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10 Places To Meet Men

where to get acquainted with a man

The advice that’s usually given to girls who want to meet men is: Go where the men are! Boxing matches, fishing, spots arenas, chess clubs, car dealerships, hunting clubs …

But tell me honestly, do you really like boxing? Or are you well versed in chess? Maybe you’re able to effectively stick out your little finger while erotically arching your left thigh? If yes, then I think you have no problem with men. They should be constantly hovering around you.

get acquainted with a manBut what if your interests don’t include the traditionally male-dominated occupations? Do pretend that you like what actually causes you a yawn! It is simply impossible to constantlyly pretend.

But do not despair – there are plenty of other opportunities to meet an interesting man. Of course, I will not say that the prince you look for goes to a macrame club (although it happens!), but still in quite ordinary (i.e. not exclusively male) places you can get acquainted with a man.

Passion.ru has a list of places where you can meet a man, for those who are alien to the male hobbies.

10 places to meet a man

1. Meeting in the office

If your whole life fits into the scheme of “home-work-home”, it does not mean that you have no chance to meet your love. Relationships are often tied to work. And this is understandable, after all, when you see each other every day. You have the opportunity to get to know a person in his various states and moods. And you can understand how you can get along with him.

By the way, if you have looked around the office and did not find any anyone interesting, don’t get upset. There is always an opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone from a neighboring office. For example, in the smoking room, where most do not go to smoke, but to chat and relax from work. Of course, it is a very bad idea, to start smoking for the sake of communication.

meeting at the officeAnother simple method that works: if you constantly see the same person, just start speaking to him. If you smile, you may well find a reason date!

2. Meeting at a resort

During leisure at the resort even the most passive personality manages to acquire new contacts and make friends. Actually, acquaintances already start on board the airplane or a train and can continue while returning to the starting point.

New experiences force us to see the world in new ways. They make us more tolerant and open, and perhaps that’s why it’s so easy to meet new people. Meeting a fellow countryman in the midst of an unfamiliar city while overseas. If you are not one of those who prefers to lay on the beach for two weeks, there are excursions, beach activities, and other leisure.

Although, when it comes to romantic relationships, it is known that holiday romance is very short-lived. Primarily due to the fact that, upon the return, the magical feeling of lightness is lost and we again begin to forget how to smile, and enjoy life. But perhaps the resort friendships have a greater chance of survival and transformation into something more?meet a man

3. Meeting on an excursion

A great way to spend a weekend – go on a tour! “Eh” – you might say.  “Only single women with children go there. Who can I meet there”?

But trips can be very different! Perhaps the Golden Ring is not the best option. But if you choose the military “historical tour” for example, in Borodino, the chances increase. Of course, it is desirable to be at least a little interested in history. The main advantage is that you have a whole day to decide to come up to an interesting man or provoke him to come up to you.

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By the way, in the same Borodino, every year on the first Sunday of September, festival “Borodino Day” is held. Members of military history clubs organize a demonstration performance in minute detail reproducing the events of that day.

Men in 1812 uniforms, women in long dresses with umbrellas, horses make it a real feast for the eyes. And besides, a great excuse for dressing in something vintage. By the way, if you think this is only attractive to 40-year-olds, then you are wrong. My friend started to go to this festival at 25, and he was one of the many among their “brothers in arms”.

4. Meeting at the supermarket

The supermarket is probably the most unromantic place in the world (after McDonald’s and tax offices). But, oddly enough, it is there where many people managed to meet interesting men. Of course, the chance to meet someone over the weekend, when families go out together to buy sausages and yogurt for the week, is practically zero.

But did you ever have to run to the nearest supermarket for a cake, a pack of cigarettes, or just for a snack? Look – perhaps somewhere nearby, another lonely person is haunting the aisles, thinking of what to cook for his dinner today.

I do not argue, supermarkets are a strange place for dating. But there are couples, who get acquainted this way. So if during a regular evening, when you “stroll” through the store, someone asks you, “excuse me, how long should I cook this meat?”, don’t just mutter, “I’m not Google, look it up online”. Perhaps this nice young man just wanted to get acquainted? And I think it is not necessary to remind once again, that the departments with alcohol and baby food should be avoided …

Meeting In SupermarketBy the way, supermarkets are not only food. There are reasons to communicate a lot more, and there are higher chances of finding a friend (or more than a friend) with the same interests.

Attention! It is not recommended to do the trick with a supermarket, if you live in the criminal area. Or if the road to your house passes through uninhabited areas.

5. Meeting at a party with friends

According to statistics, most future spouses learn about each other’s existence in the company of common friends. Office dating is only in second place. So if you want to find a soul mate, never give up the invitations to friendly parties, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries (those are the same parties, after all).

Not invited? Don’t be upset. Perhaps you simply created an image of such a complete workaholic, and friends in advance expect you to refuse? Start to actively communicate, at least in social networks. Just remind your friends about your existence.

Or you can arrange your own theme party and ask your friends to bring friends. The reason can be anything – a home poker tournament, watching films (all at once in a single weekend), playing pantomime, and so on.

The advantage of friendly parties is that most of the present people have already gone through a kind of a friendly “filter”, and therefore the chance to meet a good man is much higher than in any other situation.

6. Meeting at a city festival

Holiday itself is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted. The main advantage of holiday festivities is that you can do everything with impunity. Not being afraid to look funny or smile at everyone.

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Meeting at a city festivalAfter all, during the week, it is so rare to find people with a smile on their faces. Even making ourselves a vow to smile in spite of everything, at the end of the day we still leave, if not with a gloomy but at least a tired face. Such a person would like to say: “Be brave, there are only four days before Friday” but not “Let me take you home.”

On a holiday, when everyone is in high spirits, love happens by itself. Smile in response to a smile, and the trick is done!

By the way, the following global urban festivities in Moscow will happen very soon – September 4th, the Day of the City. If you think it’s just a holiday for those who love Russian pop music, then you are wrong.

On this day, for example, you can listen to jazz on the Garden Ring. Learn to paint from the masters at the Manege Square, or even take part in poetry readings. Which will be held at various city landmarks. So the case is simple – choose where to go, and there is a reason for meeting.

7. Meeting in a bookstore

“Bookstore is a place for love” – it sounds perhaps quite ridiculous. Although in reality you have very good options. The good thing is that there is always an absolutely legitimate reason to talk to a man you like.

Questions like “I’m choosing a gift for a friend, and she loves detectives. What do you think, what is the best book?”. Or “I was advised to read Dick Francis. What do you think, where is it better to start?”- And the contact is made.

By the way, if a man reads fiction or light detective, it doesn’t necessarily mean his mental abilities are scarce. You’re reading women’s magazines, not because you are not able to perceive something serious. The mind, too, sometimes needs to have fasting days, so do not take a condemning position immediately – even the most wonderful and perfect man could read Marinina at night.

The main thing is to avoid divisions with esoteric literature and books on self-healing, otherwise you will not get rid of such a well-wisher – he’ll advise you to death!

8. Meeting in a fitness club

Not often you can meet a man of 30 without a belly and with well-developed muscles. But, fortunately, there are times when for the sake of a successful career, it was necessary to sacrifice the health and figure, slowly fading.

Already, many large successful companies in the social package include not only medical insurance and food, but also the payment for a fitness club. However, even if the exercise sessions are not paid by the company, the modern man has much more motivation to keep fit. Because it is one of the components of success. So to meet a decent man in a fitness club is quite real!

Meeting a man in a fitness clubIt can create an illusion that a serious acquaintance in such a place is not possible, but it’s not true. Just pay attention to those who visit the club constantly, and look for a way to become better acquainted.

The most innocent question is: “How long have you been going here?” And then you can casually encounter with the men you like at the entrance of the club – a real gentleman in this situation will always offer to drive the girl home, or at least follow her to the subway.

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Unbanal places

9. Meeting at foreign language courses

Another way to combine business and pleasure is to go to foreign language courses. If you do not speak English, it’s time to fix this annoying shortcoming, because now the knowledge of the language is one of the standard requirements for almost any job!

And if you constantly need a different language at work, it’s time to go to courses, such as “Business English”, where students’ level will be much higher.

Well, if you have mastered English and have studied it far and wide, you can try other languages. Ideally, of course, choose a more “practical” one. For example, if you like French and Chinese, choose Chinese. The last is often learnt by those whose work is directly related to business contacts with China, and mostly men.

Also the type of courses have a value: with the purpose of dating, it is best to go to the “Business Chinese”, “Business German”, etc. Of course, you should be very interested in the language. You will not get far if your only desire is to get aquainted. And a woman, who learns Chinese only for the sake of a man, looks unattractive.

10. Meeting at a speed-dating party

The main disadvantage of online dating sites is that, by the photos and the information in the questionnaire, it is very difficult to make a full impression of a man. So you have to spend time on the internet and chat with a bunch of people and “separate the wheat from the chaff”,to screen out unsuitable candidates.

Meeting a man at a speed-dating partyHow much easier it would be if we could be on the spot to chat live with each candidate! And, it turns out, this scheme is very real.

Dating Parties

Dating parties as they are called, flirting parties, appeared relatively recently. But it is not enough to type it in a search engine and you instantly get a list of links to such events.

At first, the organizers select an equal number of men and women of the same age group. Then, send them an invitation. And then it all happens as follows: girls sit at the tables, and the men at random in front of them.

Within 5-10 minutes the couples communicate. And after a signal, the man should stand up and change seats to the next table, and so on. Until everyone gets acquainted. At the end of the session the girls give the organizers sheets of paper. With the numbers of men they liked or otherwise express their desire to continue the dialogue.

An unconditional advantage of such events is that people who come there, obviously want to meet. And are paired to communicate well, and that is important.

Still cannot understand how it all works? Then watch the 14th episode of Season 6 of “House”. Liked it? Then go ahead – to the speed-dating!


We are accustomed to thinking that the initiative when meeting shall always belong to the man. And, of course, it is more in keeping with his nature as a hunter. But the woman should be able to push him to the initiative. Do not hesitate to approach a person you are interested in.

In fact, most men do not mind if a girl approaches first with some neutral questions. And thus, gives a reason for meeting, then they are happy to take the initiative. Have success in getting acquainted!


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