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What Does His Kiss Really Mean?

What a kiss mean?

A kiss of a beloved man is always a special one and means a great deal to each woman. Well, it is not so easy to understand its meaning since we kiss one another differently. We kiss friends and children, however, we are interested in romantic kisses most of all!

First of all you need to know whether a man responds to your kisses. If he does, then your kiss brings him satisfaction. In case your partner breathes evenly and then starts talking about some abstract things, then it’s a very bad omen.

kiss on the lipsA kiss on the cheek means he really needs this woman. If he kisses a woman on the neck, then he desires to take her. A kiss of the hand means a man respects you and your friendship too much!

If he kisses you on your nose, then he believes you are very pretty lady!

A kiss on the lips with closed eyes – then he falls in love with you or just wants to show his feelings. A kiss with biting means this man is too jealous and he isn’t shy to show this.

Types of kisses:

  • A simple kiss – partners use only lips while kissing.
  • A French kiss – a partner gently caresses her oral cavity using his tongue.
  • A kiss with lulling – a man holds her face with hands while kissing her.
  • A kiss of butterfly – he kisses her to the different parts of the face and touches her skin with his eyelashes.

french kissPassionate kisses:

  • He kisses her bottom lip and she kisses his upper lip at the same time.
  • Kisses when tongues fight with each other.
  • A kiss to awake his bellowed – a man starts kissing a sleeping woman. Gradually, the kisses become more and more passionate till she gets spilled.
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If you want to experiment with kisses then hold a liqueur in your mouth and try to kiss your woman gently, sharing this drink with her. Such kisses are unforgettable!