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The Best in Clip in Hair Extension

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Thick, long, and well-groomed hair is truly an ornament of each woman. But what to do if nature has not given you a luxurious head of hair and you want to look beautiful with long, silky strands? If this is the case, you can achieve the look of long, luxurious hair with the help of clip in hair extension. Today, it is an excellent alternative to the procedure of the artificial hair extensions. After all, artificial strands of hair allow you to change your image and create a stunning hairdo in just 10 minutes.

What are the advantages of the clip in hair extension?

hair clipsFirst of all clip in hair extension creates volume, and therefore they are perfect for girls and women whose hair is not thick. Moreover, such products help the hair look longer. Another positive feature of the hair extension is the ease of use. You do not need any special tools or skills to fix them. It is enough to simply tease your hair with a comb, and then attach the clip to your strands. Natural hair in this procedure does not suffer, and the clips are almost invisible, so others do not know your little secret.

The clip-in strands are handy for those who attend parties and social events but don’t have much free time to create a complicated hairstyle or visit the hair salon. It is also an excellent option for each day, as well as celebrations, holidays, and proms.

How to apply the clip in hair extension?

Here’s how to properly fix the clip in hair extension of the set of six strands:

  • comb your hair, pick them up and secure with clips;
  • pull out one strand of the bottom  with a fine comb and tease it at the roots;
  • spray the teased with extra hold and attach 2 clip in strands close to each other;
  • make sure that the clip in hair is securely attached, they should fit snugly to your head;
  • cover tresses with a lock of your hair;
  • repeat the process –  having pulled out one strand, tease it at the roots, apply some spray, fix the clip in hair and hide them under your own strands;
  • the following two strands attach a little further away from each other, in the area around the temples;
  • the last clip in tresses attached in the area of the crown;
  • close it with your hair – and your magnificent hair is ready!
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artifical hair

How to choose the right clip in hair extension

The clip in hair extension can be bought in any specialized store. Their color is chosen in the tone of natural hair. And the length of the strands ranges from short, covering only a partial area, to very long. The set includes several tresses – strands that attach to your hair with small hair clips.

There are artificial and natural clip in hair extension. Artificial tresses are made of synthetic fibers; there are even heat-resistant materials, which can be curled. However, overall appearance and period of wear leave much to be desired. Artificial hair has an unnatural shine. In addition, if you use them rather frequently they become very twisted on the tips. One advantage of such hair is it is very affordable. This is the best option for those who plan to use these strands seldom.

synthetic hairNatural clip-in strands are made of natural material – human hair. These locks can be dyed; also, you can color, highlight, and curl the strands. Of course, natural hair is quite expensive. However, the prices on the clip in hair extension can vary greatly. This could be due to the difference in the quality of these products and of the trading margin. When choosing natural products, it is desirable to focus on the texture of the product. Owners of fine hair should not buy dense and heavy strands. In this case, silky, soft and fine hair structure will be a better suit.

If your own hair is wavy, try to choose a hair with a slight wave. But straight strands will be rather noticeable, that will spoil the look of your hairstyle

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If the natural, clip-in hair extension is not suitable for your shade, there is a little trick you can try. Purchase coloring shampoo that is closer to the tone of your hair, and dye the strands, reducing the time of dyeing approximately 2 times. Since the shade falls very quickly to cut hair.

voluninous hair with clipsThird, natural strands do not have the unnatural shine, which is noticeable on synthetic hair. Natural curls are well-groomed, healthy, but it does not shine as artificial. To avoid buying goods of poor quality or counterfeit, purchase clip-in hair extension only from reliable sellers with a good reputation. But how do you distinguish natural strands from the artificial locks? Firstly, synthetic hair creaks, if you rub them between your fingers. Natural strands do not produce any creaking. Secondly, natural hair can be distinguished from synthetic, if you take a hair and then gently singe it with a lighter. If it cringes and begins to exude an unpleasant smell, as if you’ve just lit poorly a cigarette, this means that strands are natural.  Artificial hair begins to melt; there will be the smell of plastic.


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