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The Rules of Erotic Massage: for Women and Men

erotic massage: for women and men

The sexual pleasures are not created only by sex. Erotic massage is a special type of pleasure including intimate caresses, massage and contemplation of the body’s beauty.

Such massage is a kind of game with touches, strokings and kisses. Treatises were created on a base of this art in Ancient Egypt, India, China and Japan.

The quality erotic massage may give as much pleasure as sex. Of course, if your favorite person is giving this massage. It is not necessary to have special courses to do this (but such courses also exist).

What is it For?

The main purpose of an erotic massage is not excitation but relaxation.

Such a massage has positive effect on 
sexual energy, a harmony of feelings and helps familiarize each other with erogenous zones. It arouses new sexual feelings and improves relations between sexual partners.

General Principles

These principles are important during fulfilment of an erotic massage for men and women.

It may seem paradoxical, but it is necessary communicate during erotic massage. You may discuss your feelings and talk about love.

erotic massage for womenCreate special ambiance for this. Attributes of a special ambiance: complete relaxation, switching off mobile phones, subdued light, quiet music and aromatic candles. Room must be warm to concentrate on process.

It is better to use a cream with natural ingredients. A strong smell may hinder the process. Orange, patchouli, cinnamon, bergamot, a jasmine, fleur-de-lis, tuberose and ylang-ylang are the best aromatic oils for this.

A sexual partner must be in a relaxed state. It is better to have an aromatic bath before the message.

It is necessary to gradually increase intensity of movement during massage. Start from soft circular touches, warming up skin and terminate massage with active movings (“knead dough”, tweak).  Vibration, massage with a help of fingers, nails, lips or hot breath are other motions, which can be used in an erotic massage. Massage with a help of own body is a special art. It is possible touch sexual partner using all parts of your body and create “friction” or use also feathers, pieces of fur, soft silk, velvet.

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Participants of erotic massage must be naked. Woman may put on something light on her naked body.

For Men

First of all, let’s talk about men’s most sensitive places: buttocks, interior of thighs, deepening under knees, nipples and skin encircling them, fingers of hands and toes, nape, coccyx, area of abdomen between navel and pubis. Of course, the special individual zones, which are known by you or him.

It is possible to use such a scheme as basis (for sexual partners of both sexes).

Start from a massage of hands and legs. It relaxes, removes tension of muscles, tiredness, reinforces blood flow. Limbs have a lot of sensitive points! Some men have erogenous zones in fingers of hands and foot, therefore give attention to each finger. Palms must be massaged by circular motions of fist’s knuckles, foot and pads of thumb.

You may massage back after limbs. Start with soft strokings, increasing pressure on skin. Massage spine (from the beginning to the end) with a help of knuckle or pad of forefinger, descending from the neck to sacrum. Men have erogenous zone between shoulder-blades, so give attention to this zone.

Buttocks are logical continuation of back massage. Use rhythmic flapping movements, than strokes and pushes (with help of fists). It is possible to use petrissages after previous actions.

Descend lower. Massage rear surfaces of legs. At first, you can squeeze each leg of sexual partner with a help of both palms and move by them up and down. Second, use petrissages, “chopping” movements by rear and interior parts of thigh and pulling of skin movements with a help of palms.

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It is now time to “turn over a sexual partner”. Abdomen and breast will be massaged. The major movements are strokes and kisses. Nipples get special attention. Of course, nipples of men are not as sensitive as women’s. But he stands so that the tongue would be relaxed during this pleasant show lest the man get any painful or unpleasant feelings.

Attention! Men have erogenous zone in abdomen, which situates slightly lower than navel.

Massage of genitals is a logical continuation. It is not necessary do everything intensively, if you don’t want to have sex. Penis must be exposed only by gentle touches.

There are special practices for these zones, which were theorized by taoist monks. In the opinion of modern Indian scientists. Such massage contributes to improving blood supplying to genitals and improves their “operability.” It also influences volume and quality of sperm, stimulates production of testosterone. It influences well also on digestive system, mentality and immunity.

Woman Nuances

The erotic massage for ladies doesn’t differ too much in many principles from a massage for men. It is possible use even the same scheme. But, there are some features and intimate zones are not only reason.

erotic massageThe erogenous zones of woman: breast, hair, toes (as at man), sides, hands, abdomen, (especially, its bottom part), buttocks, external and internal surfaces of thighs. Somebody has erogenous zone in knees.

It is necessary to give special attention, to sides and waist, massaging back. Abdomen must be messaged after previous actions.

Breasts need special massage: it is necessary to give special attention to it, because women’s breast are more sensitive than men’s. But man must be more careful. He must avoid unpleasant sensations. The sexual partner must stroke breast with the help of circular motions and take accurately by lips. Everything must be done without special pressure and fanaticism. It is necessary make accent on place of under breast.

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Massage of intimate places is very important. Man must make smooth and rhythmic movements with the help of fingers and push more intensly on the most sensitive places. Such caresses can be used for the famous G spot: place on the anterior wall under the pubic bone.

Erotic massage is a special art. Sexual partners have to know theory and use their fantasies. You will approach perfection in intimate life if you practice erotic massage more often.