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For a Woman’s Maximum Pleasure, You Must Wake Up the G-Spot


A woman’s G-spot was so named because of the German gynecologist,  Ernest Grefenberg. It is not easy to find. When it is first stimulated, the woman may get an unforgettable orgasmic feeling, thanks to stimulation of the “pleasure spot”.

G-spot: how to excite a woman?

  • Where is the G-spot situated? Why is it hard so find it?

The G-spot is an analog of the male prostate and is hard for any man to find. This causes many to doubt in its existence.

The difficulty of finding the G-spot:

  • it is usually situated at a depth of 3-5 cm from the entrance of the vagina, therefore it is hard to detect at hygienic manipulations;
  • the spot is located on an anterior wall of the vagina,  which makes searching for it more difficult even for gynecologists (they focus their attention only on the posterior wall of the vagina);
  • the size of Grefenberg spot is only about 1-3 cm.

This location is a small sealing, which is almost inconspicuous at its usual, unstimulated state. It is also situated near the urinary bladder and hidden in a bulge of folds, which is the main obstacle to getting to this desirable spot.

how do excite woman

  • How do find G-spot?

So, it is very complicated to find such a spot, but you will get great pleasure when you do. First of all, women must be relaxed and excited by the man. When this happens the G-spot will increase in size and become more tangible. Foreplay is a great way to get this process started. To have the best chance of stimulating the G-spot, you have to engage in foreplay for more than 1 hour. It requires so much time to “wake” a woman’s “sleeping” spot.

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The G-spot can be”awakened” by gentle touching of a woman’s hands, shoulders, neck, and lips. It can be awakened by mild breathing into her ear, kisses in popliteal area, touches of her feet, and the frottage of thighs.

When trying to find it with the help of fingers, you need to try and find a small protuberance on the anterior wall of the vagina (near with pubic bone), at a depth of the little finger. This area is slightly rough. You will feel a mild irritation of the urethra, which will become pleasant, bright and strong if you do everything right.

The stimulation of G spot

You can also find the G-spot by yourself. You need to start by learning of your own body and trying to stimulate the spot. If you don’t reach the G-spot, you will be able to guess, thanks to the waves of orgasm convulsions. Show this point to your man. He will be more than glad to help.

  • How do you massage the G-spot?

Massaging the G-spot allows you to explore your sensitivity and helps to get rid of stress. It is possible to perform an internal massage if you are completely relaxed and excited enough. The most comfortable posture for an orgasm looks like this: man lay on side and you lay on back.


The man inserts a ring and long fingers into the vagina at a  depth of 3-5 cm. The thumb must be on the clitoris. The man is able to stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris with this hand position. It also gives the woman double the pleasure.

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How do make massage of G spot

It is necessary to push on the upper wall of the vagina with the help of the finger and move it to the left and right, as well as forward and backward. If the man does everything right, he will notice vaginal sap, which will begin to excrete because of strong excitation. The man will be able to feel a women’s orgasm with a help of his fingertips.

Waking the  G-spot

  • The stimulation of G-spot during intimacy

It is necessary to choose the right position that will give the closest touch of a man’s penis with the anterior wall of the vagina. The “missionary” position is not suited for this. It is better choose postures such as: “woman on top” (“horsewoman”) or “man posteriorly” (“dog style”).

The woman is seeing the face of a man and making sliding movements of the vagina on his penis in the position of the “horsewoman”. Movements can be also circular. The aim of such motions is to search out the most sensitive point. It is possible to change orientation and force of impact. The man’s penis must put pressure on the anterior wall of a woman’s vagina. There are also other postures for stimulation of  the G-spot: “merger”, “back to a sexual partner”, “legs up” etc.

How do find G spotThe modern devices for stimulation of G-spot.

A dildo with a curved upper part will be suitable to influence the G-spot. Of course, such devices will not replace a man’s penis. But they also may give pleasure. Motions are similar to those above.