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How to wash a down jacket?

Washing jacket

How to Dry a Down Jacket?

In case people don’t know how to cleans some clothes they may carry it to a dry-cleaner’s. In fact, this service is rather expensive and requires some time. But what should we do if we need to clean it in autumn?

Well, you should wash it by hand or in a washer. Some people are afraid to spoil their overcoat but if they follow some rules they can easily cope with this!

Down Jacket Material

In fact down jackets usually have some down inside (goose, swan, eiderdown or duck down). Such coats should have a label to indicate “down”. Unfortunately, down jackets are full of both down and feathers, thus such clothes require a delicate washing.

washing your jacket
Besides, a delicate washing is used for some other heating synthetic materials:

  • cotton,
  • wool,
  • polyester,
  • hollow fiber,
  • fibertex.

That’s why all these materials require a few general rules you are going to learn right now!

Main Rules of Washing

  1. First of all check your pockets and cuffs to remove small junk and other things. You can use a simple vacuum.
  2. Do up all buttons, zippers and rivets in order to avoid a deformation. There are some quilted models to prevent down movement while washing.
  3. If there are some spots, use a specific detergent or spot remover. Pay attention to the material of your clothes as some products may spoil them.Washing by hand
  4. Find a label on the inner side of your jacket to find recommended temperature of washing. Otherwise, a temperature raise may result in a deformation of your cloth and its fit.
  5. Use soft brushes and foam rubber sponges only to cleanse some areas.
  6. It should be noted that the down refers to a close-meshes structure materials. Therefore, it’s recommended to rinse it several times.
  7. Moreover, down jackets are saturated with a specific solution to help keep its shape, thus each washing just washes out such agents.
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 Down Jacket Washing in a Washer

Disadvantages of the down:

  • dust accumulation;
  • crumpling under soakage;
  • absorption of water and washing agents;
  • water retention for a long time.

Housekeeper with washing machine

Before washing a down jacket it’s required to follow the next rules:

  • put only 1 down jacket in a washer;
  • washing temperature: no more than 30˚c;
  • use a delicate mode;
  • before washing, turn your jacket inside out. Otherwise all feathers will spoil your jacket;
  • do up all buttons, zippers and rivets;
  • use the lowest turns while washing to squeeze it out;
  • use only liquid synthetic washing agents.

You can buy special washing balls for such jackets. In case you can’t find them, use tennis balls while washing: put them with your jacket in a washer and they won’t let the down crumple.

As to soap powder, it is very difficult to rinse it from small areas and such washing requires a proper rinsing.

If your down jacket is not too dirty then it’s better to wash it by hands.

Washing by hand

Well, it’s not so difficult to perform such washing. Do it in your bath. Dissolve a special washing agent in water and dip your down jacket there. Use soft brushes to cleanse.

dry a down jacketRinse it in warm water but don’t squeeze it! Let the water flow down and use hangers to let your jacket dry out. As soon as it starts drying, fluff up the down to prevent nubbins.

If you need to cleanse flange, pockets or cuffs then wash only dirty areas with a special agents by means of a brush and remove the foam with a damp duster.

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How to Dry a Down Jacket?

It’s not allowed to dry it on a battery or close to heating sources. Hang it on coat racks only and shake it up from time to time.

At the end, it’s up to you to decide which method is better to use in order to wash you down jacket at home.  But doing one of these things will help you could keep it warm, stylish and clean!


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