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7 ways to bring a Boho-chic flare to your wedding

bride wears flower crown at bohemian beach wedding

What is boho-chic

The style ‘Boho-Chic’ refers to a fashion influenced by Bohemian and hippy styles. Boho-chic is characterised by an ever-evolving celebration of mismatched colours and patterns with a touch of refined elegance. Tons of flowers, flowing fabrics, dresses that sit off the shoulder, flowers crowns, strappy sandals, and elegant jewels, you get the picture.

As a bride, choosing the style and theme of your wedding is a big decision because once you decide on the style, it will make all the other stylistic decisions that much easier when you have a framework and outline for the look you are trying to achieve.

If you have decided that Boho-chic is the style that you want to bring to your wedding day and bridal look, this article discusses 7 ways that you can bring your Bohemian inspired style to your wedding look.

7 elements you can bring out your inner Boho-chic

1.     Flowers

The ultimate bohemian style must incorporate many, many flowers. Bringing fresh flowers into your wedding will help to bring a natural, stunning fresh feel and look to your wedding and the photos too. By hiring the best wedding florist in your wedding location, they will have access to the freshest and most diverse selection of fresh flowers for your flower arrangements.

bride wears flower crown at bohemian beach wedding

Opportunities to have fresh flowers in your wedding includes the obvious bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres for the men and corsages. Other places you can bring fresh flowers into include flower arches for the backdrop of your ceremony, a floral chandelier at your reception, and even flower arrangements surrounding your ceremony location.

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2.     Your Wedding Dress

Perhaps the most obvious place to start in bringing about your Boho bride look is with your wedding dress. Traditional wedding dresses with the tight bodice and princess skirts are not your only option. Many modern brides opt for a less traditional Bohemian style dress, characterised by a combination of lace, champagne and off-white colours, soft, flowing fabrics and showing some skin with bare shoulders or plunging backlines or necklines. If you want to bring the Bohemian style to your wedding dress but also want to have a chic look, consider getting a dress that has a form fitting bodice, like a mermaid style wedding dress, with late and off the shoulder capped sleeves, this is an example of a wedding dress that has the best of both styles, relaxed bohemian with an elegant twist.

3.     Location

The location of your wedding ceremony and reception will impact the theme of your wedding too. If you want a bohemian wedding and you choose a modern, sleek, elegant hotel for your reception, you will find that you have a mismatch in styles. Outdoor weddings, where the scenery is the focal point such as hills, wineries, mountains, and of course the beach.

4.     Photos

The location of your wedding photos will also impact the look of your wedding when you look back on them. Choose a wedding photographer that gets the look that you are trying to create, speak to them before the wedding day about locations, the backdrops, the poses, ways that you can create a relaxed and beautifully flowing look to your wedding photos.

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relaxed couple at their wedding reception

5.     Hair

Your hair is an opportunity to tie together your bridal look. With bohemian inspired looks, most brides opt for soft curls, a trendy fish braid, half up half down hair or a messy bun. An element that you could use to bring out the boho-chic theme is a flower crown or a floral hair piece. The ultimate sign of a bohemian hippy style is a flower crown. You are not limited to the daisy flower crowns that you see in the movies, wedding florists are skilled in creating floral hair pieces and crowns that put the most glamorous jewellery pieces to shame.

Furthering the floral theme of your wedding, bringing fresh flowers to your bridal party look will tie it all together. Consistent with the colour choice of your wedding, choose a flower that encompasses either the colour of your wedding or the style to incorporate into your floral hair piece and that of your bridesmaids, your groom’s boutonniere and your wedding bouquets.

6.     Makeup

Natural makeup is what most bohemian brides choose to suit the theme of their weddings. If you want to add a touch of elegance and glamour to your bridal makeup, choose to get false eyelashes as they can be added to a natural makeup look and bring another dimension of depth and glamour. Keep in mind that natural makeup looks great in photos too, you don’t need the layers of contouring and highlighting to look good in your photos, remember that the ultimate goal for your wedding attire and look is to feel and look like yourself.

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7.     Guest attire

Send out a memo in the ‘save the date’ you send to your guests explaining about the type of wedding you are having. “Relaxed beach wedding” or “elegant church wedding”, these statements will help your guests choose their outfits so that the theme runs throughout the wedding and your guests, but more importantly, so that your guests can feel comfortable and enjoy their time at your wedding.

With these above 7 tips on how you can bring a Boho-chic inspired look to your wedding, your wedding will be the perfect balance between Boho and Chic and you will have that dreamy wedding that you have always hoped for.


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