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How to Get Rid of a Sagging Belly: A Guide for Creating the Perfect Shape

How to Get Rid Sagging Belly

Many  people are familiar with the problem of a sagging belly.

It annoys many women who have recently given birth as well as ladies with excess weight, and each of us want to get rid of it once and for all. What should be done to remove bored wrinkles and have aslim waist?

Causes of Sagging Belly

The problem of sagging belly is caused by physiological structure of the body. Fat accumulates between fascial sheaths of internal oblique and transverse abdominal muscles. But this can and must be fought.

Why Does the Belly Lose its Shape?

First, this is an age-related change of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, including a fatty layer.

Causes of sagging bellySecondly, sagging the belly is often the result of very rapid weight loss with a lack of physical activity. When fat mass sharply decreases under the skin there is a kind of emptiness. If a woman was overweight for a long time, the skin on the entire body has had time to stretch out. Rapid weight loss will leave your skin “hanging”. Along with the hips and breasts, abdomen suffs as well. The skin on the abdomen sags, and it has a very flabby and unattractive appearance. And the third reason for this is, unfortunately, pregnancy and childbirth. During pregnancy, the abdominal skin is very stretched and muscles are moved apart. After pregnancy and childbirth, in addition to saggy skin, on the abdomen there are often stretch marks. Very often the belly sags after cesarean section, as internal and external scars capture quite extensive areas of the skin, causing the belly of newly-made mothers often after scheduled or emergency caesarean section looks asymmetrical.

What to Do if the Belly Sagged after Childbirth?

Forever removing a sagging belly after giving birth can be very difficult, but nothing is impossible. Young moms just need to work hard  and they will see results.

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However, exercise will only help if the mother’s health is all right. Often, after giving birth, belly not just sags: if there was a caesarean section, the transverse scar does not allow muscles to “close”. That is – the belly simply can not return to the previous form due to physiological reasons. Belly thus looks quite elegant, and even flat in the area of the hypochondrium, but in the area of the navel, it has unnatural bulges. The navel is often “turned inside” out.  Often, all this is accompanied by overly stretched skin, the presence of stretch marks, folds in the form of a roller in the lower segment of the abdomen.

What to do if the belly sagged after childbirth?Restore the original appearance of the abdomen to the end will not succeed. However, cosmetic procedures such as  stretch marks removal and skin renewal should help. Also, during the first 4-5 months after giving birth, you have to wear a corset. Plastic surgery will help to remove unsightly folds. It is prescribed in case if there is:

  • divergence of the abdominal muscles;
  • skin is too severely stretched;
  • deposition of fat in the postpartum period.

In order to give belly form a plastic surgeon may suggest surgery of the closure of excess tissue.

How to Find Out if the Muscles are Separated After Giving Birth?

Lie on your back, relax and look at the midline of the abdomen. If the muscles are separated, you will see that in the middle, the abdomen is slightly elevated. Also, you may notice a peristalsis. If you try to get up from a lying position, oblique muscles contract, literally “forcing” an open area of the abdomen outside.

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Why does the belly lose its shape?In this case the abdominal exercises should be limited due to the danger of hernia. Exercises should be performed only with a tight postpartum corset. It is desirable that it is fastened in front: this will allow you to pull off the lateral abdominal muscles together and close the gap in the middle.

Within the postpartum period it is recommended for any woman to wear a tight-fitting corset that helps the internal organs take the normal position, and the muscles of the abdomen – to strengthen.

Exercises for the Saggy Skin on the Abdomen

All of us from school physical education know that abdominal exercises – performing this exercise is necessary to raise the body from the supine position. In fact it is not so. This exercise will involve only the upper press, which already is almost always is in good condition due to the fact that in everyday life we are often exercising these muscles.

Exercises from the saggy skin on the abdomenInclinations, lifting weights – all these movements strain the upper part of our core, keeping it in good shape. But the lower core due to a sedentary lifestyle strains a little. And in fact it is the main cause of sagging abdomen. With the help of special exercises you can pull up a sagging abdomen.

The following exercises are very effective on the lower core:

  • the lift of straight legs at an angle of 90 degrees from the position lying on the back;
  • lying on the back it is necessary to reach by the right elbow to the left knee and vice versa;
  • running (jogging in place or evening jog in the park);
  • exercises with a hoop (it is desirable that the surface of the hoop should be ribbed).
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The Diet for the Sagging Belly

Exercise is enough to tighten the belly for people who are already thin.  If someone is overweight it takes diet and exercise together to see results. They can pump up their abdomen with strong muscles but no one will see them under a massive layer of fat, so these people, in parallel, need to follow a special diet.

In order to get rid of sagging abdomen you must diet. You need to create for yourself a rational menu, which will include proteins and healthy carbohydrates.

to saggy skinThe main products have to be as follow: eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat cheese, kefir, unsweetened yogurt, all kinds of cereals, fruits and dried fruits, vegetables, and – useful lean meat (beef, chicken). Cooking process must be only stewing or braising. You need to give up bad calories – carbonated beverages, juice packs, etc ..

General recommendations

In order to increase the elasticity of the skin in the abdominal area, it is necessary each time taking a bath, to carefully rub the problem areas of your belly with a hard sponge, and a couple of times a week, use a scrub.

It is possible to prepare yourself a hard and coarsely granulated scrub. To do this simply mix equal proportions of ground coffee and olive oil. Also, you can use anti-cellulite scrub, they also help tighten up sagging belly.

After you take a bath, you should apply a firming anti-cellulite cream. And once a week you can make honey rubbed into belly area, and then wrap with cling film for 1 hour.


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