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What Should Be Done if You Want Sex: A Guide for Action

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There are some moments in the life of each woman when the desire of sex becomes too strong. You even feel pain, vertigo and cramps at the bottom of the stomach. It is unpleasant when nobody may satisfy this passion. There are many reasons for it: husband in a business trip, someone at loggerheads, someone isn’t lucky enough to have met the right man. Women need not only physical pleasures but spiritual proximity, unlike many men.

Sometimes it is too difficult cope with your own body and make it calm down. What must you do in this case? Somebody will say, that you have to find short love to remove tension and restore balance of spirit. Such advice is unacceptable for many girls, they are being attracted by morality: love and sex or nothing. Feeling of trust to a partner. What may you do, if you don’t have this?

Don’t Fear Your Own Desires

At first, you have to realize, that it is a real requirement of an body, but it is not a shameless whim. It is our physiological necessity: it is our childbearing function which shows up from time to time. Nobody has denied the usefulness of sex for a women’s health! There are some of advantages: rejuvenation of the body, absence of headaches, relief of premenstrual syndrome and reduction of likelihood of a stroke. The list goes on and on.

if you want sexTherefore, if you want sex,  you are a normal woman with your quite human requirements. You will go against your own nature, if you feel shame because of it. If you are a women from past time, you must understand that times have changed. Nobody will be surprised by women’s needs. Therefore, your desires are not vulgar. You may begin searching for a solution. Don’t suffer, reproaching yourself for immodest desires, but do something for yourself.

It is not necessary go to the street to catch the first approaching man for satisfaction of desire. You will expose a risk your moral and physical health. If you want sex too much, but you don’t want to make frivolous actions, here are a list of actions which will help to resolve your problem.

The First Variant: Very Fast

At the first, you may try self-satisfaction. A lot of women, according to statistics, don’t experience vaginal orgasm in their life, but they get satisfaction during clitoral orgasm. You may join these lucky people, which regularly receive such pleasure. You will not need to tell everybody about your ways of satisfaction. A lot of women like to do this stealthily. It is not bad, that you don’t have a man who will be touching tenderly this intimate place. You may imagine him by yourself.

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Relax and try to restore in your head the most incredible sexual fantasy you have ever had. Imagine the most ardent lover in the world. It can be your acquaintance or a superstar from a popular TV series. It is not important who it is because nobody never finds out about your secret thoughts. Therefore locate in a convenient for you place and start receipt a pleasure. Frequent headaches and an aggressive mood will disappear, if you do this regularly.

during clitoral orgasmBy the way, it is not mandatory do it with the help of fingers. If you need presence of a partner for self-satisfaction, you may do it in bathroom or in a shower with help of a water jet. You will be able you to increase or reduce pressure by your own desire. Illusion of presence of careful and tender man will be created.

The Second Variant: Requires Certain Preparation

In this case, you go to a sex shop and choose a suitable “toy” for yourself. You don’t know form and size of boyfriend’s penis. Awkward situation comes at first when your expectations turn out to be far from reality. It will not happen in sex shop. Sex – industry aimed at creation of different facilities for pleasure and works well: variety of dildos may impress your imagination (size, colors, and textures).

Dildo is not only object represented in any respectable sex-shop. You can be surprised by the amount and diversity of goods. Sometimes purpose of one or another things is not understandable. But, every item probably helps a number of women or men solve their problems of loneliness.

Usual masturbation may not satisfy that monstrous hunger of sex. They need deep and real penetration. It is the nature of a women’s body! Discard false shame and go on an excursion to the nearest sex shop, if you don’t have husband because of different reasons. There will be goods which will help you to cope with the desire and hard times.

vaginal orgasmTalk with a consultant without other customers in salon, if you are too shy.  You will not have to explain anything to seller or pretend, that you went there accidentally. The benevolent consultants will show everything without extra questions, explain and even allow to touch. Sellers have adapted to specificity of their work and they will not convict you for lively interest. Nobody will not think, that you are an impoverished loner “who has come to such shame.” There are many married couples which buy sex – toys only to make their sex life more diverse. Perhaps you are one of them?

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Another way exists for you, if you may not even imagine a situation when you talk with a stranger about such intimate things: order dildo or any other “toy” on the internet. It is easy to do it, because of numerous services in network. You will be able to see absolutely all goods which are sold in web shops, sitting in the evening at your computer. Also you may ask a question which will be discussed. You may get advice and all information necessary for you. Such sites guarantee confidentiality. Nobody would ever find out what you received in a packet by mail (including postmen).

It may seem to you ridiculous to practice “it” not with a man, but with a rubber thing. However you may use this option if you want sex too much. By the way, epoch of rubbery dildos has gone away. Dildos are being made from materials, which indistinguishable from originals. You will get a real pleasure, if you don’t pay attention on your natural modesty and shyness.

Do you know about emission of special substances in a woman’s body during orgasm? It is a scientific fact, which doesn’t require proof. You will not only feel better, but you will get rid of depression: gleam in eyes and a good mood will appear and perhaps at this moment a man of your dreams will pay attention to you.sex shop toys

The Third Variant: Long-Term

In this case just deal with your private life. Otherwise you will tire from self-satisfying in different ways and you will give yourself a vow of chastity. Then you will be working from morning till night to forget your strong desire.

If one is given to absolutely any cause, the passions in body will be forgotten, if you give yourself to some work. Some dive into art, some – into business. This method can help only those who don’t have close relations with a temporary partner.  But what should you do if you don’t have sex with a man for a long time. You have to deal with learning of building relationship with an opposite gender.

At the first, you have to put in order your visual appearance. Beauty of woman is very important for a man and during all times. Delicate soul will be seen by him after a little while. You must be interesting for him as the attractive woman with whom he wants to spend time and it is not ashamed to introduce to his friends.

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Find a professional stylist, makeup artist and hairdresser, if you don’t have ability to transfigure yourselves. Explore fashion magazines. There is lots of advice for those who may not choose wardrobe and dress beautifully. Perhaps you have already been accustomed to yourself and you don’t want to change anything. Try ask your friends: Is your appearance good? or Is it due time to change something? Women often don’t worry about their appearance because of domestic everyday life and daily worries. Especially, if she doesn’t have that person in mind for who she wants to be good-looking and sexy.

Don't fear your own desiresOf course, your transfiguration will require some money. But, if you want proximity with a usual man, don’t think about expenses. Otherwise, such situation may happen: you are quite an old and lonely lady who has both money and time to spend them. Unfortunately time will be lost. Mobilize your finances and change your appearance for the better. Everybody will not pass your beauty.

The second point of an ideal man searching: sit less at home and be in center of society. Of course, you may find somebody on the internet. But such unions are not often successful and durable. Walk in parks, go to meetings with friends and attend restaurants to meet “Him”. If you want to change your life and your body has tired from strong desires. Don’t wait for nothing and act by yourself.

Of course, you can say, that your friends with lovely husbands didn’t do anything for this. But that is not the rule. Sometimes you have to show initiative. Nobody knows what your friends did to attract suitable man. Such information is kept as top secret information.

What should be done if you want sexIf you are spending a lot of time at work and there are only the same people who have a family, then change surroundings. Find new place of communication. It is rather unpleasant to listen to stories from friends about their intimate life, when your desire of sex is strong.

You will meet a man thanks to new acquaintances, neat appearance and skill of communication. He will solve your physiological problems and become part of your soul. Isn’t that a woman’s happiness?