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Home-Made Masks to Make Your Hair Grow Fast

mask to grow long hair

Top 14 Masks to Grow Long hHair

  • A castor oil mask

Home-made castor oil masks are one of the most popular remedies to make your hair grow fast. The recipe is very simple. Pour out a little oil in a bowl and put it on a small flame or in hot water to heat it up. Then rub this oil on your head and wrap it in a towel. This mask speeds up hair growth and makes it stronger, especially, if you do it regularly.

  • A burdock oil mask

Home-made masks that contain burdock oil are one of the best and effective for hair growth. Use it with different components (1:1). You can add warmed-up honey on a water bath, pepper tincture (you can do it by yourself or buy it in a drugstore).  

  • Masks with kiwi

Today, a lot of cosmetic agents contain kiwi. You can use this fruit at home to make an effective hair growth mask. Vitamins and microelements make your hair grow very fast! Peel kiwi and mash it, add flour or starch. Mix it till you get a thick paste. Rub it on the roots of your hair and apply on the full length of your hair. Put on a cap for 30-40 minutes. 8-10 procedures of such a mask with kiwi speed up the hair growth considerably.

kiwi for hair growth

  • A wheat germ oil mask

In general, wheat oil contains a large number of vitamins and microelements to favor directly the hair growth. There are 2 variants of a wheat germ oil mask.

  1. Rub only the oil in the very roots of hair for 1 hour.
  2. Mix the wheat germ oil with honey equally and apply along the full length of hair. Wash it off in 25-30 minutes.

    Either way, you will see notable results in 3-4 times after usage of this mask.

  • A mustard powder mask

Such a mask stimulates hair growth due to skin heating and blood circulation activation. Cover 1 tablespoon of mustard powder with hot water, add 1 tablespoon of vegetative oil, 1 yolk, a bit of sugar, blend it thoroughly and rub into hair roots. It is useful for greasy hair as it reduces sebaceous secretions. If you have dry hair, use it carefully and do not apply on the ends. Also, do an allergic test before the application.

  • A home-made mask for hair growth with gelatin

Highly efficient gelatin mask is the simplest one to be made at home, and is rich in proteins! Take 1 spoon of ready-made gelatin, cover it with water and let it swell. After that, add a little of shampoo. The most important is to prepare gelatin.

Home-made mask

  • A hair growth mask with banana and eggs

Another mask to speed up hair growth: blend a banana, egg, 1 spoon of honey and ½ glass of dark beer. Then apply it on your hair. All these ingredients contain different active agents, necessary for strong and healthy hair. However, it is not recommended to apply this mask more than once a week.

  • Yeasty mask

Yeasty mask favors the hair growth significantly as far as it is a source of minerals, vitamins and microelements to nourish hair roots and fasten its growth. To prepare this mask, take 2 tablespoons of fresh yeast and cover it with ½ glass of warm milk, mix it. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar and leave for half an hour in a warm place to make yeast be activated. Add sap of half a lemon to the ready-made mass and apply it on hair and roots.

  • A hair growth mask with Dimexidum

Dimexidum is a burn remedy you can buy in a drugstore and use to prepare a home-made mask for hair growth. Dimexidum makes you hair grow faster by speeding up blood flow; it improves local metabolic processes and boosts minerals penetration into cells. This remedy also strengthens hair bulbs. Mix 1 tablespoon of burdock and castor oils. Heat it a bit, by putting a bowl in hot water or on a small flame for some seconds. Add 1 teaspoon of Dimexidum and 1 teaspoon of aloe sap. After this, apply ½ of mask on hair; rub the 2nd part in the roots of hair. Wash it off in 40 minutes.

Home-made masks to make your hair grow

  • A ginger mask

Ginger is a local irritant to quicken metabolic processes and make your hair grow faster. Grate the ginger (2 tablespoons), add 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil (you can use almond, olive or burdock), mix it and rub into hair root for 5-7 minutes. Put on a shower cap and wind a towel round the head. Wash this mask off in 40 minutes. If you noticed intolerable burning, wash it off immediately.

  • Aloe and Cognac

Such combination of ingredients, provided in this mask, intensifies blood flow and supplies hair bulbs with vitamins and oxygen, making your hair shine brightly. Aloe sap moisturizes hair; honey softens and supplies microelements. Take 1 teaspoon of honey (heat it up a bit on a water bath), 1 teaspoon of aloe sap and cognac. Mix these ingredients and apply this mass on hair. Duration of this mask is 40 minutes.

aloe mask for hair

  • Beer mask for greasy hair

Beer is a perfect stimulant for greasy and normal hair growth. It should be non-pasteurized. Take whites of 2 eggs, blend them up to create a foam and add a glass of beer. Rinse your hair with this mass, wring out the hair and put on a plastic bag. Leave a mask for 30 minutes and then wash it off. The results are fantastic.

  • A mask with cinnamon for greasy and dry hair

If you have greasy hair, try the next recipe: 1 raw egg mix with a glass of kefir, add 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Apply this mass on your hair and put on a shower cap for 40 minutes. Then wash it off with shampoo.

For dry hair: heat up 2 tablespoon of coco oil (castor or burdock) on a water bath, add 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Put on a shower cap for 40 minutes and wash it off with shampoo.

cinnamon for hair

  • A vitamin mask for hair growth

If you need to use hair growth masks more often, use the following recipe, 1 tablespoon of honey and burdock oil, 5 drops of A and B vitamins, 1  yolk and a little of lemon sap. Mix them thoroughly and apply on hair for 1 hour. You can try other volatile oils in order to strengthen your hair (see the link below).

If you take care of your hair, look into this section to find all the secrets of hair care, including masks for hair growth.

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