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Unrivaled Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles


“Bob” haircuts originated over 100 years ago by Cabaret dancers in France and are still popular to this day—that’s more than you can say for most hairstyles or fashion choices! The secret of this hairstyle’s lasting popularity is its classic, feminine style and the various ways it can be styled.

perfect bob haircut

Notable 20th Century French fashion designer Coco Chanel loved the idea of the Cabaret short hairstyle and incorporated it into her look, making it a part of her everyday style. This was the point in history that really put the bob on the map.

The main characteristics of this hairdo are firm contours and effective volume. Thanks to this combination, this style can work for any hair type and face shape.

A bob looks especially at its best on straight or wavy hair. Its contour and complex volumes in the back of the head on on the crown of the head accentuate hair structure perfectly.

Bob Hairstyles Curly Hair

A bob haircut with bangs can really accentuate your own personal style and individuality. But before you take this plunge and go for this hairstyle, make sure to define to your hairstylist exactly what you want to fit your look. The first step in choosing a proper hairstyle is to know your face shape. Here are examples of how this hairstyle works with different facial structures:

As we all know there is no such thing as a perfect oval-shaped face, but it’s possible to correct this visually if you choose the right hairstyle. If you have a round or angular face, choose a medium-length haircut with outlined banged hair. In this case, the length of the side strands should be no higher than your chin level.

A straight bang makes heavy facial features more balanced. Smooth, thick bangs are trendy. A contrast in the length along with side strands makes a sharp contour, which causes the face to appear slimmer and more angular.

short bob back view

Only a hair professional can master the perfect bob haircut with shorter length in back that accentuates neck lines.

Watch this video to learn all tips and trips to creating a perfect “Bob” hairdo

This type of haircut becomes women with both round and elongated faces.  Strands of hair on the sides of the face should be shoulder length. In this case, the back of the hair should be the same length as the sides, as it will create an original silhouette and expressive volume.

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Opting for light strands of bangs instead of thick-straight cut ones also works harmoniously with this type of bob. An elongated bob narrows faces, so this style balances face proportions to do the additional volume close to the cheekbones.

Long, straight thick bangs look very trendy in combination with profiled or graduated side strands. This contrast of shapes and angles emphasizes facial features and creates a unique image.

Have a look at different bob haircuts with bangs:

Bob haircuts with bangs

If you have straight and thick hair this hairdo will be perfect for you. Asymmetric haircuts are better suited for women with curly hair.

Beautiful bob hairdo

In this case you will get an intense contour and demonstrate the full beauty of your curls. Asymmetry creates complex and elegant volumes which fit thin faces with clearly defined cheekbones.

A light bob haircut is a perfect idea for women with round faces, as far as it balances face and figure proportions—it will make your figure look more graceful. Tiny women should especially try out this short haircut.

Pay attention to different models of elongated bob hairdos with bangs in the next photos:Bob hairdo with bangs

Medium-length bob haircut with bangs

This haircut looks great if you have an elegant and romantic style. Medium-length bob haircut also goes well with both casual and business styles.

A medium bob with bangs is an optimal variant and every woman can try this haircut. Actually, it’s necessary to choose your own silhouette and check the volumes.

This length helps to create a spectacular volume on the back of head and quite an elegant silhouette. But in this case, one should choose all the elements of the haircut thoroughly.

Medium-length Bob haircut with bangs

A classic variant for a medium-length bob haircut is to smooth bang until they are placed precisely in the middle of the forehand. This haircut is an elegant addition to accentuate the showiness of the hairdo. Such combination is good for women with thin facial features as it creates a tender and romantic look.

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Unfortunately, this length and style is not recommended for women with round faces. For a rounded face, try a bob haircut with skewed bangs at a sharp angle. You could also try feathering the tips of your hair to make it appear softer and straighter.

An average length bob creates a unique silhouette to combine volumes and length on smooth thick hair.

Fashion haircut: short Bob with bangs

A short-length bob with bangs is the most extravagant and stylish model. In this case, short hair on the back of head is combined with side strands which hardly cover the ears. This model showcases the shape of the feminine neck and looks rather attractive.

If you have a narrow and elongated face, try this hairdo to balance your facial proportions.

Short bob with bangs:

bob hairdo

Unfortunately short hair can accentuate one’s disadvantages, too. Such haircuts are completely contradicted in case of curvier figure It’s better to choose average length.

Long and asymmetrical bangs intensify one’s charm. In this kind of bob hairstyle, the bangs should be the same length as the side strands and meet a beautiful and smooth contour of the hairdo.

This effect can be reached with asymmetrical, skewed bangs with graduated hair tips.

A short bob is perfect for straight, curly and even thin hair thanks to the complex volume it creates.

Another fun variant of this kind of bob haircut is to try it out with long and arch-form bangs. This helps to create a rounder face visually and also gives some softness to angular facial features.

Shortened hair on the back of head will make you appear younger!

Asymmetrical Bob with bangs

If you want to get an exclusive, fashion-forward hairdo, try asymmetrical silhouettes. They are very popular and have a nontrivial and elegant look.

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Asymmetric Bob with bang

Asymmetrical bobs with bangs can beautify any face type due to the length of the side strands which make facial features more perfect. Such haircuts create unusual and effective volumes in the back of head and balance a complex silhouette of the hairdo.

Bobs with long bang also look great. Sharp, elongated strands make a complex contour and unique silhouette lines. This technique lengthens one’s neck and looks great with an oval-shaped face.

Asymmetry is a universal and stylish technique. But it’s important to first define all the nuances of the hairdo: An asymmetrical bob with skewed bang. Photos:

Asymmetric Bob with skew bang

If you prefer extravagant style, then you need short, smooth bangs in the middle of your forehead in case you have perfect facial features.

Short bob with long bang—2015 trends:

hairstyles for fat faces

Best short hairstyles









In spite of its long history, the bob haircut is still one of the most popular haircuts around. Here are a few fun ways to create interesting and diverse bob styles. The first one showcases an individuality of haircut silhouette.

Look at Bob haircuts with bangs from fashion shows:

Bob haircuts with bangs from fashion showBob haircuts from fashion show













A combination of different elements: contract length, additional volume and uncommon contour lines should be selected individually. Short and smooth bangs are the perfect fit with medium-length side strands; as for long and asymmetrical bangs—they go best with short haircut variants.

The style of bob haircut with bangs is early retro, originated in the 1960s. At that time, this variant was incredibly popular. Hair styling is very important in this hairdo.

A bit of volume can be easily created thanks to this multilevel haircut to make it more elegant and manageable in styling.

Daily bob haircut with bangs:

everyday bob hairstyles

One should pay attention to innovations in hair colors and dyeing. To date, coloring and strands highlighting have become more and more popular. Such coloring looks effective in combination with graphic silhouette lines, which add more beautiful volume in the hairdo complexity.


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