Over the last quarter century, Vera Wang’s name has become a symbol of the wedding fashion, therefore, making her one of the greatest designers ever. More celebrities get married in her dresses than in any other brand, hence, her great appeal. Studies  the phenomenon of Vera Wang`s popularity through her iconic designs and the revolutionary inventions of the designer.

Vera Wang`s fashion career is one of the most fascinating and long-lasting at the fashion Olympus. She has already made it into the history of fashion. She is one of the most influential designers of the late 20th – early 21st centuries. At the age of 65, Vera is still at the peak of popularity. Her shows in New York International Bridal Weeks is one of the most anticipated and innovative.

Vera Wang’s debut in the bridal fashion arena took place in 1990, after 17 years of work as an editor in the Vogue fashion magazine, she opened her first flagship boutique at the Carlyle Hotel on Madison Avenue in New York City.

Classic Collection by Vera Wang

Many critics associated Vera Wang’s success with the ability of the designer to combine successfully fashionable trends with the classic idea of a wedding dress. Designer’s base their designs to give women more freedom. Freedom to show their personality and, therefore, at the same time, rely on their sensuality and beauty.Classic Collection by Vera Wang

Spring-Summer Collection 2010 by Vera Wang

Vera has a special passion for accentuating feminine curves with mermaid dresses and lush royal designs. Ball dresses and fitted silhouettes are literary in every collection of Vera Wang.Vera-Wang-Spring-Summer-2010

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Spring-Summer Collection 2014 by Vera Wang

Multilayer designs and the use of lightweight fabrics like tulle, lace, chiffon and organza in different combinations are the recognizable designer’s style attributes. Which, as a result, were probably copied by many manufacturers. She plays on the differences of textures and forms, leaving slightly sloppy raw edges, prefers unevenness and uses applications and flowers.

Colour chooses occupy a special place in Vera Wang inventory. Each collection comes in a specific color concept, and the bride can always order the catwalk image of a classical white version or a shade of ivory.Vera Wang Spring Summer 2014

Smoky and peach colors have become the main designer’s discoveries in 2011. Vera Wang,as a result, was a great hit!

2011/2012 Autumn-winter Collection by Vera Wang

Truly revolutionary was the autumn-winter 2012/2013 collection, in black and body-beige colours. Yet, Vera Wang somehow makes it work.Vera Wang winter 2011

2012/2013 Autumn-winter Collection by Vera Wang

Spring-Summer Collection 2013 by Vera Wang is blood red and wine shades. Probably, one of her best shows yet.Vera Wang winter 2013

Spring-Summer Collection: 2013 by Vera Wang

The fashion press has favourably taken the autumn-winter Collection 2013/2014 performed completely in sweet powdery-pink shades… Finally, a collection for the girl’s girl! Vera Wang Spring Summer 2013

Winter Collection: 2013/2014 by Vera Wang

In the latest collection of Vera Wang there are only white dresses, with dominating Gothic images and ideas of decadence. Transparent lace, fabrics that look like a web, flowing lines and chaotic designer ideas. In addition, the Gothic trend heightened due to this collection.Vera Wang 2014

Spring-Summer Collection 2015 by Vera Wang

Vera Wang winter 2015

Vera Wang is a celebrities’ choice

American celebrities love Vera Wang dresses. While famous women like Chelsea Clinton, Karinna Gore, Ivanka Trump, Campbell Brown, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Victoria Beckham, Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner, Sharon Stone, Sarah Michelle Gellar , Hilary Duff, Uma Thurman, Holly Hunter, Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian, almost always chose Vera Wang dresses.

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In the TV series “Sex in the Big City” Charlotte York calls a Wang’s wedding dress a perfect choice for a bride, and Carrie Bradshaw poses in her creations for the Vogue magazine. It becomes easy to see why so many women adore Vera Wang dresses. As a result, her fashionable designs are known around the world.Carrie BradshawIn the film “Bride Wars” heroines like Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson order Vera Wang’s dresses for their weddings. Furthermore, the celebrity craze has enhanced the designers likability.

In conclusion, Vera Wang dresses are the height of fashion in the wedding world. At a time when it seems like everyone wants a top-of-the-line dress, maybe, Vera Wang is indeed the reigning queen!