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What Breast Size Do Men Like?

What men think about woman's breas

Which of them like which kind of breasts? The answers to this provocative question, and explanations of the preferences of different characters you’ll find in this article.

And while peering in their faces try to understand the logic of male bias. However, admittedly, this time they had us objectively pleased!

0 breast size

0 breast sizeDENIS, 32: Girls with barely perceptible breasts are like heavenly beings, angels. I love this rare and unusual phenomena. If we compare it with music, the zero size breasts are not a popular tune, but a jazz composition for connoisseurs and aesthetes. Such a thing catches the eye; the mind is trying to sort it out, form a reaction that causes a special feeling to these ephemeral forms and creatures – a sense of surprise, interest, playfulness, intrigue, and something unknown.

1st Breast Size

Igor, 33: I am very fond of my wife’s breasts – small, with small, neat pale pink nipples. I have always liked those ones. Why first size? Because it is feminine and nice, small breasts will never lose their shape. I know that many men like it because it is possible not to wear any underwear … But I think that nipples seen under the cloth attract too much male attention, so take advantage of this only purposefully.

2nd Breast Size

Nicholas, 25: It’s very simple: I love skinny girls, and I love the harmony. A petite girl, you see, is best suited with small, neat breasts, which is not at odds with the figure. In general, I believe, the second size is perfect from all sides. The girl, who has such a breast, does not look boyish, and at the same time, usually the bust is beautiful and resilient without any tweaks. Moreover, over time, it won’t lose shape. That is also important, you see.small breast size

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3rd Size

Oleg, 24: In the building of more or less serious relationship it is not so important to men, what “fruit” she boasts. You will not believe it, but the most important thing for us – is the ease of communication! Well, this girl is not shy about her breasts. Owners of the 3rd size are never complex, they are confident. After all, the third size is almost the golden ratio, a perfect balance of splendor and neatness. Also it is important that the nipples are of a beautiful shape. By the way, why so much talk about breasts and so little about nipples?

4th Breast Size and Higher

GREGORY, 29: The Power of a woman is in her weakness, in the feminine form, in the delicate smoothness of movements. Big breasts are good and beautiful, they fascinate any man, and a deep neckline gives food for fantasy and imagination. For me the visual pleasure is very important, and something that I am very pleased to see is my wife and her breasts, which are visible even when she is dressed in a kimono during karate training. It’s amazing!


big breast sizeAlexander, 29: Woman’s breasts are beautiful. However, with age and childbirth there begins a lottery in which some are lucky, but some are not. I, like any man, love beautiful shapes. Therefore, when I see the breasts, corrected with silicone, I get excited. Girls, if you like your bust – do not touch it, but if it makes you upset – boldly take your man in your arms, and go to the doctor! You increase your nails and dye your hair, and no one is saying that it is wrong because it is unnatural!

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