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Training Vagina Muscles

exercise of vaginal muscles

Vumbuilding it is a set of exercises for intimate muscles. This complex helps to successfully treat urinary incontinence, infantilism and laxity in intimate muscles and is held as a good preparation for childbirth and postpartum recovery. The vumbuilding exercises are very simple, easy to remember and to perform. Let’s consider the most common ones.

Exercises For Vagina Muscles

  • The First Exercise

Try during urination several times to interrupt and delay urine. This is done using the input vaginal muscles which need to train in the first place. Then (and not only at the time of urination) during the day it is necessary to perform about twenty times the exercise “tightening-hold”. You need to draw in the input muscles and to compress with maximum force. We keep them in a state of stress of ten seconds. Gradually, this time is brought up to five minutes. Breathe evenly and do not hold your breath. Do these exercises for the muscles of the vagina while sitting, standing and lying. If you execute them just sitting, it would be difficult to include these muscles in work at the supine position, during childbirth.vagina muscles

  • The Second Exercise

This exercise will help us during bearing-down. For its fulfillment it is necessary to compress the muscles of the anal sphincter and input vaginal muscles alternately. We strain and relax quickly the sphincter muscles, and then, the same perform with vaginal muscles. This exercise should be done 15-20 times daily.

Then the training of the muscles of the vagina is carried out simultaneously with the training of breathing. This is done as follows: exhalation, breath-holding, compressing the muscles of the vagina, breath (vaginal muscles are tense). Then exhale and relax them. Repeat the whole complex of activities with sphincter.

  • The Third Exercise

This exercise for the muscles of the vagina can be performed during sexual intercourse. For its conduct it is necessary to imagine that we have to push something out of ourselves through intimate muscles. By doing this exercise, it is important to feel the difference between the internal and input muscles. This enjoyable exercise gives pleasure to both partners, but it is optional to involve spouse in such details.

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“Sports equipment” from the specialized sex shop can be used for this exercise. First, it is a little hard to feel how the muscles work, but with the help of a foreign object it will be easier to feel. Let’s start doing this exercise five times a day, eventually increasing to fifteen times.Training of the vagina muscles

  • The Fourth Exercise

By exercising the muscles of the abdomen and inner thighs, at the same time we are strengthening the intimate muscles.

To make it, we have to stay and put hands on our waist. Feet shoulder width apart, toes turned sideways. Slowly squat, bending your knees apart. We need to squat as low as possible. We linger in that position for ten seconds and slowly rise up. We feel like our muscles tense and relax. Do this exercise for the muscles of the vagina from three up to seven times.

Such exercise of vaginal muscles may also consist of a separate exercise, but it will be more effective in the complex.

Training Vaginal Muscles for Successful Delivery

We’re well aware that we need to stretch or and relax the vaginal muscles. And now we find out what is necessary to know how to regulate them. This will help to understand how to behave properly and to carry out what the obstetrician says a mother must do during childbirth. Pain during labor is enhanced if vaginal muscles involuntarily tense up, thereby creating difficulties for the opening of the cervix. Therefore, during labor it is necessary to try to relax as much as possible and do not strain your muscles. Relaxation reduces pain, shortens the birth pains and helps the fuller opening of the cervix.

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To reduce pain distracting action is always used, so switching attention to the relaxation of muscles helps us to not focus on the pain.

It is very dangerous to make an effort at a time when bearing-down and pain is already beginning, but the birth contractions have not ended yet.

How to train the muscles of the vaginaThis period lasts for about five to ten minutes, and at this time it is impossible to strain the sphincter and vaginal muscles, to avoid tearing of the cervix. As soon as the obstetrician will tell you that you can make an effort, you need to make a sharp deep breath, took a deep maximum amount of air. And then you have to hold your breath for a few seconds, squeezing muscles. You must push on the exhale the air as if through the vagina and to unclench the muscles as much as possible. You should not strain them between the contractions.

As soon as the baby’s head appears, an obstetrician-gynecologist will ask the woman in childbirth to no longer make an effort or make a little but on command, to prevent rupture of the perineum. If nevertheless you have not managed to avoid ruptures, you should try not to strain while the obstetrician puts in stitches. You will not hurt so much, and it will be easier for the doctor to put in the stitches.

After delivery sometimes the sensitivity of muscles permanently is lost. Therefore, the earlier the training the muscles of the vagina  start, the faster the recovery will begin.

If sensitivity does not appear, please consult your gynecologist. Sometimes too quick of labor causes numerous ruptures. And because of the needed stitches, muscle recovery is prolonged.

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In any case, training the muscles of the vagina is useful for women’s health. You should renew it, after consulting with your doctor as soon as possible.