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Hula-Hoop Helps Lose Weight!

hula-hoop for lose weight

Exercise for weight loss with a hula-hoop was performed even by British aristocracy. In Shakespeare’s times. And before that, heavy hoops were spun by athletes in ancient Greece.

The name “hula-hoop” comes from two words: Hawaiian hula and English hoop. The inventor of the sports equipment was Richard Knerr in 1957, who had heard the story of his friend about performances of Australian athletes with hoops.

Hula-hoop is widely known throughout the world due to its design simplicity, high efficiency and relatively low cost. During 10 minutes of exercise with a hoop, you can burn about 100 calories – about the same power consumption used when running.

Besides, hula-hoop is relatively safe (of course, provided that you will not spin it in a narrow room surrounded by windows and mirrors). The projectile does not hurt your joints and causes no bruising on the body (when used properly).

hula-hoop sport

According to American nutritionists, the best result is achieved with short sessions of continuous employment with the hula-hoop – about 5-10 minutes. Daily 10-minute sessions with a hoop will reduce the waist size by a centimeter within a fortnight.

But no one stops you from spinning the hoop more often. For example, during commercial breaks. Performing this light exercise, you can not only lose weight, but also strengthen the abdominal muscles, respiratory and cardiovascular system, get rid of cellulite, as well as to improve the coordination of movements, and align your posture.

Why do I need a hula-hoop?

Spinning the hoop is helpful to strengthen the heart muscle and lungs.

These exercises can be combined with other weight control programs – with diet, taking vitamins and minerals, workout in the fitness club and so forth.

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Exercisess with a hoop significantly improve the functioning of the vestibular apparatus.

Massages produced by the hula-hoop has beneficial effects on the skin condition in the waist and eliminates cellulite.hula-hoopIn addition, the use of the hoop has a good influence on the circulatory system, resulting in an improved skin tone, work of the intestines, the metabolism in the body.

Where to start?

The first step is to choose the right size of the hoop. It is understood that the use of a child hoop will not give the desired results. When choosing the projectile you should be guided by a simple rule: the height of the hoop supplied vertically should not be less than the level of the lower edges of the ribs.

In addition to the hoop size, you should pay attention to its weight. To estimate the mass of the hula-hoop, you need to take it and, holding hands, position it on the waist. One leg at the same time should be slightly put forward. Try to rotate it with reciprocating motion back and forth, smoothly shifting the body weight from one leg to the other.

If this does not cause any difficulties and inconveniences – this hoop is for you. It is recommended to check several hula-hoops.

Exercises with a hoop

For a start, it is recommended to exercise with a hoop of a lighter weight. The duration of training at the same time should be about five minutes a day, then it should be increased to half an hour.

hula-hoop for thin waistHaving certain skills and achieving lightness during exercise, you can take a heavier hoop. It is worth noting that spinning the hoop can be combined with other exercises (for hands, feet, or abs).

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You must be careful with the massage hoops because, if improperly performed, the exercises can cause pain and bruising on the body. However, it is not so terrible – for the start of the course such effects will be quite normal. If a torsional massage hoop causes a sharp pain, you need to put on a thick sweater or a belt.

You don’t know how to spin the hoop? Then let’s try. Legs during exercise should be about shoulder width or wider. It is recommended to continuously keep your abs and lower back strained- this will achieve better results. It is important to remember that the effectiveness of the exercise depends on the regularity of their performance.

Hoop helps lose weight

When performing exercises, you should take a correct position of the body: feet should be shoulder-width apart and toes slightly turned outwards. Lowering the hula-hoop at waist level, you need to spin it by cyclical rotation movements of the waist and hips.

Muscle should be strained continuously throughout the exercise; otherwise the effectiveness of exercise for weight loss is tiny. The speed is up to you – you can increase it if your physical abilities permit, or decrease, if the exercise is carried out with difficulty.

hoop helps weight loseThe main thing is to observe the regime. Exercises regularly need to be performed with the same duration (at least 2-3 times per week for 10-15 minutes).

Exercises can be performed not only for a wasp waist, but also for shapely legs and graceful arms. To maintain toned arm muscles, you should spin the hoop on your arms. To do this you need to put your arm to the side, parallel to the floor, put a hoop on it and make a circular motion to rotate the arm.

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Similar exercises can be done for the legs – for convenience, it is recommended to lie down, stretch one leg on the floor and lift the other one vertically. Put the hoop on the raised leg and with the help of a hand set it in motion. Rotation of the hoop is supported by leg movements for at least 2-3 minutes.

As practice shows, after a couple of months of regular exercising, you can get rid of 3-4 kilograms of extra weight. And you’ll reduce your waist up to 5 centimeters.

Contraindications for the exercises with hoop

Hula-hoop is not recommended for women during pregnancy, in the first period after childbirth, for diseases of the ovaries, liver and kidneys. Using a hula-hoop is also contraindicated in the elderly women and during menstruation. Before starting the course, you should consult with your doctor.

hoop fitnessIf you do not have health problems, you can safely proceed in the exercises. It is worth noting that the hula-hoop is easy to use, easy to transport and store. And when used properly, the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum.

Hoop helps lose weight

Occasionally, people with sensitive skin can get a hematoma after the first exercise. But that’s OK: you only need to reduce the intensity and duration of exercise. And bruising will not bother you.

If you do it regularly, then a few weeks later you’ll see how big the benefits from the use of this wonderful sports equipment are. Be persistent, stubborn – and you will surely achieve the desired result!


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