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Tips to Induce Your Period. Measures that Cause Menstruation

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People are interested in inducing their period if they notice some menstruation delay or there is an event they want to visit without any discomfort.

So, how to provoke a period? First of all you need to answer the next questions: whether you want to cause menstruation or terminate a pregnancy. In the second case it’s required to apply to a doctor as such experiments can lead to a fatal outcome! If you don’t know whether you are pregnant or not it’s necessary to do a pregnancy test. In case you don’t have a delay yet and no more than 10 days have passed after unprotected sex, then you can do a blood test for hCG.  If it is positive and you don’t want to have a baby, then it is possible to get an abortion, performed by an experienced doctor at early pregnancy term. Such procedure has fewer after effects than any folk remedies to provoke a miscarriage.

measures that cause menstruationIn case you are not pregnant, then you can resort to folk remedies. Keep in mind that such methods are not so effective since hormones control our period. So, the first method is plenty of parsley. Add it to your taste to any dish you cook. It can be combined with dill. Probably, such method is just a coincidence, the same as yarrow, origanum decoctions. Some people even recommend eating a lemon.

If you don’t want to take any potion, take a hot bath. But one should be very careful if you suffer from hypertension and then have a sex several times. People say hot water provokes hot flash to genital organs and sex results in uterus tonus. All these measures cause menstruation.

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It should be noted that such method is effective in case you want to cause a period if you have a delay.

In some cases one should apply to a doctor if you don’t have menstruation more than a month. A doctor should prescribe you ultrasound investigation of uterus to be sure you are not pregnant. Sometimes they prescribe intramuscular injections of progesterone. A menstruation often starts on the 3rd – 5th days after you stop the preparation. It’s forbidden to practice self-medication.how to provoke the period

Have a look at “the most popular methods” to cause menstruation. Never use them!!!

  1. Iodine with milk.
  2. Postinor and other urgent and planned remedies of hormonal contraception.
  3. High dose of C vitamin by taking ascorbic acid in a tablet form.


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