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The Lessons of Refined Seduction, or the Art of Geisha


In the movie “Memoirs of a Geisha,” one of the characters says: “Geisha is neither courtesans nor wives, they sell their art, rather than the body. They create another, undercover world where beauty reigns. The word “geisha” itself means mistress. Being a geisha means to be a living work of art”… Yeah these mistresses are able to seduce.

Deliberate sexuality today is no longer an astonishment, and even more so to catch that right in the heart and for a long time. Nowadays it is difficult to find a film without explicit scenes, a video without a half naked singer, and advertising without a hint of candor. And the humor on stage, by the way, more and more hits below the belt. And how the usual modern woman, with all the abundance of candor and lack of inhibitions, can remain an excellent lover and at the time not be infected with vulgarity? Here is who could teach the art of seduction, she is the most mysterious woman in the world – geisha!

Exactly they have arcane secrets of the conquest of men’s hearts with only one eye. Exactly they are the custodians of the oldest and probably the most chaste art of seduction, a lot of legends are composed, a lot of movies are filmed exactly about them and exactly they are still considered as the model of sexuality and femininity. Where are secrets of this magical attraction of the geisha concealed?

What is the art of seductionAll of them are concluded in their daily, painstaking and hard work on yourself, creative and intellectual development. Being a geisha is a real craft, which the girls learned from their childhood. But the center has always been a Man (namely with a capital letter). Geisha is able not only to seduce, but also to respect, to listen, to support any conversation, to admire, to take care, to conquer with a talent, to entertain, to excite and to intrigue. No wonder that they literally can subjugate men, penetrate into the most hidden corners of their souls and stay there for a long time. Maybe we also could get through the lessons in the school of geishas and try to understand the ancient art?

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First Lesson. Psychology

The real geisha is fluent in the science of the psychology. She knows how to listen attentively, to guess the mood to indulge elegantly masculine weakness, she is able to calm any storm of emotions, always showing the true female wisdom and flexibility. Therefore, we should namely learn that necessary and important feminine qualities. Men’s initiatives and interests should be supported, and get what you want not with drama and tears but with wisdom. So lesson one is to purchase the necessary literature in psychology and strongly absorb intelligent knowledge for the benefit of loving understanding.

Lesson Two. Development of Creative Potential

How to become a real geisha?Every morning of a geisha does not begin with a cup of coffee and sitting on the Internet about an hour, but with the developing knowledge and lessons. Geisha learned to dance, paint and play musical instruments. After all, a man is always conquered with the talent, although he never realizes that behind the skilled ability are grueling training and persistent classes. It’s time for us to forget the lazy lying in bed and do something really useful.

Do you dream to lose a few pounds – sign up for fitness, do you want to conquer a man with dance – dance studio doors are always open. The main trump card of a Geisha is not rhinestones on clothing of world brands and frank night gowns, but her talents, which can manifest in the most unexpected situations and apply well-aimed blows to a man’s heart.

Lesson Three. Speech Technology

geishaGeisha dedicate a lot of time training their speech. And here it is important not only to learn exactly what to say, but also how to say it. Soft, mesmerizing tone, almost a quiet purr – such voice beckons the man, like Serena’s sea song. We modern temptress perhaps do not have to sing our voice with a vocal coach the long winter evenings, but to get rid of rough, unattractive word-parasites will be exactly helpful. And if you are not confident in your tone, then record the various options on the tape recorder and listen to a few times. Of course, the voice on the film always seems distorted, but the right cattone by this a simple way you can find without difficulty.

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Lesson Four. Art of Love.

Contrary to popular belief, geisha art was not directed at all to the seduction of men. Geisha – is not a girl for one night. Those lucky ones who have access to the body of this artful seductress had to also conquer the geisha herself, instead they actually bought themselves a long-term mistress. An experienced geisha knew all the intricacies of the art of love, and the man could open new horizons previously unknown pleasures. Therefore, our task is to learn to feel your body and skillfully master the art of erotic caresses. To do this, you should not watch porn and emulate cinematic strippers. Take into service, proven Kegel exercises to tone the pelvic floor muscles. How to make them can be found everywhere – in books and on the Internet. They are very simple, and they allow you to train the muscles even at work, even in the subway, even in line at the store. The effect of such training shakes off more than a dozen years, not only for women but also men, literally opening up a new frontier of sexual pleasure. The main lessons of men seduction

Lesson Five. Harmony

But the main secret of geishas is concluded in harmony. All that they do what they say and touch – just exudes naturalness. There is no artifice, just art. A man creates an overall impression that you already were born with all this secret beauty and talent. Create around you the world of perfect harmony – that is the highest skill of a Geisha.

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