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Kitchen Devices: New Culinary Discoveries of October

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There are some great new kitchen devices coming out in October! Sharpeners, smoke guns, double baking pans… The editors enthusiastically studied the Internet and selected 10 “small things” which have pleasantly surprised us.

From the editor. There are no trifles in everyday life, especially in the kitchen. It seems that you can peel the potatoes with the usual knife, but doing it with a special peeler is much easier, more pleasant and graceful. It doesn’t matter what dishes you eat, because even the most ordinary soup will seem every bit as good as the one you get in the restaurant. We can give examples to infinity. The truth is: it is just not worth it to ignore the achievements of scientific and technical progress. You don’t need to jump up and run to the store to buy a whole range of stuff. To get started, just take a look. Perhaps you will find some items that will make your life a little easier.

The editors enthusiastically studied the Internet and selected 10 “small things” which have pleasantly surprised us.

New Kitchen Devices

Sharpener for veggies

The vegetable cutter Karoto by Monkey Business can not be distinguished in appearance from a conventional pencil sharpener! Of course, the size is much larger, but it operates on the same principle – it cuts chips from carrots, cucumbers and squash zucchini. However, Karoto can “sharpen” other vegetables which have a suitable diameter. You can cook the unusual salad made of thin “chips”, as well as fancy vegetable rosettes for decorating the holiday table. In addition, this sharpener is equipped with built-in peeler. Two colors are available: black and yellow.vegetable cutter Karoto by Monkey Business

Thermo jug

Smart thermo jug (1 liter) by Tupperware – it is not just another thermos. Its stylish design hides in itself an innovative thermo-saving mechanism that keeps drinks hot. You do not have to untwist any tight lids: depending on the angle, the container opens and closes automatically. In general, it is a pleasure to hold in the hands. Its ergonomic handle design makes it easy and fun to use.Tupperware Thermotup

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Cutting board with a drawer

Chopping board Cut&Collect by Joseph Joseph –  is a very practical gadget: it has a drawer under the working surface! It’s possible to hide vegetable peels and already sliced products. Thus the working surface is always free for further cutting. And, ready-made ingredients will not be air dried while waiting to be thrown into the soup. In addition, with the help of the box it is very convenient to shift the already sliced products in a frying pan or saucepan.Chopping board Cut&Collect by Joseph Joseph

The two pie pan

If your kids want an apple pie but you prefer blueberry with whipped cream – it’s not necessary to argue. You can bake both in one fell swoop with a new Split Pie Pan by  Chicago Metallic! The Split Pie Pan bottom has a special partition that divides a round shape in half. Thus, it is possible to bake two separate halves with different fillings. However, the choice is yours – the bottom with a removable partition can be easily replaced by the conventional one (the kit includes two options).new Split Pie Pan by Chicago Metallic

Constructive Plate

When the plea of parents to “eat another spoon for mom” does not work, Constructive Plate comes to the rescue. Especially for naughty little boys, the Constructive Eating company made plates which were designed in the form of a construction site. Everything is really! The compartments are for different materials (a salad and a side dish), as well as the “working machine”: two types of loaders and even a bulldozer, which will help push healthy food in the right direction. Cutlery and plate are both made of durable plastic. All the “working machine” is covered with textured rubber. So, they would not slip out of the hands of children. The plate and devices are sold separately. We can only hope that soon similar plates for girls will hit the market.Constructive Plate

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The Nutcracker for walnuts

Any apparatus for cracking walnuts should be simple and easy to use. A great example of this is a stylish nutcracker for walnuts in the form of a heart from Alessi. Its working principle is simple: you have to insert the sharp end into the gap between the two shells and gently turn, holding the broad “ears”. Additionally, it easily copes with other difficult nuts like pistachios.The Nutcracker for walnuts from Alessi

Culinary siphon

Isi Gourmet Whip — is a whole world of new possibilities in the kitchen! It shakes up the cream, cooks soft cheese, mixes the dough to for air biscuits, and all of this happens almost instantly. In the functional sense, this device is the same as a siphon for carbonated water. However, instead of water, it fills the mixtures with gas to give food a dense consistency ranging from creamy to cookie dough. For more convenience, the device has three different nozzles.

The famous Spanish chef Ferran Adria uses a culinary siphon for the production of edible foam. His book “La cocina de la salud” (Healthy Kitchen) has a lot of interesting recipes using this device.

The “Easiest in the world mayonnaise” by Ferran Adrià is prepared as follows: warm in a water bath 250 grams of mayonnaise and 50g of fatty cream, stir to a homogeneous condition. Fill the siphon with the mixture, defuse into it 2 balloons with gas and put in the fridge for 3 hours. Before use, shake the siphon and put mayonnaise foam directly onto the plate.Isi Gourmet Whip

The smoking gun

Yet another tool in the region of haute cuisine – it is the machine Smoking Gun by Poly Science. Do you surprise guests with the smoky dish under a glass cover, just like Heston Blumenthal? Prepare smoked salt, tea and spices as desired. Just hold the Smoking Gun and click on the “trigger”! The set consists of a gun, a tube for convenience. Two jars with natural wood fibers and stand (for steadiness). Be careful, the famous chef! Quite soon ordinary housewife’s will win the culinary Olympus!Smoking Gun by Poly Science

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Magic cover

Cook the pasta or rice, so the foam does not spill out? Now it is possible! Original cover Spill Stopper by Kuhn Rikon does not allow foam to spill on the stove. Even at the maximum cooking temperature. The special filter with the valves in the form of petals will reduce foam formation. And, the concave surface of the cover does not allow the water to pour out. Now you can simply set the timer and go about your business in another room while the soup is being watched by miracle-cover.cover Spill Stopper by Kuhn Rikon

 The fake gums

If you leave your glass unattended, even for a moment, your not-so-sober neighbor may take it for his own and drink it to the dregs. However, with this bright gum stuck on it, he’s not likely to go for it. But, if you do not like usual gums, you can get an excellent forgery on the suction cup by Fred & Friends. Your special mark will not detach from the glass. Making it ease for you to location your drink by the colored “chewing gum”. By the way, these things can be lent to friends because there are six in a pack!fake gum


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