thin needle is inserted into the hair follicle, and the discharge of electrical current is supplied through it, under the influence of this current hair root is destroyed. On the one hand such a method is good since it removes hair of any length and thickness. But unfortunately, after electroepilation, scars are left on the body of many women. And the procedure is quite painful, so not every girl can handle doing it.

  • Laser and photoepilation

Why do we have combined two different methods of hair removal? Because both of the means are based on the principle of the exposure of skin with the light flux. Only during the photoepilation this happens with the help of the flash lamp and the laser hair removal removes unwanted hair thanks to the intervention of the laser. It must be admitted that both of these methods are effective, especially if you are the owner of dark hair. Blondes have to do many more procedures, as the light hair (according to scientists) contains less melanin. In all fairness it should be noted that the question of the hair removal is less acute for the blondes because the hair is thinner and grows much slower than the usual dark hair. Therefore, the standard mechanical depilation or waxing can help blondes to get rid of the problem not worse than the newfangled laser procedures.Laser and photoepilation

  • Enzymatic epilation

This hair removal is carried out using infrared heat and enzymes – specific active agents, which include drugs such as papain, trypsin and chymotrypsin. You will need to do this procedure several times, as under the influence of enzymes the hair follicles are destroyed gradually. But if you spend enzyme epilation regularly, soon the question of the removal of hair will disappear by itself. Hair simply will cease to grow. And this, agree, is quite a significant plus.

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Which way of the intimate hair removal would you choose? We advise you not to forget the sense of proportion, and your own health. Remember that too frequent treatments can lead to irreversible processes. Plus everything you should entrust such a delicate area to only a proven master. So before you sign up for an intimate hair removal, try some other treatments performed by a selected beautician. Did she cope? Then you can come up with a new design, which captured the imagination of your main man.