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Tips to Turn Your Man On

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If you notice that a man’s look in his eyes changes suddenly or he feels nervous while talking to you, trying to avoid your eyes, then you should know that you’ve probably turned on your man by using some phrase unintentionally.

Sometimes we can drive somebody mad by saying something. At times we make every effort to arouse a man, but we just waist our time. Such cool reaction is a norm if you hinder him in football or Formula 1 watching.

Unfortunately, you won’t reach any result in this case. However, if your man doesn’t respond to being in the mood for playing with you, then you are doing something wrong. So, what are the words we should say to arouse a man?How to turn a man

 Phrases to Turn Men On

The main secret is to use simple wording with passion, open – hearted, a bit absurd and naive phrases. Or you can launch sexual mechanism of men by means of vulgar, angry and even obscene words.

However, all men are different. That’s why each one requires a specific phrase to be excited in an appropriate moment. Otherwise, all these phrases may cause laughter or irritation.

So, when should you use these phrases? An appropriate moment is not just some specific time, but a period a woman feels absolutely free, she isn’t shy. Moreover, she is emancipated. You may think it is so difficult to be relaxed at this moment, however sexual life is worthy of it!

You have to speak calmly, a bit in a whisper or maybe in a load voice. But the phrases you pronounce have to be concrete and organic.

It is known that women’s timbre of voice has a deadly effect! Or at least it is better than unnatural moans. The words should have sexual implication first of all.

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For example we say: “How beautiful your fingers are! You should play the piano!” Some men will probably hear a piquant hint to fondle a woman’s body!

If you tell a man to do some work, he may think you are asking him to have sex with you. Well, don’t be surprised if your partner’s speech became scrambled and he is looking with blurred eyes. You just pronounced ambiguous words.

sexual topicsUse words and phrases you want to pronounce at this moment. Everything depends on a reaction you want to get as a result. But be careful, as some men need vulgar tone, the others like chaste one.

Besides, a certain group of men adore hearing abusive language. In this case you will need to make up a list of needed words to turn on such man. However, some ladies believe that it is enough to tell their partners about underwear or how good he is in bed and it’s in the bag. Well some people will think you hint to buy new underwear or just flatter.

So, if you intend to arouse a man, using some certain phrases, you need to know his character features and preferences. On the whole, men prefer the next sexual topics to talk about.

Topics to Excite Men

If you can’t choose a topic to talk about, you can make a little experiment. Start telling your partner wanton phrases on different topics and watch his reaction. If you noticed some changes on his face, then you hit the mark!

Here is a list of the most effective topics:

  1. Praise of physical advantages. Men like to hear about their strength, muscles, good buttocks or even penis they are proud of… Well, it’s up to you to decide what exactly you want to accentuate. Remember, that your words should be sincere with true delight. Otherwise, he can notice that something is wrong since you don’t speak openly.
  1. Start talking about last or forthcoming intimacy, your secrets, and desires. Remind him how much you liked last sex with him or dream together, for example: Honey, imagine we are on a beach alone and you take off my swimsuit and I’m thrilled with your touch.
  1. Frivolous fantasies. Dream aloud of everything you’ve ever wanted:  sex positions, sex in public, role playing and so on. Keep watching partner’s reaction during this conversation as he should like the things you are talking about.  Otherwise, such improvisation may case irritation and puzzlement.sexual words
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Choose appropriate words, according to his preferences and mood. Each person interprets some phrase in his own way. One may be excited, the other probably feel shy to take part in such conversation.

Some people prefer talking about intimacy in details. Another group of people feel awkward. All they need is a simple phrase: ”I like to hear your heart beating so much!”

Try to use dialogues in a conversation. However, if you or your partner prefers to remain silent, it’s ok!

Another advice is insinuation of some vulgar phrases in public…Such situation will definitely arouse your partner if he has good imagination.

Roughness is rather effective method to turn on a man. If you want to check it, then act as a hysteric woman, cry, be rude within reasonable limits of course.

Sexologists think that an infuriated woman with flaring eyes and high-raised bosom can arouse men incredibly.

Thus, even the most neutral words can make your man excited. The main point is to add some sexual underlying meaning.

Words to arouse men

Use these words to satisfy your man’s ear:

  • delight;
  • rush;
  • bed;
  • body;
  • desire;
  • passion;
  • satisfaction;
  • heavenly joy;
  • wish;
  • excitement.

This is a short list of typical sexual words to be able to inflame feelings. You can say them in the next way:

  1. Should I be obsessive about my career if there are so many things to afford me pleasure?
  2. I pay proper attention to my body. Most of all I prefer a massage since I groom and take care of my body.
  3. I wish our desires were passionate!
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sexual phrasesWhen your relations are not so serious, you can use dubious combination of words in a simple conversation. For example, a man invites you to go to a party and you answer: This idea doesn’t turn me on.

If you had sex with a partner several times, then use more outspoken phrases, such as: “I know you want me. I can see it in your eye.” “I want you to fondle my body!” “I can’t forget our last sex. I want to feel pleasure with you once again.”

Young women should remember that is not out of place to use frivolous phrases on the first days of acquaintance.

Unfortunately, only few women are experts in having an intimate conversation. We advise you to master this skill so you can easily pronounce rather vulgar phrases in a certain situation. Start practicing simple expressions, like: “I like to kiss your shoulders; I need to feel the warmth of your hands”.

When you start a more frank conversation, it’s time to replace such phrases with sexual groan to excite a man even greater.