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How To Get Slim Legs? Exercises that Help to Lose Weight In the Legs

to get thinner in the legs

What Should I do To Get Thinner in the Legs?

What to do to lose weight in legs? What is the most reliable way? Some people offer to keep a diet, some people advise exhausting exercises. In fact, it is not so simple. We need an individual approach. If you are overweight, then, of course, start with weight loss. Just keep in mind that losing weight usually starts from the upper part of the body. That is, first the fat goes away from the face, breasts may become slightly less in volume, and only then it goes down.

Many women experience psychological discomfort due to a mismatch of the upper thigh and the calf volume. That is, the calves may be slim, but hip are too lush. And all this happens at a normal weight. Then the question arises how to lose weight in the legs above the knee, without going to the gym.
Most simple exercise is to walk up and down the stairs. Of course, it will be effective, if you live higher than the 3rd floor – it will be a great workout for the legs. For those who live on the ground floor, it is not necessary top surprise and upset the neighbors by walking up and down the stairs – in fact, you can buy a jumping rope! Jump as much as you can, and the neighbors below will not have to worry, because they simply do not exist. They say that 15 minutes of training is enough to lose up to 300 calories. This is quite a lot. Here’s how to lose weight in the legs at home easily!

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walk up and down the stairsTogether with the rope it would be nice to buy an exercise bike. Now compact versions for people weighing less than 80 kg are sold at the cost from 3000 rubles. Such a bike can give more loads than cycling, but first, of course, it brings much more pleasure. When riding a bike, or cycle, the load goes directly to the number of leg muscles, and thus contributes to their overall weight loss.

Here’s what to do to get thin legs just in 2 weeks. If even such simple exercise equipment is not for you or you want to further enhance the load, then it is necessary to connect the exercises for your problem areas. We present a few simple, but at the same time, effective exercises.

1. The initial position – lying on the back. Lift one leg about 45 degrees from the floor and make a circular motion, first in one direction, then in another about 20-30 times. Then you can just roll the foot, if you can. Such exercises are included not only in the category of how to lose weight in the legs, but also help to keep the abs in good shape.

2. Lie on your side. Lift the leg up, at the same time try to strain the buttocks. 20 uplifts with one leg and 20 with the other will suffice.

3. Get on all fours and lift your legs. First one, then another.

4. Standing, alternately perform kicks, first swinging forward, then sideways.

Squats5. Squats. When you squat, your knees should not go beyond the toes. Imagine that you sit down on a chair. When you squat, your thighs should create an angle of 90 degrees to the shins. Taking a dumbbell in the hands is not necessary, as it can lead to muscle building, because of what the legs will look even more massive, which we do not need. And goose-steps can be hazardous to your knees, in any case, do not perform this exercise.

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If you can not fulfill the full range of exercises at once – it does not matter. The load should be increased gradually.

Many fitness trainers believe that fat is burned more quickly if the greenhouse effect is created in the area of weight loss. Try to exercise, greasing the legs with oil (olive or vegetable) and then wrap them with plastic wrap and wear tight leggings on top. After the workout take a shower. Anti-cellulite massage will not be amiss, even if you do not have cellulite. But massage without exercise is powerless against fat.

In addition, those who wondered how to lose weight quickly in the legs, you can try jogging, if health and time let you do so. Also, you can do it on a treadmill.

Body-ballet is another great way to make your legs more slender. Who among us has not dreamed of having a body like the one of a ballerina? Here’s someone you need to take after! Body-ballet is a kind of aerobics to classical music. On body-ballet they teach only those movements that can be safely and easily done by a person, never involved in dance or sports, that is, in a lightweight version. At the same time you will practice classic choreography. And positive emotions during and after the dance are provided! More than that, you will not grow the muscles in the legs, but the fat will be burned unnoticed and will soon leave you.

Body-balletFinally, about diets. Diets are kept by even ballerinas and athletes who experience great physical exertion. If you need to lose weight, try to spend a few days on vegetable salads and lean meats, crispbread can be eaten instead of regular bread, but in small quantities. And no sugar and flour products! Otherwise, the diet will not help lose weight in the legs. After all, flour and sweets lead to the creation of fat deposits.

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Select a suitable method of losing weight and go for it!


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